unde (l) - where

et (l) - and

ubi (l) - when

tomtit - a common name of the Blue Titmouse (Parus cæruleus); transf. applied to a little man or boy.

tot - a very small or tiny child

teetotum* - a very little person;         teetotal* - absolute, complete, perfect, entire. (More emphatic than total.)

totalitarian - of or pertaining to a system of government which tolerates only one political party, to which all other institutions are subordinated, and which usu. demands the complete subservience of the individual to the State.  

cap - to pass the comprehension of; to puzzle, bring to one's wit's end.

hook - to move with a sudden turn or twist (now slang or dial.); to make off.

hike - a vigorous or laborious walk; a tramp or march

pint - a measure of capacity for liquids, equal to half a quart or 18 of a gallon; a pint of ale or beer, or other liquor.


Romish - belonging, pertaining, or adhering to Rome in respect of religion; Roman Catholic.

girlish* - of or pertaining to a girl or to girlhood

Herod - king of Judæa (b.c. 38 - 4)

eczema - 'an acute, or chronic, non-contagious, simple inflammation of the skin, characterized by the presence of itching papules and vesicles which discharge a serous fluid, or dry up' (Syd. Soc. Lex.). There are many kinds of eczema; a form occurring in cattle (E. epizooticum), is known as 'the foot and mouth disease'.

go for - to have for one's aim; to aim at securing; to concentrate effort on the attainment of (an object); to assail, attack; whether with physical force or violent language.

snuffler - one who snuffles or speaks through the nose; one who speaks cantingly.

canary - canary-bird. Occasionally fig. = songster.

beaver - a shade of brown resembling that of the fur of a beaver; a beard; a bearded person.

itinerary - a line or course of travel, a route; a record or journal of travel; an account of a journey; a book describing a route by land or sea, or tracing the course of the roads in a region or district, with measurements of distance, accounts of places and objects of interest, and other information for travellers.

particular - pertaining or relating to a single definite thing or person, or set of things or persons, as distinguished from others; special; not general.

universal - Logic and Philos. That which is predicated or asserted of all the individuals or species of a class or genus, or of many things which are regarded as forming a class; an abstract or general concept regarded either as having an absolute, mental, or nominal existence.

whence - that from which something comes or arises; place of origin; source.

quick lunch - establishment selling lunches that can be served and eaten quickly.

menly = meanly;         mainly - for the most part; in the main.

peeble - obs. forms of pebble, piece.

Mezzofanti - the name of Giuseppe Mezzofanti (1774-1849), an Italian cardinal who was  master of more than fifty languages, used to denote a person of exceptional linguistic ability.

mall - a sheltered walk serving as a promenade; in some towns adopted as a proper name.

diagonalize* - to move in a diagonal

lavatory* - an apartment furnished with apparatus for washing the hands and face, subsequently also including water-closets, etc.

Tycho Brahe* - Danish astronomer whose work in developing astronomical instruments and in measuring and fixing the positions of stars paved the way for future discoveries.

crescent - a row of houses built in the form of the inner bow of a crescent moon or arc of a circle.

mercery - the wares sold by a mercer; a mercer's shop.

dripping - that drips; having liquid falling off in drops.

shoulder - Of inanimate things: To form a shoulder, project as a shoulder.

Berkeley George - (1685-1753), Anglo-Irish Anglican bishop, philosopher, and scientist, best known for his Empiricist philosophy, which holds that everything save the spiritual exists only insofar as it is perceived by the senses.

retch - to throw up in vomiting

Gainsborough Thomas - (1727-1788), portrait and landscape painter, the most versatile English painter of the 18th century.

carfax - a place where four roads or streets meet. (Sometimes extended to more than four.)

Guido d'Arezzo - (990-1050), medieval music theorist whose principles served as a foundation for modern Western musical notation.  

gateway* - a frame or arch in which a gate is hung; a structure built at or over a gate, for ornament or defence.

while - to pass or get through (a vacant time), esp. by some idle or trivial occupation.

whither - to move with force or impetus, to rush


slavish - of, belonging to, or characteristic of, a slave; befitting a slave; servile, abject.

filial - of or pertaining to a son or daughter.

montan - obs. form of mountain

moll - a prostitute. gen., a girl, woman; a girl-friend or sweetheart, esp. of a criminal.

enthusiast* - one who is full of 'enthusiasm' for a cause or principle, or who enters with enthusiasm into a pursuit.

cuckle - dial. var of cockle (n.)

hoyden - a rude, or ill-bred girl (or woman); a boisterous noisy girl, a romp.

floodlight - a light providing a beam of intense illumination.

exponent - he who or that which sets forth as a representative or type, as a symbol or index.

rougy* - Full of, sprinkled with, rouge; resembling rouge (a fine red powder prepared from safflower, and used as a cosmetic to give an artificial colour to the cheeks or lips.)