charmeuse - a soft smooth silk fabric, having a satin-like surface




perfumed* - impregnated with sweet odour, scented

cigarette* - a small cigar made of a little finely-cut tobacco rolled up in thin paper.

lemonade - a drink made of lemon-juice and water, sweetened with sugar

graciously - with kindness, friendliness, or gracious condescension

chocolate - chocolate-coloured, dark brown

page - a youth employed as the personal attendant of a person of rank

bugle - to sound a bugle; to make a sound like a bugle

coco - the white flesh of the coconut, which may be eaten raw or used grated or dried as an ingredient in cooking.

toddle - to walk or run with short unsteady steps, as a child just beginning to walk

headiness - rashness, hastiness, precipitancy; unruliness, self-will, obstinacy                                                                    highness

lissome* - supple, limber; lithesome; lithe and agile

fomor - in Irish legend, one of a race of pirates or giants, perhaps originally representing the gods of death and darkness        father

hin - him (direct objective)

adin - to din; to deafen, stun with noise

billy - fellow, comrade, mate; brother

coo - jackdaw; the sound uttered by doves and pigeons

crispness - the state or quality of being crisp

missal - a Roman Catholic book of prayers, esp. when illuminated

hip - an exclamation used (usually repeated thrice) to introduce a united cheer

black man - a funeral furnisher, an undertaker

polk - to dance the polka

Jessie - a cowardly or effeminate man; a male homosexual

to push (someone) around - to move or cause (someone) to be moved roughly from place to place.

Romulus* - the founder of Rome

pavan* - a grave and stately dance, in which the dancers were elaborately dressed

strident - making a harsh, grating or creaking noise; loud and harsh

strut - a manner of walking with stiff steps and head erect, affecting dignity or superiority; a stiff, self-important gait             streets


meed - to reward, recompense. In bad sense, to bribe; to deserve, merit (nonce-use).

youdle = yodel - to sing or warble with interchange of the ordinary and falsetto voice, in the manner of Swiss and Tyrolese mountaineers. 

ooze - the act or fact of oozing; exudation, gentle flow

daintily* - elegantly, gracefully, neatly, deftly

strayed - that has gone astray


rigadoon - a lively and somewhat complicated dance for two persons, formerly in vogue.

ragtime - a musical rhythm characterized by a syncopated melodic line and regularly-accented accompaniment, evolved among American Negro musicians in the 1890s; hence, music (esp.  for the banjo and piano) of this character, the immediate precursor of jazz.

revel - an occasion or course of merry-making or noisy festivity, with dancing, games, masking, acting, or other forms of lively entertainment.

sterling - the English silver penny of the Norman and subsequent dynasties. Often in pound of sterlings, originally a pound weight of silver pennies, afterwards a name for the English pound (240 pence) as a money of account. 

guinea - an English gold coin, not coined since 1813, first struck in 1663 with the nominal value of 20s., but from 1717 until its disappearance circulating as legal tender at the rate of 21s.

lion - a gold coin current in Scotland down to the reign of James VI

thyme - a plant of the genus Thymus, comprising shrubby herbs with fragrant aromatic leaves, found chiefly in the Mediterranean region.

chef - the man who presides over the kitchen of a large household; a head cook

seasoner - one who, or something which seasons (to render (a dish) more palatable by the addition of some savoury ingredient; to mix, intersperse, or imbue with something that imparts relish).

astute* - of keen penetration or discernment, esp. in regard to one's own interests; shrewd, subtle, sagacious.

adjustable* - capable of being adjusted

whatnot - anything whatever; everything; 'anything and everything'; 'all sorts of things'; a thing  or person that may be variously named or described (rare.)

willbe - a person or thing that will be but is not yet; one whose career or efficiency belongs to the future.

deil - The Devil; a mischievously wicked or troublesome fellow

cancan - a kind of dance made popular at the public balls in Paris, with extravagant and indecent gestures. 

zany - a comic performer attending on a clown, acrobat, or mountebank, who imitates his master's acts in a ludicrously awkward way.

stimmer - to move about irregularly

bedeaf - to deafen

obcaecate* - blinded; blind

lithe - easily bent; flexible, limber, pliant, supple

limber - Of persons, their bodies, movements, etc.: Bending or moving easily; lithe and nimble.

mum - to make an inarticulate sound with closed lips, indicating inability to speak; hence, to keep silence (obs.); to silence (obs.)

ma - a childish and colloquial shortening of mamma

styll - obs. form of style;                         styled - Of a person's hair: professionally arranged, cut, or set.

flowerhead - an inflorescence consisting of a close cluster of sessile florets

stamen - Bot. The male or fertilizing organ of a flowering plant, consisting of two parts, the anther, which is a double-celled sac containing the pollen, and the filament, a slender footstalk supporting the anther.

turnsole* - a plant of which the flowers or leaves turn so as to follow the sun; a heliotrope.

straight cut - cut on straight lines

sidewise* - in an indirect manner, indirectly; directed towards one side, sideward.

coursette* - corset                                                                                                                                                         courses