too thick

telltale - one who tells tales; one who idly or maliciously discloses private or secret matters; Applied to a thing: That reveals or betrays something meant to be kept secret.

pitcher - a vulgar or colloq. pronunciation of picture

photo* - colloquial abbreviation of photograph

mouton - obs. form of mutton;                         muttonleg slieve - one very full and loose on the arm but close-fitting at the wrist. 

caper - a frolicsome leap, like that of a playful kid;              to cut a caper or capers - to dance in a frolicsome way, to act fantastically.

let on - to reveal, divulge, disclose, or betray a fact by word or look; to pretend

jest - colloq. and dial. var. just

japer - one who japes or jokes; esp. a professional jester

to have one's tail up and varr.* - to be in good spirits;                              to cock up - to swagger, strut.

angelina - a genus of Leguminosę, native chiefly to tropical America, comprising trees of moderate height, with showy purple flowers.

beau - the attendant or suitor of a lady, a lover, sweetheart

dower - the money or property which the wife brings to the husband;                   strip - a narrow piece (primarily of textile material, paper, or the like; hence gen.) of approximately uniform breadth. 

maun - must

ledging - a ledge, or ledges collectively;                       ledge - a narrow horizontal surface, formed by the top of some vertical structure, or by the top of some projection in the vertical face of a wall or the like. 

mow - to make mouths or grimaces                                                                                                                                    move

frenge = fringe                                                                                                                                                                 French

such and such* - such and such persons or things; also sing., this and this

so and so* - An indefinite phrase (= 'such a thing, person, number,' etc.) used in place of a more lengthy statement, or as a substitute for an expression or name not exactly remembered or not requiring to be explicitly stated; Used euphem. as a term of abuse for a person (occas. a thing). Also, with weakened force, as a term of affection.

guess - to purpose, aim, direct oneself to do something (obs.); to hit upon the answer to (a question), the solution of (a riddle, a parable).

for all one’s worth* - with great effort, using all one’s energy

seagoing* - going or travelling by sea

wily - crafty, cunning, sly, artful

geese* - pl. of goose                                                                                                                                                      guesses

goosling - obs. form of gosling (a young goose)

Playfair - The name of Lyon Playfair, 1st Lord Playfair (1818-98), British chemist and administrator, used attrib. and absol. to designate a cipher in which successive pairs of letters are replaced by pairs chosen in a prescribed manner from a matrix of 25 letters, usu. arranged  in accordance with a key-word.

note - to observe or mark carefully, to give heed or attention to, to notice closely.

ingle - fire; a fire burning upon the hearth; a house-fire                                                                                                    England  

faulter - obs. form of falter (to stumble in one's speech; to speak hesitatingly or incoherently; to stammer).

mitre - a sacerdotal head-dress

heron - the name of a large natural group of long-necked long-legged wading birds; Hence, heron plume.

ministrant* - one who ministers;                          minister - to serve or officiate in worship, to act as a minister of the Church. 

server - Eccl. An assistant at Mass who arranges the altar and makes the responses.

rex - a king

regnum (l) - kingdom

balderdash* - a senseless jumble of words; nonsense, spoken or written;            dash - a sudden vigorous attack or onset. Also fig. 

lubbert* = lubbard - lubber (a big, clumsy, stupid fellow; a clumsy seaman)                                                                     liberty

to strike a match* - to ignite a match by friction

pun - the use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more meanings or different associations.

percase* - by chance, as it chanced

gau - a territorial and administrative division of ancient Germany, including several villages or communities                               go

ping - an abrupt ringing sound, such as that made by a rifle bullet in flying through the air, by a mosquito, the ringing of an electric bell, etc.

pong - the sound of a ringing blow; a bang

to sling one’s hook* - to go away

hurricane* - a name given primarily to the violent wind-storms of the West Indies

hot foot* - prompt or rapid action or movement; a quick escape

zingo = zing - (int.) representing the sudden advent of a new situation or emotion

segur - obs. form of saggar (a protecting case of baked fire-proof clay in which the finer ceramic wares are enclosed while baking in the kiln (prob. a contraction of safeguard)).

hoot - the smallest amount or particle; a whit or atom. Chiefly with negative and in phrases to give (care, matter) two hoots (a hoot).

sukiyaki* - a Japanese dish, consisting of very thin slices of beef fried with vegetables in sugar and soy sauce, and often served with rice.

spinach;                                     Spanish.