spectroscope* - an instrument specially designed for the production and examination of spectra.

off colour - not up to the mark, defective, deficient, out of order; also, not in good health.

the very spit of - the exact image, likeness, or counterpart of (a person, etc.) 

cheek by jowl* - side by side; in the closest intimacy

besides* - in addition, over and above, as well

jowly - having large or prominent jowls                                                                                                                               jolly

babby = baby

provincial* - Eccl. The ecclesiastical head of a province; in pl. auxiliary troops raised in a province; formerly applied to the native Irish.

expel* - to eject, dislodge by force from a position; to banish from, compel to quit, a place or country.

narodni (r) - of people

domum (l) - house

creature comforts* - the things that make one comfortable (good food and clothing).

omelette (aux) fines herbes* - a savoury omelette flavoured with herbs

ark - a chest, box, coffer, close basket, or similar receptacle

finis - the Latin word for 'end', formerly, and still occasionally, placed at the end of a book, finish, end.

orbis (l) - circle


mustered - gathered together, collected; assembled

never mind* - don't let it trouble you, it does not matter




schorte* = shirt; scorn                                                                                                                                                  shortest

to black out - to suffer a 'black-out' (temporary complete loss of consciousness); suppression of information or news.


soror (l) - sister

sexton - a church officer having the care of the fabric of a church and its contents, and the duties of ringing the bells and digging graves.

accost* - to go close to, to approach, for any purpose; to make up to and speak to, to address.

comme il faut* - 'as it should be', proper(ly); according to etiquette; correct(ly) in deportment or behaviour.

wagoner - the driver of a vehicle


mudheaded* - stupid                                                                                                                                                 mud heeled

wheeze* - to breathe hard with a whistling sound from dryness or obstruction in the throat;
donk - colloq. abbrev. of donkey                                                                                                                                    wisdom

trist - a station assigned; appointed place, rendezvous

to cast one’s bread upon the waters* - to take a chance esp. to do good without immediately expecting anything in return.

sanctuary - a holy place                                                                                                                                                centuries

produce - Geom. To extend (a line) in length; to continue; hence gen. to lengthen (anything) out.

demi - half

goo - a viscid or sticky substance. Also fig., sickly sentiment, gush

foil - to frustrate, disappoint (hopes, etc.); to baffle, frustrate the efforts of (a person)                                                           feel

fluter - one who plays on the flute; one who makes flutings or grooves

G.S. - general service


sonorous - Of sounds: Having a loud, deep, or resonant character; Of language, diction, etc.: Having a full, rich sound; strong and harmonious.

to bring up on the bottle* - said of an infant reared by means of a feeding-bottle instead of at its mother's breast.

recourse - resort or application to some person or thing for assistance, help, or safety.

coronation* - the action of crowning, the ceremony of investing a sovereign; crowning of a work, completion;
coronach* - a funeral song or lamentation in the Highlands of Scotland and in Ireland.


Toledo* - short for Toledo blade or sword: A sword or sword-blade made at Toledo, or of the kind made there.

trene - a song of lamentation

arty - artillery; a jocular epithet for furniture, decoration, etc., of artistic pretensions; also applied to persons who wish to be regarded as artistic in taste, dress, etc.

reminiscence* - the act, process, or fact, of remembering or recollecting

band-stand - a platform or other structure for the use of a band of musicians

largesse - liberal or bountiful bestowal of gifts; lavish expenditure; freedom, liberty

to leave off* - to cease from, discontinue (an action), abandon (a habit);                        off - the condition or fact of being of.

sator (l) - parent

nutritious* - serving as nourishment; capable of supplying nutriment

histrionic - of or belonging to stage-players, or to play-acting; theatrical; dramatic.

genitrix* - a female parent, a mother

avus (l) - grandfather

avia (l) - grandmother

descendant - descending or originating from an ancestor

velocipede* - a travelling-machine having wheels turned by the pressure of the feet upon pedals; esp. an early form of the bicycle or tricycle.

avuncular* - of, belonging to, or resembling, an uncle

nurus (l) - daughter-in-law

noverca (l) - stepmother

nepotist - one given to nepotism (the practice, on the part of the Popes or other ecclesiastics (and hence of other persons), of showing special favour to nephews or other relatives in conferring offices; unfair preferment of nephews or relatives to other qualified persons).

circum - - around, about, on all sides;                        pict - to paint; to depict, represent.

sobrina (l) - female cousin;                                sobrinus (l) - male cousin.

census - an official enumeration of the population of a country or district, with various statistics relating to them. 

patrius (l) - parent

glos - a pretence, false show, specious appearance; also, a disguise. Now rare.

socer (l) - father-in-law

transparent - easily seen through, recognized, understood, or detected

vitricus (l) - stepfather

patruus (l) - uncle

levir - a brother-in-law

prosperous* - having continued success or good fortune; consistently successful; flourishing.


baroque - grotesque or whimsical ornamentation;                                  barque - a small ship.

oil paint - paint made by mixing a pigment with oil

pomme* - a potato