tattling - prattling, baby-talk; gossiping; blabbing, tale-telling

backwoods - wild, uncleared forest-land; e.g. that of North America. Also a remote and sparsely inhabited region.

beware* - to take care, take heed, in reference to a danger

dainty - of delicate or tender beauty or grace

go Dutch - to share the cost of a meal, visit to the cinema, etc. (with someone)

yond - over there

pire - pear tree (obs.)                                                                                                                                                              fire

relight - to illumine, kindle, or ignite again

olive branch* - a branch of an olive-tree; As an emblem of peace; hence fig. anything offered in token of peace or goodwill. 

mud cabin - a cabin made of mud

tent - fig. An abode, residence, habitation, dwelling-place

neomenia* - In Greek and Jewish antiq., the time of the new moon, the beginning of the lunar month; also, the festival held at that time.

Feast of Tabernacles* - a Jewish festival, commemorating the dwelling of the Israelites in tents during their sojourn in the wilderness, held from the 15th to the 23rd of Tisri (October). It was also called the Feast of Ingathering, and was observed as a thanksgiving for the harvest.

at hand - near in place and time

hag - an evil spirit, dæmon, or infernal being, in female form

coverfeu* - obs. var. of curfew (a regulation in force in mediæval Europe by which at a fixed hour in the evening, indicated by the ringing of a bell, fires were to be covered over or extinguished; also, the hour of evening when this signal was given, and the bell rung for the purpose).

hist - to summon with the exclamation 'hist!'; to incite or urge on with the exclamation 'hist'

haste - to cause to move more quickly; to urge, drive, or press on; to quicken, hurry

bairn - a child; a son or daughter

ta - dial. form of to

hame - obs. and Sc. f. home

someone’s chickens have come home to roost* - (of a mistake, misdeed...) to come back as an unpleasant effect on a person who originally made the mistake.

warewolf* - obs. var. werwolf (a person who (according to mediæval superstition) was transformed or was capable of transforming himself at times into a wolf; also, an exceptionally large and ferocious wolf).

abroad - at large; freely moving about; and fig. current in the outside world

chez - Used with (French) personal pronoun or proper name: at the house or home of.

foyer - hearth, home                                                                                                                                                            fire


tinct - colour, hue, tint

phenomenal* - cognizable by the senses, or in the way of immediate experience

yon - a demonstrative word used in concord with a n. to indicate a thing or person as (literally, or sometimes mentally) pointed out.

roadmark* - a road sign

tide - any definite time in the course of the day; as eventide; tide of the sea

Ave Maria* - the Hail Mary! the angelic salutation to the Virgin

circumvolute* - to enclose or enwrap by twisting or winding something round

obscurity* - absence of light (total or partial), darkness


brrr* - An interjection expressive of shivering with cold or apprehension

deff - deaf (obs.)

foundress* - a female founder; esp. a woman who founds or endows an institution, etc.

huzoor - an Indian potentate; often used as a title of respect

nancy - an effeminate man or boy; a homosexual

tch* - a representation of the dental click (freq. reduplicated) used to express vexation.

maize - an American graminaceous plant (Zea Mays) or the grain produced by it.

Isegrim - an appellation applied, after the manner of a proper name, to the wolf; the name of the wolf in Reynard the Fox, and other beast-fables.

lolling - dangling, drooping. Of the tongue: Protruding and hanging down


wheaten - composed of the grain or flour of wheat; of a pale honey colour

bide - to remain in a place, or with a person, as opposed to going away                                                                                beat

Jack and Gill* = lad and lass

benn - the Horse-radish tree                                                                                                                                                  hill

dell - a deep natural hollow or vale of no great extent, the sides usually clothed with trees or foliage.

craggy - abounding in or characterized by crags; hard and rough or rugged in form                                                             rocky

ramble - Of persons: To wander, travel, make one's way about (now usually to walk) in a free unrestrained manner and without definite aim or direction                                                                                                                                                    Dublin

sash - a scarf, often with fringe at each end, worn by men, either over one shoulder or round the waist.

lang = long

say - obs. Sc. f. so 

ark - the large covered floating vessel in which Noah was saved at the Deluge; a ship, boat, or similar floating vessel.

Noh - the traditional Japanese masked drama evolved from the rites of Shinto worship and substantially unchanged since the 15th c.; the oldest form of drama in Japan.

night star* - a star when shining by night

spinney - a small wood or copse, esp. one planted or preserved for sheltering game-birds; a small clump or plantation of trees.

swayful - powerful, able to exercise sway (power of rule or command; sovereign power or authority).

pathway - a way by or along which one may walk or go; a path, track, way.

dragonfly - the common name for neuropterous insects of the group Libellulina, characterized  by a long, slender body, large eyes, and two pairs of large reticulated wings, and by their strong, swift flight.

reeder* - a thatched frame used to protect blocks or tiles of china-clay from rain.

tranquille - tranquillity

adew - obs. form of adieu

haven - a place of shelter, safety, or retreat

imbrace = embrace

allege - to lighten, alleviate, diminish (a burden, grief, pain); to abridge the duration of a trouble.

injoyn* = enjoin - to join together (obs.)

unlatch - to undo the latch or catch of (a door, etc.); to unfasten in this way

quail - to lose heart, be cowed or discouraged; to give way through fear

lye = lie

wilder - to lose one's way, go astray; to lead or drive astray

nicht - Sc. variant of night

cockadoodle* - a conventional representation of the crow of the cock; a name for this, and hence, a nursery or humorous name for the cock.

aurora* - the rising light of the morning; the dawn

panther - another name for the Leopard (Felis pardus); popularly applied to large leopards.

amorrow - in the morning; on the morrow after, next morning

elephas (l) - elephant

mastodont* - a large extinct mammal resembling the elephant, characterized by having nipple-shaped tubercles in pairs on the crowns of the molar teeth.

behemoth* - an animal mentioned in the book of Job; probably the hippopotamus; but also used in modern literature as a general expression for one of the largest and strongest animals.

mammoth* - a large extinct species of elephant (Elephas primigenius) formerly native in Europe and northern Asia.