cokery - a coke-furnace;                          cokes - a silly fellow, fool, ninny.

spurt - a brief and unsustained effort; a sudden outbreak or spell of activity or exertion.

coal - a piece of burnt wood, etc., that still retains sufficient carbon to be capable of further combustion without flame; a charred remnant; a cinder.

tarpitch = tar - a thick, viscid, black or dark-coloured, inflammable liquid, obtained by the destructive distillation of wood.

dilute - to dissolve or make liquid by the addition of water; to weaken, take away the strength  or force of.

chromite* - a compound of sesquioxide of chromium (Cr2O3) with the protoxide of another metal.

mauve* - a bright but delicate purple dye obtained from coal-tar aniline; the colour of this dye.

blank - Of the face or look: Void of expression, expressing no attention, interest, or emotion; vacant. 

carbo - Combining form of carbon (n.), used before consonants, in names of carbon compounds.

inflammable* - an inflammable substance. (Chiefly in pl.) 


comburent* - burning (obs.); causing combustion: applied by Lavoisier, and others after him, to that element, esp. oxygen, which, in chemical combination, was supposed to cause the combustion of another body.


Mag - playful shortening of the female name Margaret

gang - to walk, go. (Chiefly lit.)

prees* = priest;                                    pieces.

dinny - resounding with or filled with din (a loud noise)

canty - cheerful, lively, gladsome; esp. in Sc. manifesting gladness and cheerfulness; in north of England rather = lively, brisk, active.

lost - perdition, ruin, destruction

deal - to distribute or bestow among a number of recipients; esp. to distribute in the form of  gifts or alms.

culmination - the attainment by a heavenly body of its greatest altitude; fig. The attainment of the highest point, or state of being at the height.

unto - upon (and in contact with); on, against

fructification - the action or process of fructifying or producing fruit (now rare exc. Bot.); Also fecundation, fertilization (? obs.).

interfere - Of things, actions, etc.: To come into collision or opposition, so as to affect the course of.

intermitting - that intermits or ceases for a time, coming at intervals

Hertzian waves* - radio waves

zip - a form of fastener for clothes, luggage, etc., consisting of two flexible strips with interlocking projections closed or opened by a sliding clip pulled along them.

handbag - a lady's bag for accessories

astart - to start off, get away, escape



scorched - burnt and discoloured by heat, touched by fire; having an appearance as if shrivelled by heat (obs.)

twill - to weave so as to produce diagonal ridges on the surface of the cloth

twine - thread or string composed of two or more yarns or strands twisted together; now spec. string or strong thread, made of hemp, cotton, or other fibre, used for sewing coarse materials.

flame - the colour of flame, flame-red

laity* - the body of the people not in orders as opposed to the clergy; unprofessional people, as opposed to those who follow some learned profession, to artists, etc.

tot - a person of disordered brain, a simpleton, a fool; a very small or tiny child.

leste - a hot, dry, easterly wind occasionally encountered in Madeira and the Canary Islands at any season except in summer. Essentially it is an extension of the harmattan that blows across the Sahara and is accordingly hot and dry; lestage; least.

claribel flute* - an organ stop of similar construction to the clarabella (an organ-stop of a powerful fluty tone, invented by Bishop;
clarus (l) - clear;                     bellus (l) - beautiful)                                                                                                        terrible

posted - carried by or sent through the post, placed in a post-office letter-box for dispatch; pasted or fixed up in a prominent place, as a public notice.

penned - written (with a pen), set down in writing

here is

change - the balance that remains over and is returned when anything is paid for by a piece of money greater than its price.

thank you


good afternoon

madden - to become mad

to mind one's step - to be careful about one's actions, to tread warily

ashore - on shore, on the land;                            asthore - my treasure; (my) darling. 

complease - to be complaisant to, to gratify; also refl. to delight in                                                                             completely

redress - to dress again; to correct, amend, reform or do away with (a bad or faulty state of things, now esp. an abuse), to remedy or remove (trouble or distress of any kind).

to end one's days* - to die

languish - the action or state of languishing; a tender look or glance                                                                               language

mes - proper distance or range for shooting                                                                                                                           me

boo - to low as a cow; to assail with cries of 'boo!' as an expression of dissatisfaction or disapproval.

moiety - a half; Jocularly: One's 'better half', i.e. a wife (rarely, a husband)

lowd - obs. form of loud                                                                                                                                                    lewd

unconditionally* - without conditions

lade - load, burden                                                                                                                                                               lad

can - to stop, leave off (something); to 'cut out' (slang)

sobstuff - speech or writing which makes a sentimental appeal to the emotions.

whinge* - to whine; esp. to complain peevishly

mavrone - anglicized form of Irish mo bhrón my grief (f. brón), used as an exclamation of sorrow.

puppet* - a term of endearment for a pretty child, girl, or young woman; darling, pet.

vincible - that may be overcome or vanquished in battle or conflict, or in some contest; susceptible of defeat or overthrow.

to have a run for one's money* - to have some kind of return or satisfaction for one's expenditure or exertions (orig. racing slang).

dash and dot* - two signals which in various combinations make up the letters of the Morse alphabet.

cocker - a contentious, quarrelsome man; a wrangler (obs.)

old crow* - a derogatory name for a girl or woman, esp. one who is old or ugly

bran new = brand new - quite new, perfectly new

outstrip - to pass in running or any kind of swift motion; to outrun, leave behind in a race.

on the wind - Said in reference to a means of conveyance

waft - a current or rush of air, a breath of wind; an act of wafting or carrying off as the wind does.

coastguard - a force employed to guard the coast

whoop - an act of whooping; a cry of 'whoop!', or a shout or call resembling this; spec. as used in hunting, esp. at the death of the game, or by N. American Indians, etc. as a signal or war-cry; occas. the hoot of an owl.

hop, step and jump (leap) - the action of making these three movements in succession; an athletic exercise in which the players try who can cover most ground with this sequence of movements.

appreciable - capable of being recognized by the senses, perceptible, sensible

glaciation* - the condition of being covered by an ice-sheet or by glaciers;                 gladiator - among the ancient Romans, one who fought with a sword or other weapon at public shows; usually a slave or captive trained for the purpose.

submerge* - to cause to sink or plunge into water; to place under water

Atlantis* - legendary island in the Atlantic Ocean, lying west of the Straits of Gibraltar.

trembly - tremulous

spark gap - device in internal-combustion motors

(it's) a bit off* - Of social behaviour: unacceptable; ill-mannered

disguised* - dressed in a strange or assumed garb, or having the appearance otherwise changed, for the sake of concealing identity; concealed or hidden so as not to appear.

got up* - to dress (the person, hair, etc.) in a certain way

orlop - Originally, the single floor or deck with which the hold of a ship was covered in, which, by the successive addition of one, two, or three complete decks above, became the lowest deck of a ship of the line; sometimes applied to the lowest deck of a steamer or ship  with three or more decks.

made - 'made in a certain manner, having a certain quality or kind of make'

a storm in a teacup* - a great commotion in a small community or about a trifling matter.

hiccup - an involuntary spasm of the respiratory organs, consisting in a quick inspiratory movement of the diaphragm checked suddenly by closure of the glottis, and accompanied by a characteristic sound. 

vessel - a craft or ship of any kind, now usually one larger than a rowing-boat and often restricted to sea-going craft or those plying upon the larger rivers or lakes;                    the weaker vessel - said of the wife as compared with the husband; hence occas. used jocularly for 'the wife' or female partner. 

knee - Shipbuilding and Naut. A piece of timber naturally bent, used to secure parts of a ship together, esp. one with an angular bend used to connect the beams and the timbers.

pigtail - 'characteristic of the period when pigtails were worn', old-fashioned, pedantic, absurdly formal, as pigtail drill, period, professor, tory.