come into the picture - to be a basic part of, or concerned with a situation

foaming* - that foams

to take the rap* - to accept responsibility and the consequent punishment (orig. for a crime).

whenceforward - from which place onward

Ali Baba* - the name of the principal character in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, from the Arabian Nights.

bustle - a pad to give fullness to the skirt

furibund* - furious, raging, mad

schi = sky                                                                                                                                                                            she

All Souls - the souls of all the pious dead                                                                                                                             also

pan - obs. Sc. form of pain

stummick* - repr. dial. and pop. pronunc. of stomach

pur = a name given to the knave or Jack in the game of post and pair (a game on the cards, played with three cards each, wherein much depended on vying, or betting on the goodness of your own hand); poor.

jack - Cards. Name for the knave of trumps in the game of all-fours; hence gen. any one of the knaves.

poorliness - the condition of being poorly

pannell - The hearts That pannelled me at heeles, to whom I gaue Their wishes (1606 Shakes. Ant. & Cl. iv. xii. 21);  
- the principles or policy of the party of Irish members in the House of Commons led by Charles Stewart Parnell from 1880 to 1891, whose aim was to establish Home Rule in Ireland. 

grime - soot, smut, coal-dust, or other black particles, deposited upon or ingrained in some surface, esp. the human skin.

harbour - to provide a lodging or lodging-place for; to shelter from the weather or the night; to lodge, entertain.

feme sole - a woman who has not the protection of a husband; an unmarried woman, a spinster; a widow.

sovereign* - supreme, paramount; principal, greatest, or most notable

consort - a partner in wedded or parental relations; a husband or wife, a spouse


durant - lasting, continuous; current, present                                                                                                                      during

coverture - Law. The condition or position of a woman during her married life, when she is by law under the authority and protection of her husband. Also in phr. under coverture.

oz - an abbreviation used for 'ounce', 'ounces', esp. after a number, as in 3 lb. 8 oz.

beleave - to go away from (a person or place); to leave at death; to remain over, survive, be left in existence.

chickenbroth* - a decoction of the flesh and bones of a chicken, used as a nutritious food for invalids; hence v. (humorous), to dose with chicken-broth.

feed - food, fare (for human beings); colloq. A meal; a sumptuous meal

hetman - a captain or military commander in Poland and countries formerly united or subject to it; whence subsequently retained as a title among the Cossacks.

Finn MacCumhaill* - Finn MacCool

foot - to move the feet as in walking; to step, pace, walk, go on foot

nutrify* - to supply nutriment

jacent - lying; recumbent

almer* = almoner - an official distributor of the alms of another; the name of a functionary in a religious house, in the household of a bishop, prince, or other person of rank; a hospital official who has duties concerning patients' welfare.

almsdish - a dish or plate for the reception of alms, used in churches, in the houses of the charitable, or carried by beggars.

china* - a species of earthenware of a fine semi-transparent texture, originally manufactured in China, and first brought to Europe in the 16th c. by the Portuguese, who named it porcelain.

skitter - to move or run rapidly; to hurry about; to scamper off

kitty - a girl or young woman; a wench

hayel - obs. form of hail

ruffle someone’s feathers* - to annoy someone

undesirable - an undesirable thing or person

gesticulate* - to make lively or energetic motions with the limbs or body; esp. as an accompaniment or in lieu of speech.

blowy* - characterized by blowing                                                                                                                                     black



wanton - a lascivious or lewd person

plug - to stop, close tightly, or fill (a hole or aperture) with or as with a plug

baccy - vulgar abbreviation of tobacco

renownce* - obs. form of renounce

pub* - a public house, an inn

streetwalker* - one who walks in the street

plague - anything causing trouble, annoyance, or vexation; a nuisance; colloq. trouble.

sickle - to cut with a sickle; to be or fall ill, to sicken

honeycomb* - a structure of wax containing two series of hexagonal cells separated by thin partitions, formed by bees for the reception of honey and their eggs. 

kop - S. Afr. A hill. Cf. kopje

Ali Baba

Massa - representing master in the written form of Black speech

dinar - a name given to various oriental coins; the monetary unit of Yugoslavia (formerly of Serbia).

souvenir* - a token of remembrance

delicate - to render delicate                                                                                                                                             dedicate

nutbrown - of a warm reddish-brown colour

Berenice - name of the wife of Ptolemy Euergetes, king of Egypt, c 248 b.c., whose hair, vowed by her to Venus, was said to have been stolen from the temple of the goddess, and afterwards taken to heaven and placed in a constellation.

mulier (l) - wife                                                                                                                                                           marriage

mahatma - In 'Esoteric Buddhism', one of a class of persons with preternatural powers, imagined to exist in India and Tibet.

undulate* - to invest with the form or appearance of a wavy or rippling surface

sugarloaf hat* - a conical hat, pointed, rounded or flat at the top, worn during the Tudor and Stuart periods and after the French Revolution.

cardinal - one of the seventy ecclesiastical princes (six cardinal bishops, fifty cardinal priests, and fourteen cardinal deacons) who constitute the pope's council, or the sacred college, and to whom the right of electing the pope has been restricted since the third Lateran council in 1173.

papal - of or pertaining to a pope, or to the pope, his dignity or office

legate - an ecclesiastic deputed to represent the Pope and armed with his authority

Vatican* - the palace of the Pope built upon the Vatican Hill in Rome

monsiegneur* - a French title of honour given to persons of eminence, esp. to princes, cardinals, archbishops, and bishops.


comate* - companion, fellow, mate

aqueduct* - an artificial channel for the conveyance of water from place to place; a conduit; esp. an elevated structure of masonry used for this purpose.

abhore* - to regard with horror, extreme repugnance or disgust; to hate utterly, loathe                                                         about

wop - an Italian or other southern European, esp. as an immigrant or foreign visitor

mezzo (it) - middle

scudo - a silver coin and money of account formerly current in various Italian states, usually worth about 4 shillings.

sant - saint (obs.)

pursy - fat, corpulent; short-winded, asthmatic, puffy

vowt = vault; vult (face, countenance)

widder - dial. or vulgar f. widow