salut* - In French Roman Catholic churches: an evening service of Benediction (Fr., ellipt. for salut du Saint Sacrement, salutation (or benediction) of the Blessed Sacrament).

nabi* - Theol. One inspired to speak the word of God; a prophet, spec. a Hebrew prophet of the Old Testament.

prostrate* - to cast oneself down prostrate; to bow to the ground in reverence or submission;                    prostitute - to offer (oneself, or another) to unlawful, esp. indiscriminate, sexual intercourse, usually for hire.

combinedly - in a combined manner, in combination

eving = eaves - the edge of the roof of a building, or of the thatch of a stack, which overhangs the side.

ablution - the washing of the body as a religious rite



orison - a prayer

mosque* - a Muslim temple or place of worship

ebbing - the action of flowing back or retiring

Turque - turk (obs.);                            Turk - a native or inhabitant of Turkey.

ksantos (gr) - yellow

diddest - rare f. didst, 2nd sing. pa. tense of do (v.)

fuite - flight;                                pfui - An exclamation of contempt or disgust. 

Midland - the middle part of a country. Also pl. esp. applied to the middle counties of England.

reside - to dwell permanently or for a considerable time, to have one's settled or usual abode, to live, in or at a particular place.

obeisant - showing respect or deference, humbly or servilely obedient, obsequious.

Burke - a colloquial designation of 'A General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the United Kingdom', the first edition of which, issued in 1826, was compiled by John Burke (1787-1848).

mobility - the mob, the lower classes

Aylesbury - the name of a town and vale in Buckinghamshire, used attrib. or absol. to designate a breed of white domestic ducks.

red brick - Used attrib. or quasi-adj. to denote a British university founded in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century in a large industrial city, with buildings of red-brick, as distinct from the older universities (esp. Oxford, Cambridge, the ancient universities of Scotland, and some of the London colleges) built predominantly in stone.

hellishly - in a hellish manner; infernally, devilishly; execrably; Sometimes merely intensive.

good value - entertaining, worth keeping company with, worth seeing, etc.

roster - a list or table exhibiting the names of a set of persons, esp. as taking turns of duty with each other.

nab - to snatch or seize (a thing)

bosky - consisting of or covered with bushes or underwood; full of thickets, bushy                                                                best

timber tree - a tree yielding timber or wood fit for building or construction

oncall* - to call upon, invoke                                                                                                                                            uncle’s


hypsometer - an instrument for measuring altitudes, consisting essentially of a delicate thermometer, by which the boiling point of water is observed at particular elevations.

larix - larch (a well-known coniferous tree, a native of the Alps, which is largely cultivated in this country. Its timber is tough and durable. It yields Venetian turpentine, and the bark is used in tanning).

wych elm - the mountain ash Pyrus aucuparia; Ulmus montana (of which bows were made).

pillar post* - pillar box;                                     postern - a back door, a private door.

lovesick - languishing for or with love

affiance* - to promise (anything) solemnly, to pledge; esp. To promise solemnly in marriage;                    affix - to fix, fasten, or make firm (a thing to, on, upon another).

railings - a fence or barrier made of rails, or in some other fashion

swing - a noose for hanging, halter (obs.)

hammock - a hanging bed, consisting of a large piece of canvas, netting, etc. suspended by cords at both ends.

taught = taut - tightly drawn, as by longitudinal tension; stiff, tense

prismic - of or pertaining to the optical prism; formed, effected, separated, or distributed by or as by a transparent prism; hence, of varied colours, bright-coloured, brilliant; Also fig.

boite (fr) - box 

binocular - performed by or adapted to both eyes

embrasure* - to furnish with embrasures (a slanting or bevelling in the sides of an opening to a wall for a window or door, so that the inside profile of the window is larger than that of the outside).

rare - splendid, excellent, fine

autokinesy* - self-movement, spontaneous motion;                        auto - Colloq. abbrev. of automobile.

chubby - round-faced; plump and well-rounded

chuff - a cheek swollen or puffed with fat; the buttocks or backside; the anus

chauffeur* - a professional or paid driver of a private motor vehicle

uns - obs. Sc. form of ounce                                                                                                                                                  us

gourmand - one who is over-fond of eating, one who eats greedily or to excess, a glutton; one who is fond of delicate fare; a judge of good eating. 

Percy - the masculine Christian name used, freq. with connotations of weakness or effeminacy, as a representative name for a conscientious objector.

pup - a young dog, a whelp

denounce - to proclaim, announce, declare; to publish, promulgate

misnomer* - a mistake in naming a person or place, a wrong name or designation

Siamese twins* - any pair of twins physically united by their tissues

tattle - to utter small talk; to talk idly or lightly; to chatter, babble, prate

shortbread* - an article of food, in the form of flat (usually round) cakes, the essential ingredients of which are flour, butter, sugar, mixed in such proportions as to make the cake 'short' when baked.

marchpane - dainty, superfine; a kind of confectionery composed of a paste of pounded  almonds, sugar, etc., made up into small cakes or moulded into ornamental forms. 

switch - a long bunch or coil of hair, esp. of false hair worn by women to supplement the  natural growth of hair.

sundae - a confection of ice-cream topped or mixed with crushed fruit, nuts, syrup, whipped cream, etc.

cochineal - the colour of cochineal-dye, scarlet

hose - an article of clothing for the leg; breeches, drawers

caramel - the colour of caramel brown; a kind of 'candy' or sweet

briskly - with brisk motion or action; smartly, quickly; smartly, in reference to dress (obs.)