to wit* - that is, namely

bedazzled* - dazzled so as to be confused

bepuzzled* - utterly puzzled

tristy - sad, sorrowful; trustworthy, faithful

shelling - the firing of shells, bombardment with shells                                                                                                     shilling

cockshy - a thing to throw at; an object of attack

peso - the name of a coin, either of gold (peso de oro) or silver (peso de plata), formerly current in Spain and its colonies; now, of a standard silver coin.

armada - a fleet of ships of war; an armament generally

wide open* - open to the full extent

winsome* - pleasing or attractive in appearance, handsome, comely

kerl = carl - a man of the common people; fellow                                                                                                                 girl

coton - obs. form of cotton

breech* - a garment covering the loins and thighs: at first perh. only a 'breech-cloth'; later reaching to the knees; Now always in pl. breeches, or a pair of breeches (perh. not so used before 15th c.). Breeches are distinguished from trousers by coming only just below the knee, but dialectally (and humorously) breeches includes trousers.

stud - obs. pa. tense of stand

their* - there (obs.)

heavily* - with sorrow, grief, displeasure, or anger; grievously (obs.)

churchman - a man of the church; an ecclesiastic; a clergyman

tonsor - a barber                                                                                                                                                             tonsure

almander* - an almond tree

hagiography* - the writing of the lives of saints; saints' lives as a branch of literature or legend.

Deuteronomy* - the name or title of the fifth book of the Pentateuch, which contains a repetition, with parenetic comments, of the Decalogue, and most of the laws contained in Exodus xxi-xxiii, and xxxiv.

inwreathe - to wreathe, intertwine with; to encircle as a wreath does

narcissus* - a bulbous plant, flowering in spring and bearing a heavily scented single white flower with an undivided corona edged with crimson and yellow;                                    cissy = sissy - an effeminate person; a coward.

eely - resembling an eel in movement; wriggling, writhing

oily - bland, soothing, insinuating, fawning, 'unctuous'; 'slippery'

priested* - ordained to the priesthood; blessed by a priest;                        priestess - a female priest.

tractive - having the property of drawing or pulling; attractive, enticing (obs.)

dem - damned; demonstration                                                                                                                                             them

game cock* - a cock bred and trained for fighting


weanling - a young child or animal newly weaned

host - a great company; a multitude; a large number

spritty - a spritsail barge                                                                                                                                                     spirits

peahen - a female peafowl, the female of the peacock

Eucharistic* - of the nature of, or resembling, the Eucharist (the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, the Communion; Thanksgiving).

congression* - the action of coming together or meeting                                                                                     congratulations

purringly - in a purring manner; while purring

litany - Eccl. An appointed form of public prayer, usually of a penitential character, consisting of a series of supplications, deprecations, or intercessions in which the clergy lead and the people respond, the same formula of response being repeated for several successive clauses.

Dulcinea* - the name given by Don Quixote to his mistress in Cervantes' romance; hence, A mistress, sweetheart, lady of one's devotion.

imply - to express indirectly; to insinuate, hint at; Of a word of name: To involve by signification or import, to signify.

perfume - a substance, which emits, or is capable of emitting an agreeable odour.


tease him

yashmak* - the double veil concealing the part of the face below the eyes, worn by Muslim women in public.

fairhaired* - having fair or light-coloured hair

fairhead* - beauty

vouchsafe* - to give, grant, or bestow in a gracious or condescending manner

durst - p. of dare

kisser* - one who kisses; the giver of a kiss


injurious* - wrongful; hurtful to the rights of another; wilfully inflicting injury or wrong

embetter* - to make better

rer - obs. form of rear (v.)


impure - Of a language, style, etc.: Containing foreign idioms or grammatical blemishes.

liber (l) - book

gurgle - the action or an act of gurgling; the noise made by liquid escaping intermittently from a vessel, of a stream flowing over a stony bed, etc.

arrah - an expletive expressing emotion or excitement, common in Anglo-Irish speech.

bellows - to blow (with bellows);                          to bellows up - to gather up (wind).

tumtum - tummy (the stomach or intestine); an imitation of the sound of a stringed instrument or instruments, esp. when monotonously played.

argan - an evergreen tree (N.O. SapotaceŠ), found in Morocco                                                                                         organ

gust - keen relish, appreciation, or enjoyment, esp. as displayed in speech or action.

gushy - inclined to, or characterized by, 'gush'

goof - a mistake, esp. in an entertainment; a silly, stupid, or 'daft' person

girly - characteristic of or befitting a girl, girlish


Adelphi* - the name of a group of buildings in London between the Strand and the Thames, laid out by the four brothers, James, John, Robert, and William Adam and hence called Adelphi (Gr. brothers); the name of the theatre in the vicinity of these buildings, at which a certain type of melodrama was prevalent c 1882-1900, and so allusively.

chant - to sing, warble

chor - the choir or chancel of a church