sassage = sausage

mash - mashed potatoes; esp. in the phr. sausage(s) and mash

bash - a good time; a spree, a party;                              on the bash - on a drinking bout.

dazed - benumbed in the mental faculties; stupefied, bewildered                                                                                          dead

crave - craving

loo* - Look! See! Behold! 

pitiful* - exciting or fitted to excite pity; pitiable, piteous, deplorable, lamentable;                    spitty* - resembling spit; spitting or inclined to spit.

woebegone* - exhibiting great woe, sorrow or misery

woice = voice (obs.)

epitaph* - an inscription upon a tomb. Hence, occasionally, a brief composition characterizing a deceased person, and expressed as if intended to be inscribed on his tombstone.

examen - a formal examination (of the conscience or soul)

scruple - to hesitate or be reluctant (to do something), esp. on conscientious grounds, or out of regard for what is fit and proper.

nu = now; new                                                                                                                                                                         no

siden - to a great distance or length, far

tumescence* - a becoming tumid, swelling up; a tendency to tumidity; spec. the swelling of a volcano as a result of increasing pressure of magma inside it.


synagogue* - a building or place of meeting for Jewish worship and religious instruction.

kink - a mental twist; an odd or fantastic notion; a crotchet, whim. In recent use also = a state of madness; an instance of, the practice of, or suffering resulting from sexual abnormality.

mud - to make (water, liquor) turbid by stirring up the mud or sediment at the bottom. Also fig. (Chiefly with reference to a metaphorical 'stream' or 'fount'.); to cover with mud.

peccation* - the action of sinning, sin

pent - shut up within narrow limits; closely confined, imprisoned

pree - to make proof or trial of; to try what (a thing) is like, esp. by tasting


maden = maiden (obs.) - a man that has always abstained from sexual intercourse (obs.)

thug - a cutthroat, ruffian, rough

brood - a race, a kind; a species of men, animals, or things, having common qualities; Now usually contemptuous; = 'swarm, crew, crowd'.

blackmail - any payment extorted by intimidation or pressure

dooly = doly - doleful, sorrowful, sad

bletch - to black

Macht (d) - power

goll - a hand                                                                                                                                                                         gods


come off - to become detached; to detach oneself

selfsufficient* - sufficient in or for oneself (itself) without aid or support from outside; able to supply one's needs oneself; In an unfavourable sense: Having excessive confidence in oneself, one's powers, etc.

commander-in-chief* - In the Navy: The senior officer in any port or station appointed to hold command over all other vessels within the limits assigned to him. 

to throw dust in the eyes of* - to confuse, mislead, or dupe by making 'blind' to the actual facts of the case.

make to - to tend or contribute to; to be favourable or conducive to; to go to support

savour - to give a savour to; to season, flavour; to give tone or character to

terra cota* - a hard unglazed pottery of a fine quality, of which decorative tiles and bricks, architectural decorations, statuary, vases, and the like are made.

lovability - lovableness

trinity* - the festival of the Holy Trinity; Trinity Sunday

sip* - a single act of sipping; a small quantity of some liquid taken in this way


sweethearted* - of sweet disposition

potter - a maker of pots, or of earthenware vessels

mudder - a horse which runs well on a wet or muddy racecourse; transf., a sportsman or team similarly proficient.

chip of the old block* - one that resembles his father, or reproduces the family characteristics.

twig - a slender shoot issuing from a branch or stem

hider - one who hides;                         hide - to remove the hide from; to flay (rare.); to beat the hide or skin of; to flog, thrash.  

tan - to convert (skin or hide) into leather; to thrash soundly

calaboose* - the name, in New Orleans and adjacent parts of the U.S., for a common prison.

Teufel (d) - devil

mussy - untidy, rumpled, tousled

calico - a cotton cloth

volcanic* - relating to volcanoes

molimen* - an effort by which the system endeavours to perform any natural function, esp. menstrual molimen, the straining to bring about the catamenia.

Jebusite - name of a tribe of Canaanites, dispossessed of Jerusalem by David. In 17th c., a nickname for Roman Catholics, esp. Jesuits.

centies (l) - 100 times

spoke - to furnish or provide with spokes or bars                                                                                                        speaking

drugman* - a man who deals in drugs, an apothecary

storehouse* - a building in which goods are stored

intrance - obs. form of entrance

layday - one of a certain number of days allowed according to a charter-party for the loading and unloading of cargo.

A.A. - Alcoholics Anonymous (orig. U.S., an association for the mutual support and rehabilitation of alcoholics, founded at Akron, Ohio, in 1935. ); also, a member of this organization.

shantung - a soft undressed Chinese silk (formerly undyed, since 1907 dyed to any shade of colour).

guile - insidious cunning, deceit, treachery

to say grace* - to say a short prayer either asking a blessing before, or rendering thanks after, a meal. 


smily = smiley - smiling; cheerful

skyblue* - a pure blue colour like that of the sky

ast - obs. or dial. pa. tense of ask

Gott (d) - god

tile - a hat (slang)

tog - to clothe, to dress (occurs first and chiefly as togged: cf. booted, hatted, etc.)


chronicle - a frequent title of newspapers, e.g. The Daily Chronicle, Weekly Chronicle, etc;                  Chronicles - name of two of the historical books of the Old Testament. 

portmanteau - a case or bag for carrying clothing and other necessaries when travelling.