bamboo* - a genus of giant-grasses numerous species of which are common throughout the tropics.

yearning - intense longing or desire                                                                                                                                 learning

burgeon - to bud or sprout; to begin to grow                                                                                                                      begin


mille (l) - thousand

sentiment* - what one feels with regard to something (often pl. with collective sense).

deadlong* - humorous nonce-formation after livelong

mislay - to lay (a thing) by accident in a place where it cannot readily be found

slough - to cast off, drop, discard, give up, get rid of (something)

nip - a fragment, little bit; a pinch; a sharp bite


dead certain* - absolutely certain

quick - transf. of things (esp. immaterial things): The central, vital, or most important part.

aye - As an affirmative response to a question: Yes; even so

to beg the question* - to take for granted the matter in dispute, to assume without proof.

luteus (l) - yellow

tingling - a thrilling, stinging, or smarting sensation; a continued light ringing sound of a small bell or the like.

tangle - to involve or engage (a person) in affairs which encumber and hamper or embarrass, and from which it is difficult to get free; to give out a quick succession of ringing sounds. 

ticement = enticement - the action of alluring or attracting; attractive quality, fascination.

machree* - my dear!                              chere (fr) - dear.

to be off - a graphic expression for 'to go at once, take oneself off'

cauda - a tail-like appendage

handmade - made by hand;                          handmaid - a female personal attendant or servant.

for the nonce* - for the occasion; hence (in modern use), for the time being; temporarily.

mennage = manage - an enclosed space for the training of saddle-horses and for the practice of horsemanship; a riding-school.

high time - elated, merry, hilarious (time)

according - agreeing in nature or action, consentient, harmonious; the action of reconciling, harmonizing, or granting.

vermin - Applied to creeping or wingless insects (and other minute animals) of a loathsome or offensive appearance or character, esp. those which infest or are parasitic on living beings and plants.

feed - food (for cattle); Also, food, fare (for human beings). U.S. colloq. 

hot - hot condition, heat (obs.)

scullery* - the department of a household concerned with the care of the plates, dishes, and kitchen utensils; Hence, scullery maid.

scullion - a domestic servant of the lowest rank in a household who performed the menial offices of the kitchen.

whomsoever* - whatever person or persons; any one who, or any who

Roman Catholic;                         cathole - a hole in a wall, door, etc., large enough to let a cat through.


methinks* - it seems to me

begotten* - procreated;                             procreate - to beget, engender, generate (offspring).

coquette - a woman (more or less young), who uses arts to gain the admiration and affection of men, merely for the gratification of vanity or from a desire of conquest, and without any intention of responding to the feelings aroused; a flirt.

connie = cony - a rabbit

cherie - obs. form of cherry

diggings - lodgings, quarters;                the dickens! - an interjectional exclamation expressing astonishment, impatience, irritation, etc.; usually with interrogative words, as what, where, how, why, etc. 

amongst = among

whyfor - on account of or because of which; in consequence or as a result of which.

gyro - - ring, circle, spiral

elect - one 'chosen' by God, esp. one chosen for eternal salvation; one that has been chosen for an office or function.

consent - voluntary agreement to or acquiescence in what another proposes or desires.

consorted - associated, leagued; united as consorts

waltz - to dance a waltz; to move lightly, trippingly, or nimbly

hillside* - the lateral slope of a hill

winsome* - pleasing or attractive in appearance, handsome, comely

chuff* - a rustic, boor, clown, churl; Generally applied opprobriously, with a fitting epithet, to any person disliked.

mearing - a boundary; also, an object indicating a boundary, a landmark

seethe - to boil; to make or keep boiling hot

viand - pl. Articles of food; provisions, victuals

miry - abounding in mire, muddy; dirty, defiled; despicable

so forth

bawley - a fishing-smack peculiar to the coasts of Essex and Kent

Beelzebub* - the Devil;                              hubbub - a confused noise of a multitude shouting or yelling.

hullabaloo* - tumultuous noise or clamour; uproar; clamorous confusion

dem* - to damn

diable* - devil

Lucifer* - the rebel archangel whose fall from heaven was supposed to be referred to in Isa. xiv. 12; Satan, the Devil.

lonedom - solitariness;                              London bridge - a children's singing game.

breach - the breaking of a command, rule, engagement, duty, or of any legal or moral bond or obligation.

uncouth - unknown; Of places: Not commonly known or frequented

broch = broach - to give vent or publicity to; to give out; to begin conversation or discussion about, introduce, moot.

pins and needles* - popular name for a pricking or tingling sensation, as that which accompanies the recovery of feeling in a limb after numbness;                        on pins and needles - in a state of excessive uneasiness;                                        puns and ridles

gay - to make gay; to give a bright and pleasant look to; to embellish

rund = roon - a piece of the list or selvage of cloth; a strip or shred                                                                                     round

rosily* - with a rosy hue; in a rosy manner

drat - a vulgar form of imprecation, giving vent to annoyance or angry vexation; = 'Hang', 'dash', 'confound'.

brat - a child, so called in contempt