sassage = sausage

mash - mashed potatoes; esp. in the phr. sausage(s) and mash.

bash - a good time; a spree, a party;          on the bash - on a drinking bout.

dazed - benumbed in the mental faculties; stupefied, bewildered                                     dead

crave - craving

loo* - Look! See! Behold! 

pitiful* - exciting or fitted to excite pity; pitiable, piteous, deplorable, lamentable;
spitty* - resembling spit; spitting or inclined to spit.

woebegone* - exhibiting great woe, sorrow or misery

woice = voice (obs.)

epitaph* - an inscription upon a tomb. Hence, occasionally, a brief composition characterizing a deceased person, and expressed as if intended to be inscribed on his tombstone.

examen - a formal examination (of the conscience or soul).

scruple - to hesitate or be reluctant (to do something), esp. on conscientious grounds, or out of regard for what is fit and proper.

nu = now; new

siden - to a great distance or length, far.

tumescence* - a becoming tumid, swelling up; a tendency to tumidity; spec. the swelling of a volcano as a result of increasing pressure of magma inside it.


synagogue* - a building or place of meeting for Jewish worship and religious instruction.

kink - a mental twist; an odd or fantastic notion; a crotchet, whim. In recent use also = a state of madness; an instance of, the practice of, or suffering resulting from sexual abnormality.

mud - to make (water, liquor) turbid by stirring up the mud or sediment at the bottom. Also     fig. (Chiefly with reference to a metaphorical 'stream' or 'fount'.); to cover with mud.

peccation* - the action of sinning, sin.

pent - shut up within narrow limits; closely confined, imprisoned.

pree - to make proof or trial of; to try what (a thing) is like, esp. by tasting.


maden = maiden (obs.) - a man that has always abstained from sexual intercourse (obs.)

thug - a cutthroat, ruffian, rough.

brood - a race, a kind; a species of men, animals, or things, having common qualities. Now usually contemptuous; = 'swarm, crew, crowd'.

blackmail - any payment extorted by intimidation or pressure

dooly = doly - doleful, sorrowful, sad.

bletch - to black

Macht (d) - power

goll - a hand                                                                                                                     gods


come off - to become detached; to detach oneself.

selfsufficient* - sufficient in or for oneself (itself) without aid or support from outside; able to supply one's needs oneself; In an unfavourable sense: Having excessive confidence in oneself, one's powers, etc.

commander-in-chief* - In the Navy: The senior officer in any port or station appointed to hold command over all other vessels within the limits assigned to him. 

to throw dust in the eyes of* - to confuse, mislead, or dupe by making _blind' to the actual facts of the case.

make to - to tend or contribute to; to be favourable or conducive to; to go to support.

savour - to give a savour to; to season, flavour; to give tone or character to.

terra cota* - a hard unglazed pottery of a fine quality, of which decorative tiles and bricks, architectural decorations, statuary, vases, and the like are made.

lovability - lovableness.

trinity* - the festival of the Holy Trinity; Trinity Sunday.

sip* - a single act of sipping; a small quantity of some liquid taken in this way.


sweethearted* - of sweet disposition. 

potter - a maker of pots, or of earthenware vessels.

mudder - a horse which runs well on a wet or muddy racecourse; transf., a sportsman or team similarly proficient.

chip of the old block* - one that resembles his father, or reproduces the family characteristics.

twig - a slender shoot issuing from a branch or stem.

hider - one who hides;         hide - to remove the hide from; to flay (rare.); to beat the hide or skin of; to flog, thrash.  

tan - to convert (skin or hide) into leather; to thrash soundly. 

calaboose* - The name, in New Orleans and adjacent parts of the U.S., for a common prison.

Teufel (d) - devil

mussy - untidy, rumpled, tousled.  

calico - a cotton cloth

volcanic* - relating to volcanoes.

molimen* - an effort by which the system endeavours to perform any natural function, esp. menstrual molimen, the straining to bring about the catamenia.

Jebusite - name of a tribe of Canaanites, dispossessed of Jerusalem by David. In 17th c., a nickname for Roman Catholics, esp. Jesuits.

centies (l) - 100 times

spoke - to furnish or provide with spokes or bars

drugman* - a man who deals in drugs, an apothecary.

storehouse - a building in which goods are stored. 

intrance - obs. form of entrance.

layday - one of a certain number of days allowed according to a charter-party for the loading and unloading of cargo.

A.A. - Alcoholics Anonymous (orig. U.S., an association for the mutual support and rehabilitation of alcoholics, founded at Akron, Ohio, in 1935. ); also, a member of this organization.

shantung - a soft undressed Chinese silk (formerly undyed, since 1907 dyed to any shade of colour).

sooth - istina, zbilja

guile - insidious cunning, deceit, treachery.

to say grace - to say a short prayer either asking a blessing before, or rendering thanks after, a meal. 


smily = smiley - smiling; cheerful.

skyblue* - a pure blue colour like that of the sky

ast - obs. or dial. pa. tense of ask

Gott (d) - god

tile - a hat (slang)

tog - to clothe, to dress (occurs first and chiefly as togged: cf. booted, hatted, etc.)


chronicle - a frequent title of newspapers, e.g. The Daily Chronicle, Weekly Chronicle, etc;
Chronicles - name of two of the historical books of the Old Testament. 

portmanteau - a case or bag for carrying clothing and other necessaries when travelling 



offering* - something offered to a person for his acceptance, esp. as a tribute of honour or esteem; a present, a gift.

blood orange* - a variety of orange having the pulp streaked with red.

candid - spendid, illustrious; white (obs.)

Zucker (d) - sugar

in present* - in, into the place itself, on or to the very spot.

bloo = blo (obs.) - blackish-blue                                                                                         blow


prurient - given to the indulgence of lewd ideas; impure-minded; characterized by lasciviousness of thought or mind                                                                                 purest

polygamous* - practising or addicted to polygamy


pecuniary - of, belonging to, or having relation to money;     peculiarity - singularity, uncommonness, oddity; also, an instance of this, an odd trait or characteristic.

aliment* - the fact of ailing; bodily or mental indisposition; disorder, sickness.

spectacularly - in a spectacular fashion; after the manner of a spectacle.

gale - a periodical payment of rent, the amount paid periodically; Hence, gale day.

souffrante - Of women: delicate, indisposed or ill; prone to anxiety or depression        suffered

tort - physical injury or pain; torment. 

colossal* - immense, tremendous, exceptionally great; hence, magnificent, stupendous.

romantic* - a romantic person; esp. an adherent of romanticism in literature; a romanticist.

wert - arhaic of be                                                                                                      worth

bronze - impudence, unblushingness.


to walk in one's sleep - to walk about or perform other actions as a somnambulist. 

immenseness* - the quality of being immense; immeasurableness, infinity; vastness, hugeness.

sett = set


ear-hole* - the aperture of the ear; dial. used for the ear itself.

classically - in a classical manner; in classical style or after classical models.

naught - nothing, nought (now arch.); wickedness, evil, moral wrong, mischief (obs.)

lighting - kindling, ignition.  

shaft - a beam or ray (of light, etc.), a streak of lightning, etc. Chiefly poet.


smoke* - used for, or promoting, the escape of smoke, as smokepipe

cupric - rel. to copper

tress - a plait or braid of the hair of the head, usually of a woman.

foamwhite* - white as foam

feminine* - she that is, or they that are feminine; woman.

amber - of the colour and clearness of amber, of a clear yellowish brown.

aas = ace (obs.);                  Aas (d) - carrion;                                                    house doctor

mish - Colloq. abbrev. of missionary

Saint Mary* - Virgin Mary



Kampf (d) - battle                                                                                                         captain

dolomite - a native double carbonate of lime and magnesia, occurring crystalline, and in granular masses, white or coloured; a rock consisting essentially of this mineral.

fan - to blow gently and refreshingly upon, as if driven by a fan.


breeze* - a gentle or light wind

sycamore* - a species of fig-tree, Ficus Sycomorus, common in Egypt, Syria, and other countries, and having leaves somewhat resembling those of the mulberry.

ignominy* - dishonour, disgrace, shame; infamy;            agnomen - a 'to-name' or additional name subsequently acquired.

prima - first;         primesign - to mark (a person) with the sign of the cross before baptism;
signation - the action of signing with the cross, or of marking with a seal.

benighted - overtaken by the darkness of the night; involved in intellectual or moral darkness.

queendom - the country ruled over by a queen.

aidant - helping, assisting, helpful; a helper, assistant (rare.)

Loch Ness* - the name of a loch in Scotland used attrib. of a water-monster alleged to exist in its waters.

forsink* - to be submerged.


amalgamate* - to unite together (classes, races, societies, ideas, etc.) so as to form a homogeneous or harmonious whole.  

rheumatism* - a disease of which inflammation and pain of the joints are prominent features. 

Tommy Atkins* - familiar form of Thomas Atkins, as a name for the typical private soldier in the British army.

Kurd - one of a pastoral and agricultural people of Aryan stock, found in northern Iran and Iraq and eastern Turkey.

Copt - a native Egyptian Christian belonging to the Jacobite sect of Monophysites.

Berber - a name given by the Arabs to the aboriginal people west and south of Egypt.

Bedawee* = Bedouin - an Arab of the desert. 

beget* - to procreate, to generate: usually said of the father, but sometimes of both parents.


no good* - a useless or valueless person or thing. 

liveried - dressed in, furnished with, or wearing a livery (the distinctive uniform style of dress worn by a person's servants, etc.)

shooter - one who shoots with a bow or with firearms; in early use, an archer; now chiefly applied to a sportsman who shoots game.

dromedary - a light and fleet breed of the camel, specially reared and trained for riding; a stupid, bungling fellow (obs.)

Caledonia* - Roman name of part of northern Britain, in modern times applied poetically or rhetorically to Scotland, or the Scottish Highlands.

noteworthy* - worthy of attention, observation, or notice; remarkable.



ur - an inarticulate sound, uttered instead of a word that the speaker is unable to remember or bring out; our (obs.)

greef* - obs. form of grief

asker* - a questioner, inquirer; one who asks favours, gifts, etc.; a suppliant; one who asks  alms, a professional beggar.


put in - to present, or formally tender, as in a law court (a document, evidence, a claim, etc.)


brokenhearted* - having a broken heart; having the spirits crushed by grief or despair.

affirm - to make a statement and stand to it; to maintain or assert strongly.


simple* - lacking in ordinary sense or intelligence; more or less foolish, silly, or stupid.

lotta - Colloq. contraction of lot of.

to lick one's lips* - an action indicating keen relish or delighted anticipation of some dainty morsel.

lens - a piece of glass, or other transparent substance, with two curved surfaces, or one plane and one curved surface, serving to cause regular convergence or divergence of the rays of light passing through it. 

Jupiter;            petre = saltpetre.

sodalite - a vitreous, transparent or translucent silicate of aluminium and sodium containing sodium chloride, usually of a greenish blue colour and occurring in certain igneous rocks; satelites

in their contrary* - in opposition to them (obs.);       on the contrary (formerly by, for, in, of, to the contrary, in contrary) - on the other hand, in contradistinction.

in reality* - really, actually, in fact.

bichop - obs. form of bishop.

to bear witness* - (said properly of a person, a book, etc.) to give oral or written testimony or evidence; hence fig. to furnish or constitute evidence or proof; to testify, witness to (occas. of); to bear (one) witness - to corroborate one's statement or be a witness of one's action.

fixation* - the concentration of the gaze upon some object for a given time with the intention of holding the retinal image upon the area of direct vision; Psychol. In Freudian theory, the arresting of the development of a libidinal component at a pregenital stage, so that psychosexual emotions are 'fixed' at that point. Also loosely, an obsession, an idÚe fixe.


assessor* - one who sits beside; hence, one who shares another's position, rank, or dignity; one who sits as assistant or adviser to a judge or magistrate; one who assesses taxes.

adenoid* - gland-like; glandular; pl. Adenoid growths.



retire - to withdraw (a thing) from notice; to hide away, put into obscurity.

buckler - a small round shield

accurent* - running or flowing into; affluent, tributary.

coupola* = cupola - Arch. A rounded vault or dome forming the roof of any building or part of a building, or supported upon columns over a tomb, etc.

household* - the inmates of a house collectively; an organized family, including servants or attendants, dwelling in a house.

nummer - number (obs.)

wideawake - thoroughly vigilant or on the alert; fully aware of what is going on, or of what it is best to do; intellectually keen, sharp-witted, knowing.

windabout* - that winds about, meandering.

walkabout* - a protracted walk or journey, or one that takes in a number of places.

weakling* - a person that lacks physical strength, or is weak in health or constitution.

velvet - a textile fabric of silk having a short, dense, and smooth piled surface.

Georgian* - belonging to the time of the Georges, as Kings of Britain.

mission - a body of persons sent to a foreign country, esp. for the purpose of conducting negotiations, establishing political or commercial relations, watching over certain interests,  etc.

mangy - having the mange; squalid, poverty-stricken, shabby, 'seedy'                                 many

blank - to render blank or void; to veil from sight.

annex - an addition to a document; an appendix; a supplementary building designed to supply extra accommodation for some special purpose, a wing.

bucktooth - a large projecting tooth.

gobstick - a spoon

goods and graces* - an attractive or pleasing quality or feature.

park - to take up a position in or as in a park; to place a vehicle in a park or elsewhere; to occupy a suitable or stationary position; to stay where one is.

gunfodder* = cannonfodder - men regarded merely as material to be consumed in war.

prime minister* - the first or principal minister or servant of any sovereign, ruler, or state, or more vaguely of any person of rank or position.

preach - to utter a serious or earnest exhortation, esp. moral or religious; to talk seriously in the way of persuasion or moralizing. Now usually dyslogistic: To give moral or religious advice in an obtrusive or tiresome way.

vittle = victual - food or provisions of any kind.

celestial - Chinese

sunhat - a broad-brimmed hat worn in hot climates to protect the head from the sun.


teapot* - a pot with a lid, spout, and handle, in which tea is made or brought to table; Phr. tea-pot tempest, tempest in a tea-pot.

walkabout* - a protracted walk or journey, or one that takes in a number of places.

incoherent* - without physical coherence or cohesion; consisting of parts which do not stick or cling together; unconnected, disjoined, loose.


infuse - to instil or try to instil a notion or belief.

tidbit - a brief and isolated interesting item of news or information.

to lock up - to lock up the house, lock the doors.

toucher up - one who or that which touches


roundabout* - not following a straight course; not straightforward; circuitous, indirect.

frumpishly - in a frumpish (jesting, sneering; also, cross, ill-tempered) manner; like a frump or dowdy.

last lap - the final circuit of a track, course, etc.; also fig.

true bill - (in Law), a bill of indictment found by a Grand Jury to be supported by sufficient evidence to justify the hearing of a case; Hence allusively, a true statement or charge.

jury of matrons - a jury of discreet women impanelled to inquire into a case of alleged pregnancy.

stoney - a child's coloured marble made of stone or a stone-like material                         story

badder - obs. comparative of bad.

Thing - In Scandinavian countries (or settlements, as in parts of England before the Conquest): A public meeting or assembly; esp. a legislative council, a parliament; a court of law.

rightup - steep; rising straight up.

suffragette* - a female supporter of the cause of women's political enfranchisement, esp. one of a violent or 'militant' type. 

strate = street (obs.)

helpmeet* - a fitting or suitable helper; a helpmate: usually applied to a wife or husband.

fairy godmother* - a fairy who acts as godmother or protector to a mortal child; also transf., a benefactress.

hotsy totsy* - satisfactory, just right.

princeage* - princes collectively.

to sound on (someone) - to taunt, to criticize (someone).

brisken - to make brisk or lively. Also with up; to become brisk, to speed up.

mem - vulgar variant of ma'am.

viviparous - involving the production of young in a living state.

fenny - spoiled with damp, mouldy, musty; of the nature of, or characterized by, fen; boggy, swampy.


laat = late (obs.)

soever - Used with generalizing or emphatic force after words or phrases preceded by how, what, which, whose, etc. (Cf. howsoever, etc.)

so long* - good-bye

come up - to present itself as the subject of attention; to arise, to turn up; to rise in the mind.

all standing - i.e. without dismantling or unrigging; transf. with one's clothes on, dressed.

apocryphal* - of doubtful authenticity; spurious, fictitious, false; an apocryphal writing (obs. rare.)


all in all - all things in all respects, all things altogether in one.

Koran* - the sacred book of the Muslims, consisting of revelations orally delivered at intervals by Muhammad, and collected in writing after his death.

swop - to give or dispose of in exchange for something else.

be - obs. and dial. form of by

allowance* - permission

erne* - an eagle

flamen - a priest devoted to the service of a particular deity.

waistcoat* - a garment covering the upper part of the body down to the waist.


brooch - an ornamental fastening, consisting of a safety pin, with the clasping part fashioned  into a ring, boss, shield, or other device of precious metal or other material, artistically wrought, set with jewels, etc.; Formerly also in a more general sense: according to Johnson 'a jewel, an ornament of jewels'.

mantle - a loose sleeveless cloak of varying length.

pontifex* - Rom. Antiq. A member of the principal college of priests in ancient Rome, the head of which was the Pontifex Maximus or chief priest; Eccl. A bishop.

cooly* - of cool refreshing quality.

spa - a medicinal or mineral spring or well.

laird - lord (sc.); a landed proprietor. In ancient times limited to those who held immediately from the king.

manna - spiritual nourishment; food divinely supplied, whether for mind or body, esp. the holy eucharist.


come into the picture - to be a basic part of, or concerned with a situation.

esker* - the name given in Ireland to the elongated and often flat-topped mounds of post-glacial gravel which occur abundantly in the greater river-valleys of that country.

foaming* - that foams.

to take the rap* - to accept responsibility and the consequent punishment (orig. for a crime).

whenceforward - from which place onward.

Ali Baba* - the name of the principal character in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, from the Arabian Nights.

bustle - a pad to give fullness to the skirt

furibund* - furious, raging, mad.

schi = sky                                                                                                                             sky

All Souls - the souls of all the pious dead.

pan - obs. Sc. form of pain.

stummick* - repr. dial. and pop. pronunc. of stomach

pur = a name given to the knave or Jack in the game of post and pair (a game on the cards, played with three cards each, wherein much depended on vying, or betting on the goodness of your own hand); poor.

poorliness - the condition of being poorly.

pannell - Only found in the following passage: app. an error of some kind. Editors have conjectured spanieled, pantl'red, and paged: 1606 Shakes. Ant. & Cl. iv. xii. 21 The hearts That pannelled me at heeles, to whom I gaue Their wishes;        Parnellism - the principles or policy of the party of Irish members in the House of Commons led by Charles Stewart Parnell from 1880 to 1891, whose aim was to establish Home Rule in Ireland. 

grime - soot, smut, coal-dust, or other black particles, deposited upon or ingrained in some surface, esp. the human skin.

harbour - to provide a lodging or lodging-place for; to shelter from the weather or the night; to lodge, entertain.

feme sole - a woman who has not the protection of a husband; an unmarried woman, a spinster; a widow.

sovereign* - supreme, paramount; principal, greatest, or most notable.

consort - a partner in wedded or parental relations; a husband or wife, a spouse.


durant - lasting, continuous; current, present                                                                  during

coverture - Law. The condition or position of a woman during her married life, when she is by law under the authority and protection of her husband. Also in phr. under coverture.

oz - an abbreviation used for 'ounce', 'ounces', esp. after a number, as in 3 lb. 8 oz.

beleave - to go away from (a person or place); to leave at death; to remain over, survive, be left in existence.

chickenbroth* - a decoction of the flesh and bones of a chicken, used as a nutritious food for invalids; hence v. (humorous), to dose with chicken-broth.

feed - food, fare (for human beings); colloq. A meal; a sumptuous meal.

hetman - a captain or military commander in Poland and countries formerly united or subject to it; whence subsequently retained as a title among the Cossacks.

Finn MacCumhaill* - Finn MacCool

foot - to move the feet as in walking; to step, pace, walk, go on foot.

nutrify* - to supply nutriment.

jacent - lying; recumbent.

almer* = almoner - an official distributor of the alms of another; the name of a functionary in a religious house, in the household of a bishop, prince, or other person of rank; a hospital official who has duties concerning patients' welfare.

almsdish - a dish or plate for the reception of alms, used in churches, in the houses of the charitable, or carried by beggars.

china* - a species of earthenware of a fine semi-transparent texture, originally manufactured in China, and first brought to Europe in the 16th c. by the Portuguese, who named it porcelain.

skitter - to move or run rapidly; to hurry about; to scamper off. 

kitty - a girl or young woman; a wench.

hayel - obs. form of hail.

ruffle someone’s feathers* - to annoy someone

undesirable - an undesirable thing or person.

gesticulate* - to make lively or energetic motions with the limbs or body; esp. as an accompaniment or in lieu of speech.

blowy* - characterized by blowing.



wanton - a lascivious or lewd person. 

plug - to stop, close tightly, or fill (a hole or aperture) with or as with a plug.

baccy - vulgar abbreviation of tobacco.

renownce* - obs. form of renounce

pub* - a public house, an inn.

streetwalker* - one who walks in the street.

plague - anything causing trouble, annoyance, or vexation; a nuisance; colloq. trouble.

sickle - to cut with a sickle; to be or fall ill, to sicken.

honeycomb* - a structure of wax containing two series of hexagonal cells separated by thin partitions, formed by bees for the reception of honey and their eggs. 

kop - S. Afr. A hill. Cf. kopje.

Ali Baba

Massa - Representing master in the written form of Black speech.

dinar - a name given to various oriental coins; the monetary unit of Yugoslavia (formerly of Serbia).

souvenir* - a token of remembrance

delicate - to render delicate                                                                                          dedicate

nutbrown - of a warm reddish-brown colour.

Berenice - name of the wife of Ptolemy Euergetes, king of Egypt, c 248 b.c., whose hair, vowed by her to Venus, was said to have been stolen from the temple of the goddess, and afterwards taken to heaven and placed in a constellation.

mulier (l) - wife                                                                                                         marriage

mahatma - In 'Esoteric Buddhism', one of a class of persons with preternatural powers, imagined to exist in India and Tibet.

undulate* - to invest with the form or appearance of a wavy or rippling surface.

sugarloaf hat* - a conical hat, pointed, rounded or flat at the top, worn during the Tudor and Stuart periods and after the French Revolution.

cardinal - one of the seventy ecclesiastical princes (six cardinal bishops, fifty cardinal priests, and fourteen cardinal deacons) who constitute the pope's council, or the sacred college, and to whom the right of electing the pope has been restricted since the third Lateran council in 1173.

papal - of or pertaining to a pope, or to the pope, his dignity or office.

legate - an ecclesiastic deputed to represent the Pope and armed with his authority.

Vatican* - the palace of the Pope built upon the Vatican Hill in Rome. 

monsiegneur* - a French title of honour given to persons of eminence, esp. to princes, cardinals, archbishops, and bishops. 

aqueduct* - an artificial channel for the conveyance of water from place to place; a conduit;  esp. an elevated structure of masonry used for this purpose.

abhore* - to regard with horror, extreme repugnance or disgust; to hate utterly, loathe.

wop - an Italian or other southern European, esp. as an immigrant or foreign visitor.

mezzo (it) - middle

scudo - a silver coin and money of account formerly current in various Italian states, usually worth about 4 shillings.

sant - saint (obs.)

pursy - fat, corpulent; short-winded, asthmatic, puffy.

vowt = vault; vult (face, countenance)

widder - dial. or vulgar f. widow.


tattling - prattling, baby-talk; gossiping; blabbing, tale-telling.

backwoods - wild, uncleared forest-land; e.g. that of North America. Also a remote and sparsely inhabited region.

beware* - to take care, take heed, in reference to a danger.

dainty - of delicate or tender beauty or grace

go Dutch - to share the cost of a meal, visit to the cinema, etc. (with someone).

yond - over there

pire - pear tree (obs.)                                                                                                          fire

relight - to illumine, kindle, or ignite again.

olive branch* - a branch of an olive-tree; As an emblem of peace; hence fig. anything offered in token of peace or goodwill. 

mud cabin - a cabin made of mud

tent - fig. An abode, residence, habitation, dwelling-place.

neomenia* - In Greek and Jewish antiq., the time of the new moon, the beginning of the lunar month; also, the festival held at that time.

Feast of Tabernacles* - a Jewish festival, commemorating the dwelling of the Israelites in tents during their sojourn in the wilderness, held from the 15th to the 23rd of Tisri (October). It was also called the Feast of Ingathering, and was observed as a thanksgiving for the harvest.

at hand - near in place and time

hag - an evil spirit, dŠmon, or infernal being, in female form.

coverfeu* - obs. var. of curfew (a regulation in force in mediŠval Europe by which at a fixed hour in the evening, indicated by the ringing of a bell, fires were to be covered over or extinguished; also, the hour of evening when this signal was given, and the bell rung for the purpose).

hist - to summon with the exclamation 'hist!'; to incite or urge on with the exclamation 'hist'.

haste - to cause to move more quickly; to urge, drive, or press on; to quicken, hurry.

bairn - a child; a son or daughter. 

ta - dial. form of to

hame - obs. and Sc. f. home

someone’s chickens have come home to roost* - (of a mistake, misdeed...) to come back as an unpleasant effect on a person who originally made the mistake.

warewolf* - obs. var. werwolf (a person who (according to mediŠval superstition) was transformed or was capable of transforming himself at times into a wolf; also, an exceptionally large and ferocious wolf).

abroad - at large; freely moving about; and fig. current in the outside world. 

chez - Used with (French) personal pronoun or proper name: at the house or home of.

foyer - hearth, home                                                                                                            fire


tinct - colour, hue, tint

phenomenal* - cognizable by the senses, or in the way of immediate experience.

yon - a demonstrative word used in concord with a n. to indicate a thing or person as (literally, or sometimes mentally) pointed out.

roadmark* - a road sign

tide - any definite time in the course of the day; as eventide; tide of the sea.

Ave Maria* - the Hail Mary! the angelic salutation to the Virgin.

circumvolute* - to enclose or enwrap by twisting or winding something round.

obscurity* - absence of light (total or partial), darkness.


brrr* - an interjection expressive of shivering with cold or apprehension.

deff - deaf (obs.)

foundress* - a female founder; esp. a woman who founds or endows an institution, etc.

huzoor - an Indian potentate; often used as a title of respect.

nancy - an effeminate man or boy; a homosexual. 

tch* - a representation of the dental click (freq. reduplicated) used to express vexation.

maize - an American graminaceous plant (Zea Mays) or the grain produced by it.

Isegrim - an appellation applied, after the manner of a proper name, to the wolf; the name of the wolf in Reynard the Fox, and other beast-fables.

lolling - dangling, drooping. Of the tongue: Protruding and hanging down.


wheaten - composed of the grain or flour of wheat; of a pale honey colour.

bide - to remain in a place, or with a person, as opposed to going away                          beat

Jack and Gill* = lad and lass

benn - the Horse-radish tree.

dell - a deep natural hollow or vale of no great extent, the sides usually clothed with trees or foliage.

craggy - abounding in or characterized by crags; hard and rough or rugged in form           rocky

ramble - Of persons: To wander, travel, make one's way about (now usually to walk) in a free unrestrained manner and without definite aim or direction                                             Dublin

sash - a scarf, often with fringe at each end, worn by men, either over one shoulder or round the waist.

lang = long

say - obs. Sc. f. so 

ark - the large covered floating vessel in which Noah was saved at the Deluge; a ship, boat, or similar floating vessel.

Noh - the traditional Japanese masked drama evolved from the rites of Shinto worship and substantially unchanged since the 15th c.; the oldest form of drama in Japan.

night star* - a star when shining by night.

spinney - a small wood or copse, esp. one planted or preserved for sheltering game-birds; a small clump or plantation of trees.

swayful - powerful, able to exercise sway (power of rule or command; sovereign power or authority).

pathway - a way by or along which one may walk or go; a path, track, way.

dragonfly - the common name for neuropterous insects of the group Libellulina, characterized by a long, slender body, large eyes, and two pairs of large reticulated wings, and by their strong, swift flight.

reeder* - a thatched frame used to protect blocks or tiles of china-clay from rain.

tranquille - tranquillity.

adew - obs. form of adieu.

haven - a place of shelter, safety, or retreat

imbrace = embrace

allege - to lighten, alleviate, diminish (a burden, grief, pain); or to abridge the duration of a trouble.

injoyn* = enjoin - to join together (obs.)

unlatch - to undo the latch or catch of (a door, etc.); to unfasten in this way.

quail - to lose heart, be cowed or discouraged; to give way through fear.

lye = lie

wilder - to lose one's way, go astray; to lead or drive astray.

nicht - Sc. variant of night.

cockadoodle* - a conventional representation of the crow of the cock; a name for this, and hence, a nursery or humorous name for the cock.

aurora* - the rising light of the morning; the dawn.

panther - another name for the Leopard (Felis pardus); popularly applied to large leopards.

amorrow - in the morning; on the morrow after, next morning.

elephas (l) - elephant

mastodont* - a large extinct mammal resembling the elephant, characterized by having nipple-shaped tubercles in pairs on the crowns of the molar teeth.

behemoth* - an animal mentioned in the book of Job; probably the hippopotamus; but also used in modern literature as a general expression for one of the largest and strongest animals.

mammoth* - a large extinct species of elephant (Elephas primigenius) formerly native in Europe and northern Asia.


tusker - a beast having tusks, esp. an elephant or wild boar.

toil - a spell of severe bodily or mental labour; a laborious task or operation.

salaam* - the Oriental salutation, Peace (be upon you). 

rhinoceros* - a large, unwieldy quadruped of a genus now found only in Africa and Southern Asia, having a horn (or, in some species, two horns) on the nose and a very thick skin disposed in plates and folds.

to go west* - to die, perish, disappear;        Wurst (d) - sausage.

hippotame* - hippopotamus.

chare - a turning or movement back, return, retreat.

beagle - a small variety of hound, tracking by scent, formerly used in hunting hares, but now superseded by the Harrier, which sometimes takes its name.

frantling - Used to express the noise made by peacocks.

muzz - to loiter aimlessly; to 'hang about'.

smutter - to mark with some black or dirty substance; to blacken, smudge.

pageboy - a boy or lad (usually in 'buttons' or livery) employed in a private house, a club, hotel, large shop, etc., to attend to the door, go on errands, and the like.

bright - brightness, light. arch. (poet.)                                                                              boys

outer - comparatively or relatively far out; that is on the outside, outward, external; of or pertaining to the outside.

hung - suspended, attached so as to hang down, etc.

Mohn (d) - poppy

loe - obs. form of lo, low.

amethyst - a precious stone of a clear purple or bluish violet colour.


seafire - phosphorescence at sea

Siemens - the name of four German-born brothers, Ernst Werner (1816-92), Karl Wilhelm or Charles William (1823-83), Friedrich (1826-1904), and Karl (1829-1906) (von) Siemens, used attrib. and in the possessive to denote processes or devices discovered, invented, or developed by one or more of the brothers.

westward* - towards the west, in a westerly direction.

fishy - resembling a fish or something belonging to a fish; having the savour, smell, or taint of fish.

to listen out* - to listen for a sound, e.g. on a radio receiver.

toran - a sacred Buddhist gateway, of wood or stone, consisting of a pair of uprights with one or more (often three) cross-pieces; sometimes elaborately carved.

piscina (sp) - fish

Lafayette* - a sciŠnoid fish of the Northern United States (Liostomus xanthurus).

squiggle - to writhe about; to squirm or wriggle. 

Holy cross* - the cross upon which Jesus Christ suffered death.

harker* - Sc., a listener.

ribber - a blow on the ribs                                                                                             river

munt - mount (obs.)

flip flap - something that 'goes flip-flap' (with a repeated flapping movement).

witchman - a wizard.

sucking - not come to maturity, not fully developed, budding.

tempt - to allure, entice, invite, attract

at a venture* - at random, by chance, without due consideration or thought.

strut - to walk with an affected air of dignity or importance, stepping stiffly with head erect.

musketeer - a soldier armed with a musket.

brace - a pair, a couple

girdle - a belt worn round the waist to secure or confine the garments; a corset, usu. elasticated, that does not extend above the waist                                                                                   girls

brasse - a name of a fish of the perch family                                                                     brace

beau* - a man who gives particular, or excessive, attention to dress, mien, and social etiquette; an exquisite, a fop, a dandy                                                                                             boys

jog - a slow measured walk, trot, or run

hold hard - (orig. a sporting phrase) To pull hard at the reins in order to stop the horse; hence gen. to 'pull up', halt, stop.

dither - to tremble, quake, quiver, thrill. Now also in gen. colloq. use: to vacillate, to act indecisively, to waver between different opinions or courses of action.

waltzer - one who dances the waltz.

stright - obs. Sc. form of straight                                                                                     night

Hesperus* - the evening star.

wand - obs. pa. tense of wind (v.)

wonderer* - one who wonders (to regard with wonder, to marvel at) at something. 

jimpsonweed* = jimsonweed - the Thorn-apple, Datura Stramonium.

deck - to cover

lurk - to lie in ambush; to remain furtively or unobserved about one spot.

thunderation - Used as a vague expletive or intensive.

mulligrubs - a state of depression of spirits, a fit of megrims or spleen.

Mary, queen of Scots;         scut - a term of contempt for a person; a short garment.

Christian* - an adherent of Christianity.

duty - due respect, reverence; an expression of submission, deference, or respect.

royalty - royal persons collectively or individually.

squat - to sit down with the legs closely drawn up beneath the hams or in front of the body; esp. to sit on the ground in this way or in a crouching attitude. Also jocularly, to sit (down).

matt - Of colours, surfaces: Without lustre, dull, 'dead'.

luke - to make lukewarm; obs. or Sc. form of look.

johl = jol - the local name (often with capital initial) for a barren, much dissected, limestone plateau south of Wadi Hadhramaut in the Arabian peninsula. 

dapple = dappled - spotted, speckled.

bellied - having a belly. Often in comb., e.g. big- or great-bellied, having a big belly.

mug - any (large) earthenware vessel or bowl; also, a pot, jug, or ewer. 

trouble - disturbed, distressed, confused; turbulent, tempestuous, stormy, violent.

bedded - In comb. Having a bed.

sawdust - wood in the state of small particles, detached from a tree, plank, etc. in the process of sawing.

expectoration - the action or process of expectorating; discharge of phlegm from the chest by coughing, etc.                                                                                                          expectation

specification - specific definition or description; specific, explicit, or detailed mention, enumeration, or statement of something.

tun - a large cask or barrel, usually for liquids, esp. wine, ale, or beer, or for various provisions.

tapster - a man who draws the beer, etc. for the customers in a public house; the keeper of a tavern.

buttle - to pour out (drink); to do a butler's work.

frau* - a married woman, wife. 

rinse - to wash out (a cup, etc.) by pouring in water or other liquid and emptying it out again.

omit* - to leave out, not to insert or include.

swab* - krpa za pranje poda home sweet home

put in - to contribute as one's share of work or duty; to perform (a piece of work, etc.) as part of a whole, or in the midst of other occupations.

brick - a brick-shaped block of any substance, e.g. of tea.


chaser* - one who chases or hunts; an attendant upon a person of rank or wealth, dressed in a military style. 

stirrup* - to supply with or as with stirrups (a contrivance suspended from the side of a saddle to serve as a support for the foot of the rider).


kirkyard* - northern form of churchyard (the yard or enclosed piece of ground in which a church stands; formerly almost universally used as a burial ground for the parish or district, and still so used, esp. in rural districts).

whoopee - delight, high spirits, boisterous fun.

to put up with - to submit to (an injury), 'to suffer without resentment'; in wider sense, To bear, endure, tolerate, do with (anything inconvenient or disagreeable).

chamber - a room or apartment in a house; usually one appropriated to the use of one person.


starfort - a small fort having alternate salient and reentrant angles.

thornwood - a wood of thorns

flamb - originally a var. of flam(m)er (to flame).

muttoncandle - a candle made of mutton-fat.

housefather - the father of a household or family

threateningly - in a threatening manner, menacingly.

thundercloud - a storm-cloud charged with electricity, that sends forth thunder and lightning.

periwig - a wig

lightning bug - firefly

aflash - flashing

my soul - exclamation of surprise 

by jing! = by jingo! - a vigorous form of asseveration.  

to work one's jaws* - to talk, lecture, chatter incessantly.

pot still - a still to which heat is applied directly as to a pot, not by means of a steam-jacket; attrib. applied to whisky distilled in a pot-still.

souse - to prepare or preserve (meat, fish, etc.) by steeping in some kind of pickle, esp. one made with vinegar or other tart liquor; to drink so as to become intoxicated.

sop - a piece of bread or the like dipped or steeped in water, wine, etc., before being eaten or cooked; a dish composed of soaked bread; a copious collection or accumulation of some liquid; a person or thing thoroughly soaked or steeped in some way.

sodden - saturated or soaked with water or moisture; boiled (obs.)

enow = enough

besay - to declare, speak about.

joyous - having a joyful nature or mood

astir - in motion; fig. In excitement.

stirabout - a bustle, a state of confusion; porridge made by stirring oatmeal (or occas. some other meal) in boiling water or milk; a bustling person.

saucy - flavoured with or pertaining to sauce (obs.); insolent towards superiors.

ladlike* - resembling a lad; churlish, unknightly

spoons - sentimental or silly fondness.

wonner - a dweller, an inhabitant.

twee - over-nice, over-refined, precious, mawkish; an imitation of the sound of a horn, and also of the notes of some birds                                                                                                   two

final - that which comes last; completion, end, finish.

on parole -  a person on conditional release before he has completed his sentence.

Bohemia* - a kingdom of central Europe, forming part of the Austrian empire. 

icy - resembling ice; having the nature or properties of icez; fig. Of demeanour, character, speech, etc.

campus -the grounds of a college or university; the open space between or around the buildings; a separate part of a university. Hence allusively, university or college life or people. 

Gatling gun* - a form of machine gun, with a cluster of barrels into which the cartridges are automatically loaded at the breech, invented by Dr. R. J. Gatling, and first used in the American civil war (1861-65).

vamp - to make one's way on foot; to tramp or trudge.

merchand* - obs. form of merchant                                                                             marching

horseshoe* - a shoe for a horse, now usually formed of a narrow iron plate bent to the outline of the horse's hoof and nailed to the animal's foot.


filly* - a young lively girl.

educand* - one who is to be or is being educated.

Sorrento - the name of an Italian town in the province of Naples.

array - arrangement in line or ranks, esp. martial order; outfit, attire, dress. Now only poet.

flocking - gathering in crowds, congregating.

fray - an assault, attack (obs.); a disturbance, esp. one caused by fighting.

orangery* - a place appropriated to the cultivation of orange-trees

brae - a hillside along the river

on terms - on friendly terms, friendly, sociable; in sporting slang, on terms of equality, on an equal footing (with).

twain - two; twins (pl.)

baffle - the state of one who is baffled or bewildered                                                     battle


left us

the devil take the hindmost* - the person who is last must expect the worst fate!

begift* - to present with gifts.

pineapple* -the juicy edible fruit of the Ananas; a bomb, a hand grenade or light trench mortar.

atone - to bring into concord, reconcile, unite in harmony.

doer - one who does, one who performs some act or deed.

wellwilled - kindly or favourably disposed.

wooer - one who woos a woman, esp. with a view to marriage, a suitor.

jerk off - someone of little or no account; a fool, a stupid person.

yem = eme  - an uncle; also dial. a friend, gossip.

yan = one

felix (l) - happy

culpa (l) - sin

brune - a dark-complexioned girl or woman, a brunette (fr. - brown)

jour - a day 

tigger - one who 'tigs' or touches; the pursuer in the game of 'tig'.

tugger - one who tugs or pulls with force; spec. one who pulls in a tug-of-war.

tenzon - variant of tenson (a contest in verse between rival troubadours; a piece of verse or  song composed for or sung in such a contest).

reintroduce - to introduce again. 

cast out* - to throw out of one's house, one's keeping or preservation.

coulter - the iron blade fixed in front of the share in a plough.


taal - the Dutch word for language, speech; tale.

brook - to put up with, bear with, endure, tolerate; to make use of (food); to digest mentally.

foretold - predicted; before mentioned (obs.)

timekiller - one who or that which 'kills' time: said of a person, an amusement, etc.

Arbeit nicht

stuck - a thrust or lunge; Fencing. A thrust with a pointed weapon.

spoke - one of the set of staves, bars, or rods radiating from the hub or nave of a wheel and supporting the felloes or rim.

stene - a vessel for liquids (or, in later use, for bread, meat, fish, etc.), usually made of clay, with two handles or ears; a jar, pitcher, pot, urn.

run away with* -to depart surreptitiously with, to carry off (something); to consume or exhaust.

to run amok* - to run viciously, mad, frenzied for blood.

lasterhalft (d) - spoiled, rotten, sinful

Jugend (d) - youth;         tugend (d) - virtue.

subliminal - below the threshold of sensation or consciousness: said of states supposed to exist but not strong enough to be recognized; that which is subliminal, the subliminal self.

tondo - an easel painting of circular form; also a carving in relief within a circular space (it. - a round, circle, compass; also a round trencher, plate, or little dish).

mor = more (obs.)

boo - a sound imitating the lowing of oxen; also used to express contempt, disapprobation, aversion;         boohoo - a word imitative of the sound of noisy weeping or laughter; also an expression of contempt   

through - finished, at an end, 'done'; defeated, 'done for'. 

hoo - a natural exclamation, used to express various feelings, as a call to attract attention, etc.

teacan - a metal can used for brewing or carrying tea

simmer - Of liquids: To make a subdued murmuring sound under the influence of continued heat; to be at a heat just below boiling-point. 

mavrone - anglicized form of Irish mo bhrˇn my grief, used as an exclamation of sorrow.

Kerry - The name of a town and neighbouring range of hills in the county of Powys, on the Welsh borders.

teapot* - a pot with a lid, spout, and handle, in which tea is made or brought to table.

God knows* - Used with indirect question to imply that something is unknown to the speaker, and probably to every other human being.


in the interim* - in the meantime, meanwhile.

toot* - an act of tooting; a note or short blast of a horn, trumpet, or other wind instrument.

tart - Applied, gen. (orig. often endearingly) to a girl or woman.

mourning - feeling or expression of sorrow; sorrowing, lamentation.

kneecap - the convex bone in front of the knee-joint

vie - to enter into, or carry on, rivalry.

girder - a main beam in a framed floor                                                                          garters

delicious* - highly pleasing or enjoyable to the bodily senses.

ross - to divest of the ross, or rough, scaly surface; as, to ross bark (of a tree)                 rise


exude -to sweat out or give off like sweat; to discharge through the pores or an incision   oxide

margary - variant of margery (a pearl)                                                                         mercury

heavy* - to weigh down, to burden,x to oppress, grieve, distress.

eyerim - a circular single eye-glass, adapted to be held to its place by the contraction of the orbital muscles                                                                                                                 iron

rust - a red, orange, or tawny coating formed upon the surface of iron or steel by oxidation, esp. through the action of air or moisture.


witless - lacking wisdom or sense, unreasonable, foolish, heedless                              witness

slight - unimportant, trifling.


cold water

whence - from what place? from what source, origin, or cause?



mode - a way or manner in which something is done or takes place; a method of procedure in any activity, business, etc.; a prevailing fashion or conventional custom, practice or style; esp. one characteristic of a particular place or period; a particular scheme or system of sounds.

tarara - a word imitating, and hence denoting, the sound of a trumpet or bugle; high-flown, loud, extravagant, or pretentious talk.

boom - a loud, deep sound with much resonance or humming effect, as of a distant cannon, a large bell, etc.

decay - to lose its characteristic quality, strength, or excellence; to be in a failing condition.

immaculacy - immaculate condition or quality.

tunic - a garment worn by women, consisting of a bodice and an upper skirt, belted or drawn in at (or fitted to) the waist, worn over and displaying a longer skirt. (In very recent use, applied  to the upper skirt alone.)  

war - to make or carry on war; to fight.

from first to last - from beginning to end, throughout.

smuggler - one who smuggles commodities; esp. one who makes a trade or practice of smuggling                                                                                                                  struggler

lifer - a sentence for life; one who leads a life of a specified character.

ve = we; wee

to veer and haul* - to haul and slack alternately on a rope, as in warping, until the vessel or boat gets headway.

in black and white - in writing or in print.

eartrumpet* - an apparatus in the form of a straight or convoluted conoidal tube, used by  persons somewhat deaf, to enable them to hear more distinctly.

jenny - the female name; a female bird or donkey.

tantamount* - that amounts to as much, that comes to the same thing; equivalent.

clearobscure = chiaroscuro - the style of pictorial art in which only the light and shade, and not the various colours, are represented; fig. Used of poetic or literary treatment, criticism, mental complexion, etc., in various obvious senses, as mingled 'clearness and obscurity', 'cheerfulness and gloom', 'praise and blame,' etc.

tint - a colour, hue, usually slight or delicate.

taunt - an insulting or provoking gibe or sarcasm; a mocking or scornful reproach or challenge.

bacchante - bacchus-worshipping, wine-loving; a priestess or female votary of Bacchus.

custard - a dish made with eggs beaten up and mixed with milk to a stiff consistency,  sweetened, and baked.

dove = dovecolour - a warm grey with a tone of pink or purple.

Eskimo - a member of a widely spread people inhabiting the Arctic from Greenland to Eastern Siberia.

feldgrau (d) - the regulation colour of the uniform of a German infantryman.

hematite - native sesquioxide of iron (Fe2O3), an abundant and widely distributed iron ore, occurring in various forms (crystalline, massive, or granular); in colour, red, reddish-brown, or blackish with a red streak.  

isinglass* - a firm whitish semitransparent substance (being a comparatively pure form of gelatin) obtained from the sounds or air-bladders of some fresh-water fishes, esp. the sturgeon.

jet - the colour of jet; a deep glossy black.

kipper - a name given to the male salmon (or sea trout) during the spawning season.

mimosa - a yellow colour resembling that of the mimosa.

nut - A fruit which consists of a hard or leathery (indehiscent) shell enclosing an edible kernel; the kernel itself.

prune - the dark reddish purple colour of the juice of prunes.


Quasimodo - the name of the hunchback in Victor Hugo's novel Notre-Dame de Paris.

royal - noble, splendid, first-rate.  

sago - a species of starch prepared from the 'pith' of the trunks of several palms and cycads,  esp. Metroxylon lŠvis and M. Rumphii, chiefly used as an article of food.

tango - a colour shade of deep orange.

umber - a brown earth used as a pigment; also, the colour of this.

vanilla - a vanilla ice cream.

wistaria* - a light blue-purple shade, the colour of wistaria blossom.

Xray - a form of radiation discovered by Prof. W. C. R÷ntgen of WŘrzburg in 1895, capable of passing in various degrees through many substances impervious to light, and of affecting a sensitized plate and thus producing shadow-photographs of objects inclosed within opaque receptacles or bodies.

philomel - a poetic name for the nightingale.

shee = she

nude - to strip, unclothe, make naked.

prime - Of human life: The period or state of greatest perfection or vigour, before strength begins to decay.

complementary - short for 'complementary colour';            complementary colours - colours which, in combination, produce white or colourless light. 

Angus - the name of a county in Scotland

prick - to wound (or hurt) with or as with a pointed instrument or weapon; fig. To cause sharp mental pain to; to sting with sorrow or remorse.

eagle eyed* - having an eye like an eagle; keen-sighted.

look sharp - Originally (with sharp as adv.) = 'to look sharply after something', 'to keep strict watch'. In later use (which is merely colloquial) the sense is commonly 'to bestir oneself briskly', 'to lose no time'.

aster - a star (obs.); a large genus of the N.O. CompositŠ, with showy radiated flowers.

wistful - expectantly or yearningly eager, watchful, or intent; mournfully expectant or longing.

Lord Major* - a title formerly limited to the mayors (see mayor) of London, York, and Dublin, but subsequently extended to the mayors of some other large towns.

clap - to talk loudly, chatter, prate; to strike so as to make a noise (obs.)

lingua - the tongue

pallet = palate

jowl - a jaw; esp. the under jaw

jolt - a jerky movement, an abrupt jerk; a surprise; a shock which disturbs one's mental composure.

tambourine - to play the tambourine (a musical instrument consisting of a wooden hoop having skin or parchment stretched over one side, and pairs of small cymbals, called jingles, placed in slots round the circumference, small bells being sometimes fastened to the edge).

slide - to pass away, pass by, so as to disappear, be forgotten or neglected, etc. Now rare.

pet - to have erotic physical contact with another person by kissing, caressing, and sexual stimulation.

pout - a protrusion of the lips, expressive of pique or annoyance. 

Ally Sloper - the name of a character in a series of humorous publications, having a prominent nose and receding forehead and noted for his dishonest or bungling practices.

ope = open

valse - to dance the valse or waltz; to waltz.

star - to adorn with an ornament likened to a star or a number of stars; to bespangle as with stars.

solly = selly - wonderfully, marvellously, strangely.

well worth - of full value. arch;     worth one’s salt* - worth the money that one is paid.

pilger (gr) - pilgrim

hitch - a contrivance for fastening something, a catch; fig. An accidental or temporary stoppage, such as is caused by something suddenly getting caught or entangled; an impediment, obstruction.

cucullus (l) - hood, cowl

tutor - one employed in the supervision and instruction of a youth in a private household.

cut out - fig. To form, fashion, shape, to carve out.

flo - an arrow.

peep - a surreptitious, furtive, or peering glance.

beetle - to fly off; to go, make one's way, move (like a beetle).

fly - a dipterous or two-winged insect, esp. of the family MuscidŠ.

bough - one of the larger limbs or offshoots of a tree, a main branch; but also applied to a smaller branch.

bo peep* - a nursery play with a young child, who is kept in excitement by the nurse or play-mate alternately concealing herself (or her face), and peeping out for a moment at an unexpected place, to withdraw again with equal suddenness.


Turkish delight* - a sweetmeat consisting of gelatine boiled, cubed, and dusted with sugar.

hys = his

hyphen - a short dash or line (-) used to connect two words together as a compound; to join by a hyphen; to write (a compound) with a hyphen.

mys = miss

bellyswain - a glutton ?

twalf - Sc. and obs. ff. twelve.

horsepower* - with prefixed numeral, expressing the power or rate of work of an engine.

man - to escort (a person, esp. a woman). 

matchwood* - wood suitable for match-sticks

thicket - a dense growth of shrubs, underwood, and small trees.

mouthfilling - (of an oath, compliment, etc.) that fills the mouth, bombastic, inflated.

wold - a piece of open country; forest, forest land (obs.)

killing - overpoweringly beautiful or attractive.

voyant - showy, gaudy, flashy; spec. of clothes, appearance, etc.

cope of heaven - the over-arching canopy or vault of heaven.

fect - Aphet. var. of infect                                                                                                 fact



trespass* - to make an improper or uninvited inroad on (a person's time, attention, etc.)

wicked - bad in moral character, disposition, or conduct.

underwood - small trees or shrubs, coppice-wood or brush-wood, growing beneath higher timber trees.

spell - to utter, declare, relate, tell; to intimate or suggest a desire for something; to ask for, either by hints or direct request.

bushment = ambushment - a disposition or arrangement of troops in a wood or other place of concealment so  as to fall on an enemy by surprise.

sprig - to divide into branches.

twig - to understand, comprehend.

benedict* - adj. Blessed, benign, salutary

gape - a rent or opening of any kind;             to gape for - to be eager to obtain, to have a longing for (something).

intime* - intimate

innermost - most or furthest within; that which is innermost, the inmost part.

brothered* - united into or by brotherhood.

thirteen - the name formerly current in Ireland for a silver shilling, as being worth thirteen pence of Irish copper currency.

blanche = blanch - white paint, esp. for the face.  

turnagain lane - a blind alley, a cul-de-sac; also, a winding or crooked lane.

magnus - black oxide of manganese, used in the Staffordshire potteries.

max - gin


ye - you; thou

na - not, in no way, by no means.

pink - the 'flower', or finest example of excellence; the embodied perfection (of some good quality); of a pale or light red colour, slightly inclining towards purple; of a pale rose-colour.

panties - short-legged or legless knickers worn by women and girls.


prawn - a small long-tailed decapod marine crustacean (PalŠmon serratus). 

squirt - to eject or spirt out water in a jet or slight stream; to eject or propel in a stream from a small orifice, etc. 

cockle - the English name of bivalve molluscs of the genus Cardium, common on sandy coasts, and much used for food.



backsight - in Surveying, a 'sight' or reading taken backwards, or towards the point of starting.

greeneyed - having green eyes. the green-eyed monster (in and after Shakspere): jealousy;  Hence fig. Viewing everything with jealousy.

Valentine - a person of the opposite sex chosen, drawn by lot, or otherwise determined, on St. Valentine's day, as a sweetheart, lover, or special friend for the ensuing year.

wink - a closing of the eyes for sleep; a (short) spell of sleep, a nap (rare.); a glance or significant movement of the eye.

breathing - exhalation and inhalation of breath 

fairness - the quality or condition of being fair; beauty.

rubine* - a ruby. 

elfin - pertaining to elves; of elfish nature or origin; diminutive, dwarfish.

jasper - an opaque cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, of various colours, usually red, yellow, or brown, due mostly to the admixture of iron oxide.

canopy - a covering or hangings suspended over a throne, couch, bed, etc.

Tyrian - of or belonging to, native of, or made in Tyre, an ancient Phoenician city on the Mediterranean, the centre of an extensive commerce; spec. In reference or allusion to the purple or crimson dye anciently made at Tyre from certain molluscs.

awning -a roof-like covering of canvas or similar material, used as a shelter from sun, rain, etc.

rhubarb - the medicinal rootstock (purgative and subsequently astringent) of one or more species of Rheum; any of the species having heart-shaped, smooth, deep-green leaves growing on thick fleshy stalks, which are much used in the spring as a substitute for fruit; also, the fleshy leaf-stalks of these used as food. 

consonant* - an alphabetic or phonetic element other than a vowel; an elementary sound of speech which in the formation of a syllable is combined with a vowel.

avowal - an act of avowing; acknowledgement, declaration; unconstrained admission or confession.

reder - obs. form of reader.

abase* - to lower in rank, office, condition, or character; to humble, humiliate.

vibro - - irregular combining form of L. vibrare to vibrate.

verberate - to strike so as to produce a sound (rare.); to vibrate or quiver.

tegmen - Anat. tegmen tympani, a plate of bone forming the roof of the tympanum of the ear, being a part of the temporal bone.

augur - a soothsayer, diviner, or prophet, generally; one that foretells the future                   eye

pat - that comes or lies exactly to the purpose; exactly suitable or to the purpose, apt.

sunny - sun fish (small fresh-water fishes abundant in N. America.)

gander - a dull or stupid person; a fool, simpleton; slang. 'A married man; in America one not living with his wife; a grass-widower'.

land - to catch or 'get hold of' (a person)

dore - to glaze with saffron, yolk of egg, etc.; dare (v.)

Zug (d) - train

Weg (d) - way

tug - a determined effort to accomplish or attain something; a hard try; a struggle.

to clasp hands - to join one's hands by interlocking the fingers; also, to close or firmly join hands with another.

retire - to withdraw, go away, remove oneself (from a place, etc.)

curtsey - to make a curtsy; to do reverence to.

akimbo - Of the arms: In a position in which the hands rest on the hips and the elbows are  turned outwards.

devotee - a person zealously devoted to a particular party, cause, pursuit, etc.

irrelevance - the fact or quality of being irrelevant, want of pertinence.

maypole - a high pole, painted with spiral stripes of different colours and decked with flowers, set up on a green or other open space, for the merrymakers to dance round on May-day.

ugh - a representation of an inarticulate sound of the nature of a hollow cough; an interjection expressive of disgust.

shem = seam - a joint used in uniting the edges of sheet metal either by folding and pressing them together or by joining them with solder; also, the line produced by this process.

shun - to avoid from repugnance, fear, or caution; to keep away from (a person or his society, a place, etc.)

by the way

loft - to store (goods or produce) in a loft (rare.)                                                             left

larch - a well-known coniferous tree; Abies Larix or Larix europŠa.

ogh - variant of och (an exclamation of surprise, regret, or sorrow; ah! oh!).

his reverence - As the designation of a clergyman. Also jocularly of a lady, her reverence.  

Allah* - the name of the Deity among Muslims.

pretend - to make pretence, to make believe, to counterfeit, feign.

helfen (d) - to help

sauce - sauciness, impertinence.

to make a speech* - to deliver orally

noth - obs. Sc. variant of nought (bad wicked; good for nothing, worthless, useless).

Sally Lunn* - a kind of tea-cake

bloomer - a plant that blooms (in some way); a floriated initial letter of the alphabet; Regularly in pl. Loose trousers reaching to the knee or knickerbockers worn by women for bicycling, gymnasium practice, etc.; a woman who wears bloomer costume.

gegen (d) - against

een - obs. and dial. pl. of eye.