pinmark - a circular impression on the side of a piece of type, made by part of the mould used in casting.

B.V.D. - a proprietary name for a type of lightweight, long underwear for men, popular in the first half of the twentieth century. 

lottery - an arrangement for the distribution of prizes by chance among persons purchasing tickets. Slips or lots, numbered in correspondence with the tickets, and representing either prizes or blanks, are drawn from a wheel.

posthaste* - with the speed of a post; with all possible haste or expedition

Isabel* - greyish yellow; a kind of fancy pigeon, a small variety of the Pouter

verily - in deed, fact, or reality; really, truly

dandy - finely, splendidly

wayward - wrongheaded, intractable, self-willed; froward, perverse; erratic

missive - a written message; a letter. Now usually, either denoting an official letter, or used as a somewhat high-flown equivalent of 'letter'.

take off - to go off, start off, run away

wilfully* - purposely, intentionally, deliberately. Chiefly, now always, in bad sense


offence - a breach of law, duty, propriety, or etiquette; a transgression, sin, wrong, misdemeanour, or misdeed.

shudder - an act of shuddering; a convulsive tremor of the body occasioned by fear, repugnance, or chill.

suspense* - a state of mental uncertainty, with expectation of or desire for decision, and usually some apprehension or anxiety; the condition of waiting, esp. of being kept waiting, for an expected decision, assurance, or issue; less commonly, a state of uncertainty what to do, indecision.

shrinking - recoiling physically, mentally, or morally from what is difficult or distasteful

sensitive* - a shrub (Mimosa pudica) possessing a high degree of irritability, causing the leaflets of the bipinnate leaves to fold together at the slightest touch.

angelet* -  a little angel, a cherub; fig. a pretty child

brick - the colour of brick; brick-red

fauve - a member of a movement in painting, chiefly associated with Henri Matisse (1869-1954), which flourished in Paris from 1905, and which is mainly characterized by a vivid use of colour; Hence (as adj.), of a bright or vivid colour.

jonquil - a species of Narcissus (N. Jonquilla), having long linear leaves and spikes of fragrant white and yellow flowers; a pale yellow colour like that of the jonquil.

sprig - spruce, smart

fleet - evanescent, shifting, passing away; not durable or lasting (poet.)

nocturne - Painting. A night-piece, night-scene

auld lang syne* - 'old long-since,' old long-ago

elvish - like an elf in behaviour; spiteful, cross-grained, peevish

befall - to fall out in the course of events, to happen, occur

whilst - during that time, meanwhile; till, until

disrobe - to divest oneself of clothing, to undress

to draw a veil over - to hide or conceal, to refrain from discussing or dealing with, to hush up  or keep from public knowledge.

peach - to blab, divulge; to inform against an accomplice, to turn informer

myriadth - that is a very minute (properly, a ten-thousandth) part of a whole

bashfulness - the quality of being bashful (Of persons: Shrinking from publicity, shy)

tup - Of the ram: To copulate with (the ewe); also transf. (coarse slang), of a man: to copulate with (a woman).

colp - a blow, also a bit of anything

to hold (or run) with the hare and run (or hunt) with the hounds* - to try to keep in with both sides; to play a double part.

mus = muss - mouth

kicky - clever, lively; provoking, teasing, annoying; exciting, lively

lacey = lacy - consisting of, or having the appearance of, lace

drew - pa. tense of draw (v.)

full length* - the entire length or extension of any object

finish* - the conclusion, last stage, termination;                                    furst = first.

ravin - the act or practice of seizing and devouring prey or food, voracity, gluttony; raven.



chancer - one who takes chances or does risky things

myth - to show

wholesale* - having an extensive application; unlimited or indiscriminate in range

assumption - a supposition, postulate; the taking upon oneself of a form or character, the form or character assumed.

nowt = nought - good for nothing, worthless, useless

weam = wame - the belly, abdomen; the womb, uterus

smithereens - small fragments, atoms

yunesse* - youth

stoop - Of a person: To lower the body by inclining the trunk or the head and shoulders  forward, sometimes bending the knee at the same time.

duel - a regular fight between two persons; a single combat

trial* - a group or set of three, a triad

earwax* - a viscid secretion which collects in the external meatus of the ear

sur - obs. form of sir

dum-dum bullet* - a metal-cased bullet with a soft core uncovered at the point, which expands on impact.

rifler - a soldier armed with a rifle; formerly the name of a member of certain specially raised regiments or companies.

mel (l) - honey

swarm* - to collect, assemble, or congregate thickly and confusedly; to crowd, throng

buzzy - buzzing                                                                                                                                                                   busy

unspeakably* - unutterably, indescribably

thoughtless - not taking thought, acting without thought or reflection; unreflecting, heedless