feminine* - characteristic of, peculiar or proper to women; womanlike, womanly

heliolatry - worshipping the sun

trope - (v.) to introduce (a trope) as an embellishment; to embellish with a trope or tropes;                    trope (n.) - the 'turning' of the sun at the tropic; In the Western Church, A phrase, sentence, or verse introduced as an embellishment into some part of the text of the mass or of the breviary office that is sung by the choir.

pistil - the female organ of a flower, situated (one or more) in the centre, and comprising (in its complete form) the ovary, style, and stigma.

espy* - to discern, discover (what is distant or partly hidden); to detect (a fault, flaw, etc.)

selfcolour - the natural colour

nevertheless* - notwithstanding; none the less

tissue paper* - a very thin soft gauze-like unsized paper, used for wrapping delicate articles, for covering engravings or other illustrations in books, as copying-paper, etc.

appling - the process of forming an apple or similar growth

and so on

leicht - light (obs.)



dewy - covered or wet with dew; falling gently, vanishing, as the dew (poetic.); innocent and trusting, na´ve.

confessor - one who hears confessions: a priest who hears confession of sin, prescribes penance, and grants absolution.

Unschuld (d) - innocence, purity, virginity

pageantmaster - master of a scene acted on the stage; spec. one scene or act of a mediŠval mystery play.

balmy - deliciously soft and soothing

put away - to put (out of one's hands or immediate use) into a receptacle for safe keeping.

tasty - pleasing to the taste; appetizing, savoury

Donegal* - the name of a county in the north-west of Ireland

adorable - worthy of worship or divine honour; charming, delightful

''Green wasn't over-blessed with good manners''.

conceive, perceive

chappy - given to using the chaps, talkative

ascertain - to find out or learn for a certainty by experiment, examination, or investigation; to make sure of, get to know. 

ceremonially - in a ceremonial manner; in relation to ceremonies or the ceremonial law.

outcaste - outside caste; of no caste

intercourse - social communication between individuals; communion between man and that which is spiritual or unseen.

untouchable - incapable of being touched, immaterial; exempt from touch; that one may not touch.

scarecrow* - a device for frightening birds from growing crops, usually a figure of a man dressed in old and ragged clothes. 

stinking - Used as a vague epithet connoting intense disgust and contempt

belle mani, petit peton* - beautiful hands, small feet 

youngling - one who is young; a young person, young man

yere - repr. a dial. (esp. U.S.) or vulgar pronunc. of here;                of yore - of old, in time long past, anciently, formerly.

baraza - a place of public audience or reception; hence also a meeting, reception, palaver.

aflower - flowering, blooming

siker = sicker - that may be depended on; in which one can put reliance, confidence, or trust; certain, sure                          seeker

calmy - characterized by calm; tranquil, peaceful;                    palmy - fig. Bearing or worthy to 'bear the palm', triumphant, flourishing; esp. in palmy state (a Shaksperian phrase), palmy days.

bread and butter* - of or pertaining to the age when bread-and-butter is extensively consumed; boyish, girlish; esp. school-girlish.

cluck - an imitation of the abrupt hollow guttural sound made by a hen desiring to sit, or calling her brood together                clock

cackler - one who cackles; fig. a tell-tale, tattler, blabber. slang, a fowl

sweepstake* - one who 'sweeps', or takes the whole of, the stakes in a game, etc.; usually fig. one who takes or appropriates everything.

Abelian* - a member of a small sect of ancient heretics in the north of Africa, stated by Augustine to have lived in continence after marriage, after the alleged example of 'the righteous Abel.'

slickly - cleverly, deftly

toute - the buttocks, fundament, posteriors, rump;                                    tout (fr) - all.

Philomela - a poetic name for the nightingale. (In later use always as proper name, with capital P, usually with reference to the ancient myth of Philomela metamorphosed into a nightingale. Hence properly feminine, and involving the error of attributing song to the hen bird.) 

Magdalene - a harlot restored to purity and elevated to saintship by repentance and faith; the name of a kind of peach.