spectroscope* -an instrument specially designed for the production and examination of spectra.

off colour - not up to the mark, defective, deficient, out of order; also, not in good health.

spit -the fluid secreted by the glands of the mouth, esp. when ejected;        to beat (etc.) with the spit - to treat with unexpected harshness (following upon kindly usage or hospitality).

cheek by jowl* - side by side; in the closest intimacy.

besides - in addition, over and above, as well.

jowly - having large or prominent jowls.                                                                         jolly

babby = baby

provincial* - Eccl. The ecclesiastical head of a province; in pl. auxiliary troops raised in a province; formerly applied to the native Irish.

expel* - to eject, dislodge by force from a position; to banish from, compel to quit, a place or country.

narodni (r) - of people

domum (l) - house

creature comforts* - the things that make one comfortable (good food and clothing).

omelette (aux) fines herbes* - a savoury omelette flavoured with herbs.

ark - a chest, box, coffer, close basket, or similar receptacle.

finis - the Latin word for 'end', formerly, and still occasionally, placed at the end of a book, finish, end.

orbis (l) - circle


mustered - gathered together, collected; assembled.

never mind* - don't let it trouble you, it does not matter.




schorte* = shirt; scorn                                                                                              shortest

to black out - to suffer a 'black-out' (temporary complete loss of consciousness); suppression of information or news.


soror (l) - sister

sexton - a church officer having the care of the fabric of a church and its contents, and the duties of ringing the bells and digging graves.

accost* - to go close to, to approach, for any purpose; to make up to and speak to, to address.

comme il faut* - 'as it should be', proper(ly); according to etiquette; correct(ly) in deportment  or behaviour.

wagoner - the driver of a vehicle.


mudheaded* - stupid                                                                                           mud heeled

wheeze* - to breathe hard with a whistling sound from dryness or obstruction in the throat;
donk - colloq. abbrev. of donkey.

trist - a station assigned; appointed place, rendezvous.

to cast one’s bread upon the waters* - to take a chance esp. to do good without immediately expecting anything in return.

sanctuary - a holy place.                                                                                              century

produce - Geom. To extend (a line) in length; to continue; hence gen. to lengthen (anything) out.

demi - half

goo - a viscid or sticky substance. Also fig., sickly sentiment, gush.

foil - to frustrate, disappoint (hopes, etc.); to baffle, frustrate the efforts of (a person).       feel

fluter - one who plays on the flute; one who makes flutings or grooves.

G.S. - general service


sonorous - Of sounds: Having a loud, deep, or resonant character; Of language, diction, etc.: Having a full, rich sound; strong and harmonious.

to bring up on the bottle* - said of an infant reared by means of a feeding-bottle instead of at its mother's breast.

recourse - resort or application to some person or thing for assistance, help, or safety.

coronation* - the action of crowning, the ceremony of investing a sovereign; crowning of a work, completion;         coronach* - a funeral song or lamentation in the Highlands of Scotland and in Ireland.


Toledo* - short for Toledo blade or sword: A sword or sword-blade made at Toledo, or of the kind made there.

trene - a song of lamentation.

arty - artillery; a jocular epithet for furniture, decoration, etc., of artistic pretensions; also applied to persons who wish to be regarded as artistic in taste, dress, etc.

reminiscence* - the act, process, or fact, of remembering or recollecting.

band-stand* - a platform or other structure for the use of a band of musicians.

largesse - liberal or bountiful bestowal of gifts; lavish expenditure; freedom, liberty.

to leave off* - to cease from, discontinue (an action), abandon (a habit);        off - the condition or fact of being of.

sator (l) - parent

nutritious* - serving as nourishment; capable of supplying nutriment.

histrionic - of or belonging to stage-players, or to play-acting; theatrical; dramatic.

genitrix* - a female parent, a mother. 

avus (l) - grandfather

avia (l) - grandmother

descendant - descending or originating from an ancestor

velocipede* - a travelling-machine having wheels turned by the pressure of the feet upon pedals; esp. an early form of the bicycle or tricycle.

avuncular* - of, belonging to, or resembling, an uncle.

nurus (l) - daughter-in-law

noverca (l) - stepmother

nepotist - one given to nepotism (the practice, on the part of the Popes or other ecclesiastics (and hence of other persons), of showing special favour to nephews or other relatives in conferring offices; unfair preferment of nephews or relatives to other qualified persons).

circum - - around, about, on all sides

sobrina (l) - female cousin;    sobrinus (l) - male cousin.

census - an official enumeration of the population of a country or district, with various statistics relating to them. 

patrius (l) - parent

glos - a pretence, false show, specious appearance; also, a disguise. Now rare.

socer (l) - father-in-law

transparent - frank, open, candid, ingenuous.

vitricus (l) - stepfather

patruus (l) - uncle

levir - a brother-in-law

prosperous* - having continued success or good fortune; consistently successful; flourishing.


baroque - grotesque or whimsical ornamentation;          barque - a small ship.

oil paint - paint made by mixing a pigment with oil.

pomme* - a potato


hovel - a shed used as a human habitation; a rude or miserable dwelling-place.

havel - a term of reproach applied to a man; ? low fellow.

rattle - lively talk or chatter of a trivial kind                                                                 riddle

gin - if, whether.

paddy - the proprietary name of an Irish whiskey; a drink of this. Also (sometimes with lower-case initial) Irish whiskey generally.

gussie - a pig, swine; an effeminate man.

give it up

tumtum - an imitation of the sound of a stringed instrument or instruments, esp. when monotonously played; strumming; a monotonous air.  

whereof - for, by reason of, because of, or on account of which.

port - the manner in which one bears oneself, external deportment, carriage, bearing, mien.

verdigrisy* - of the colour of verdigris (a green or greenish blue substance).

convict - proved or found guilty, condemned; convinced of sin, converted.

daze - a dazed condition                                                                                                 daisy

cloister* - to shut up, enclose, or place in a cloister or monastic house; to shut up in any seclusion or retirement.

adorement* - the act of adoring, adoration. 

shede = sheath                                                                                                                 shade

to say a mouthful* - to make a striking or important statement; to say something noteworthy.

ecstasy - an exalted state of feeling which engrosses the mind to the exclusion of thought.

Shina - the Indo-Aryan language spoken by the Shin.

Timor - the name of an Indonesian island off the north-west coast of Australia.

hereupon* - immediately following upon this (in time or consequence).

maladventure - a lawless proceeding, an escapade; an unlucky undertaking, a misadventure.

pinging - the process of making an abrupt ringing sound or 'ping'; the sound itself.

google = goggle - Of persons: To turn the eyes to one side or other, to look obliquely.

regally - in a regal manner.

plumed - furnished with a plume or plumes, feathered.

gumboil - an inflammatory swelling or small abscess on the gum (the firm fleshy integument of the jaws and bases of the teeth).

writhy - moving sinuously, writhing.

wretch - to render miserable                                                                                             with

plud - a pool, puddle

wholly - completely, entirely, to the full extent (so that there is no deficiency); altogether, totally, thoroughly, quite.

blooded - stained with blood (obs.) 

convulse - to become convulsed; esp. to be affected with convulsion;        disclose - to uncover (anything covered up from view).

fixture - anything fixed or securely fastened in position                                              feature

fizz - a hissing sound; an effervescing drink, esp. champagne;             phiz - face.

chewer - one that chews; spec. that habitually chews tobacco.

chump - a short thick lump of wood chopped or sawn off from timber; Jocosely applied to the head.

Joshua - Old Testament leader of the Israelites 

Croesus - the Latin form of the name of a king of Lydia in the sixth century b.c., who was  famous for his riches.

son of a gun* - a somewhat depreciatory term for 'man, fellow'.

roseac* - rose-like, rosy.


lustre - luminosity, brilliancy, bright light; luminous splendour.

puck - to hit or strike; to butt.

Pegasus* - the winged horse fabled to have sprung from the blood of Medusa when slain by Perseus, and with a stroke of his hoof to have caused the fountain Hippocrene to well forth on Mount Helicon. Hence, by modern writers, represented as the favourite steed of the Muses, and said allusively to bear poets in the 'flights' of poetic genius.

hell's bells!* - an expression of anger or annoyance.


by Jove - Colloquially used asseveration;         Jove (Jupiter) - Roman god, who was identical with the Zeus, in ancient Greek religion chief deity of the pantheon.

Cronus* - king of theTitans, upon learning that one of his children was fated to dethrone him, swallowed his children as soon as they were born. But Rhea, his wife, saved the infant Zeus by  substituting a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes for Cronus to swallow and hiding Zeus
in a cave on Crete...

bate - to lessen in force or intensity; to mitigate, moderate, assuage, diminish.

breastplate - a piece of armour for protecting the breast; also, any plate worn on the breast.

birthplace* - the place where a person (or fig. a thing) is born.

rehave - to regain, to get again.

contrite - crushed or broken in spirit by a sense of sin, and so brought to complete penitence.

attrition - Theol. An imperfect sorrow for sin, as if a bruising which does not amount to utter crushing (contrition); horror of sin through fear of punishment, without any loving sense, or  taste of God's mercy, while contrition has its motive in the love of God.

mid - Indicating the means or instrument.

exorcism* - the action of exorcizing or expelling an evil spirit by adjuration or the performance of certain rites.

richt - obs. or Sc. form of right  

resume - to take back to oneself (something previously given or granted).

threw* - pa. tense of throw

fit - Sc. and dial. var. of foot

aer - obs. form of ear

snivel - to emit mucus from the nose; also, to draw up mucus audibly.

to blow the gaff* - to let out a secret; to reveal a plot, or give convicting evidence;
guff - a puff, whiff; empty talk, nonsense.

hornpipe* - an obsolete wind instrument. 

hop joint* - slang, an opium den (a public room, of low or mean character, kept as a resort of opium-smokers).

jerk - an involuntary spasmodic contraction of a muscle, due to reflex action of nerves, as from external stimulus.

ladle - a large spoon with a long handle and cup-shaped bowl, used chiefly for lading liquids.

broom - an implement for sweeping.

jig - fidgety movement

locofoco - (an invented word; it is not known what suggested the formation. It has been conjectured that loco was taken from locomotive, wrongly imagined to mean 'self-moving'; foco may be a jingling alteration of It. fuoco or Sp. fuego fire) a self-igniting cigar or match.

redhot - heated to redness. Of persons: Highly inflamed or excited, fiery.

turnspit* - a boy or man whose office was to turn the spit. Also used as a term of contempt.

knot - a swelling or protuberance in a muscle, nerve, gland, etc.; something intricate, involved, or difficult to trace out or explain.

entrails - the bowels, the intestines; the inward parts regarded as the seat of the emotions, thoughts, etc.; = 'heart', 'soul'.

grippe - influenza

gripe - the 'clutch' or 'pinch' of something painful. Formerly often in pl.; an intermittent spasmodic pain in the bowels. Usually pl., colic pains.

to bite one’s head off - to speak or reply to (a person) in a curt, sharp, or angry manner.


cokery - a coke-furnace;          cokes - a silly fellow, fool, ninny

spurt - a brief and unsustained effort; a sudden outbreak or spell of activity or exertion.

coal - a piece of burnt wood, etc., that still retains sufficient carbon to be capable of further combustion without flame; a charred remnant; a cinder.

tarpitch = tar - a thick, viscid, black or dark-coloured, inflammable liquid, obtained by the destructive distillation of wood.

dilute - to dissolve or make liquid by the addition of water; to weaken, take away the strength  or force of.

chromite* - a compound of sesquioxide of chromium (Cr2O3) with the protoxide of another metal.

mauve* - a bright but delicate purple dye obtained from coal-tar aniline; the colour of this dye.

blank - Of the face or look: Void of expression, expressing no attention, interest, or emotion; vacant. 

carbo - Combining form of carbon n., used before consonants, in names of carbon compounds.

inflammable* - an inflammable substance. (Chiefly in pl.) 


comburent* - burning (obs.); causing combustion: applied by Lavoisier, and others after him, to that element, esp. oxygen, which, in chemical combination, was supposed to cause the combustion of another body.


Mag - Playful shortening of the female name Margaret.

gang - to walk, go. (Chiefly lit.)

prees* = priest

dinny - resounding with or filled with din (a loud noise).

canty - cheerful, lively, gladsome; esp. in Sc. manifesting gladness and cheerfulness; in north of England rather = lively, brisk, active.

lost - perdition, ruin, destruction

deal - to distribute or bestow among a number of recipients; esp. to distribute in the form of  gifts or alms.

unto - upon (and in contact with); on, against.

fructification - the action or process of fructifying or producing fruit (now rare exc. Bot.). Also fecundation, fertilization (? obs.).

interfere - Of things, actions, etc.: To come into collision or opposition, so as to affect the course of.

intermitting - that intermits or ceases for a time, coming at intervals.

Hertzian waves* - radio waves

zip - a form of fastener for clothes, luggage, etc., consisting of two flexible strips with interlocking projections closed or opened by a sliding clip pulled along them.

handbag - a lady's bag for accessories.

astart - to start off, get away, escape.



scorched - burnt and discoloured by heat, touched by fire; having an appearance as if shrivelled by heat (obs.)

twill - to weave so as to produce diagonal ridges on the surface of the cloth.

twine - thread or string composed of two or more yarns or strands twisted together; now spec. string or strong thread, made of hemp, cotton, or other fibre, used for sewing coarse materials.

flame - the colour of flame, flame-red.

laity* - the body of the people not in orders as opposed to the clergy; unprofessional people, as opposed to those who follow some learned profession, to artists, etc.

tot - a person of disordered brain, a simpleton, a fool; a very small or tiny child.

leste - a hot, dry, easterly wind occasionally encountered in Madeira and the Canary Islands at any season except in summer. Essentially it is an extension of the harmattan that blows across the Sahara and is accordingly hot and dry; lestage; least.

claribel flute* - an organ stop of similar construction to the clarabella (an organ-stop of a powerful fluty tone, invented by Bishop; clarus (l) - clear; bellus (l) - beautiful).

posted - carried by or sent through the post, placed in a post-office letter-box for dispatch; pasted or fixed up in a prominent place, as a public notice.

penned - written (with a pen), set down in writing. 

here is

change - the balance that remains over and is returned when anything is paid for by a piece of money greater than its price.

thank you


good afternoon

madden - to become mad.

to mind one's step - to be careful about one's actions, to tread warily.

ashore - on shore, on the land;                 asthore - my treasure; (my) darling. 

complease - to be complaisant to, to gratify; also refl. to delight in                         completely

redress - to dress again; to correct, amend, reform or do away with (a bad or faulty state of things, now esp. an abuse), to remedy or remove (trouble or distress of any kind).

to end one's days* - to die.

languish - the action or state of languishing; a tender look or glance                            language

mes - proper distance or range for shooting                                                                         me

boo - to low as a cow; to assail with cries of 'boo!' as an expression of dissatisfaction or disapproval.

moiety - a half; Jocularly: One's 'better half', i.e. a wife (rarely, a husband).  

lowd - obs. form of loud.

unconditionally* - without conditions.

lade - load, burden                                                                                                          lad

can - to stop, leave off (something); to 'cut out' (slang).

sobstuff - speech or writing which makes a sentimental appeal to the emotions.

whinge* - to whine; esp. to complain peevishly. 

mavrone - Anglicized form of Irish mo bhrón my grief (f. brón), used as an exclamation of sorrow.

puppet* - a term of endearment for a pretty child, girl, or young woman; darling, pet.

vincible - that may be overcome or vanquished in battle or conflict, or in some contest; susceptible of defeat or overthrow.

to have a run for one's money* - to have some kind of return or satisfaction for one's expenditure or exertions (orig. racing slang).

dash and dot* - two signals which in various combinations make up the letters of the Morse alphabet.

cocker - a contentious, quarrelsome man; a wrangler (obs.); Used as a form of address to a person.

old crow* - a derogatory name for a girl or woman, esp. one who is old or ugly.

bran new = brand new - quite new, perfectly new.

outstrip - to pass in running or any kind of swift motion; to outrun, leave behind in a race.

on the wind - Said in reference to a means of conveyance.

waft - a current or rush of air, a breath of wind; an act of wafting or carrying off as the wind does.

coastguard - a force employed to guard the coast. 

whoop - an act of whooping; a cry of 'whoop!', or a shout or call resembling this; spec. as used in hunting, esp. at the death of the game, or by N. American Indians, etc. as a signal or war-cry; occas. the hoot of an owl.

hop, step and jump (leap) -the action of making these three movements in succession; an athletic exercise in which the players try who can cover most ground with this sequence of movements.

appreciable - capable of being recognized by the senses, perceptible, sensible.

glaciation* - the condition of being covered by an ice-sheet or by glaciers;       
gladiator - Among the ancient Romans, one who fought with a sword or other weapon at public shows; usually a slave or captive trained for the purpose.

submerge* - to cause to sink or plunge into water; to place under water.

Atlantis* - legendary island in the Atlantic Ocean, lying west of the Straits of Gibraltar.

trembly - tremulous

spark gap - device in internal-combustion motors.

(it's) a bit off* - Of social behaviour: unacceptable; ill-mannered. 

disguised* - dressed in a strange or assumed garb, or having the appearance otherwise changed, for the sake of concealing identity; concealed or hidden so as not to appear.

got up* - to dress (the person, hair, etc.) in a certain way.

orlop - Originally, the single floor or deck with which the hold of a ship was covered in, which, by the successive addition of one, two, or three complete decks above, became the lowest deck of a ship of the line; sometimes applied to the lowest deck of a steamer or ship  with three or more decks.

made - 'made in a certain manner, having a certain quality or kind of make'.

a storm in a teacup* - a great commotion in a small community or about a trifling matter.

hiccup - an involuntary spasm of the respiratory organs, consisting in a quick inspiratory movement of the diaphragm checked suddenly by closure of the glottis, and accompanied by a characteristic sound. 

vessel - a craft or ship of any kind, now usually one larger than a rowing-boat and often restricted to sea-going craft or those plying upon the larger rivers or lakes;
the weaker vessel - said of the wife as compared with the husband; hence occas. used jocularly for 'the wife' or female partner. 

pigtail - 'characteristic of the period when pigtails were worn', old-fashioned, pedantic, absurdly formal, as pigtail drill, period, professor, tory.


too thick

telltale - one who tells tales; one who idly or maliciously discloses private or secret matters; Applied to a thing: That reveals or betrays something meant to be kept secret.

pitcher - a vulgar or colloq. pronunciation of picture.

photo* - colloquial abbreviation of photograph.

mouton - obs. form of mutton;         muttonleg slieve - one very full and loose on the arm but close-fitting at the wrist. 

caper - (usually in pl.) The flower-buds of  a shrub (Capparis spinosa) in habit of growth like the common bramble, abundant on walls and rocky places in the South of Europe.

let on - to reveal, divulge, disclose, or betray a fact by word or look; to pretend. 

jest - colloq. and dial. var. just.

japer - one who japes or jokes; esp. a professional jester.

to have one's tail up and varr.* - to be in good spirits;          to cock up - to swagger, strut.

angelina - a genus of Leguminosĉ, native chiefly to tropical America, comprising trees of moderate height, with showy purple flowers.

beau - the attendant or suitor of a lady, a lover, sweetheart.

dower - the money or property which the wife brings to the husband;
strip - a narrow piece (primarily of textile material, paper, or the like; hence gen.) of approximately uniform breadth. 

maun - must

ledging - a ledge, or ledges collectively;       ledge - a narrow horizontal surface, formed by the top of some vertical structure, or by the top of some projection in the vertical face of a wall or the like. 

mow - to make mouths or grimaces.

frenge = fringe                                                                                                             French

such and such* - such and such persons or things; also sing., this and this.

so and so* - An indefinite phrase (= 'such a thing, person, number,' etc.) used in place of a more lengthy statement, or as a substitute for an expression or name not exactly remembered or not requiring to be explicitly stated; Used euphem. as a term of abuse for a person (occas. a thing). Also, with weakened force, as a term of affection.

guess - to purpose, aim, direct oneself to do something (obs.); to hit upon the answer to
(a question), the solution of (a riddle, a parable).

for all one’s worth* - with great effort, using all one’s energy.

seagoing* - going or travelling by sea.

wily - crafty, cunning, sly, artful.

geese* - pl. of goose                                                                                                      guesses

goosling - obs. form of gosling (a young goose).

Playfair - The name of Lyon Playfair, 1st Lord Playfair (1818_98), British chemist and administrator, used attrib. and absol. to designate a cipher in which successive pairs of letters are replaced by pairs chosen in a prescribed manner from a matrix of 25 letters, usu. arranged  in accordance with a key-word.

note - to observe or mark carefully, to give heed or attention to, to notice closely.

ingle - fire; a fire burning upon the hearth; a house-fire                                                England  

faulter - obs. form of falter (to stumble in one's speech; to speak hesitatingly or incoherently; to stammer)

mitre - a sacerdotal head-dress.

heron - the name of a large natural group of long-necked long-legged wading birds; Hence, heron plume.

ministrant* - one who ministers;          minister - to serve or officiate in worship, to act as a minister of the Church. 

server - Eccl. An assistant at Mass who arranges the altar and makes the responses.

rex - a king. 

regnum (l) - kingdom

balderdash* - a senseless jumble of words; nonsense, trash, spoken or written;
dash - a sudden vigorous attack or onset. Also fig. 

lubbert* = lubbard - lubber (a big, clumsy, stupid fellow; a clumsy seaman)                 liberty

to strike a match* - to ignite a match by friction

pun - the use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more meanings or different associations.

percase* - by chance, as it chanced

gau - a territorial and administrative division of ancient Germany, including several villages or communities                                                                                                                          go

ping - an abrupt ringing sound, such as that made by a rifle bullet in flying through the air, by a mosquito, the ringing of an electric bell, etc.

pong - the sound of a ringing blow; a bang.

to sling one’s hook* - to go away

hurricane* - a name given primarily to the violent wind-storms of the West Indies.

hot foot* - prompt or rapid action or movement; a quick escape.

zingo = zing - (int.) representing the sudden advent of a new situation or emotion.

segur - obs. form of saggar (a protecting case of baked fire-proof clay in which the finer ceramic wares are enclosed while baking in the kiln (prob. a contraction of safeguard)).

hoot - the smallest amount or particle; a whit or atom. Chiefly with negative and in phrases to give (care, matter) two hoots (a hoot).

sukiyaki* - a Japanese dish, consisting of very thin slices of beef fried with vegetables in sugar and soy sauce, and often served with rice.

spinach;         Spanish.


spirit fallen*

to wit* - that is, namely

bedazzled* - dazzled so as to be confused.

bepuzzled* - utterly puzzled.

tristy - sad, sorrowful; trustworthy, faithful.

shelling - the firing of shells, bombardment with shells.

cockshy - a thing to throw at; an object of attack.

peso - the name of a coin, either of gold (peso de oro) or silver (peso de plata), formerly current in Spain and its colonies; now, of a standard silver coin.

armada - a fleet of ships of war; an armament generally.

wide open* - open to the full extent

winsome* - pleasing or attractive in appearance, handsome, comely.

kerl = carl - a man of the common people; fellow                                                             girl

coton - obs. form of cotton.

breech* - a garment covering the loins and thighs: at first perh. only a 'breech-cloth'; later reaching to the knees; Now always in pl. breeches, or a pair of breeches (perh. not so used before 15th c.). Breeches are distinguished from trousers by coming only just below the knee, but dialectally (and humorously) breeches includes trousers.

stud - obs. pa. tense of stand

their* - there (obs.)

heavily* - with sorrow, grief, displeasure, or anger; grievously (obs.)

churchman - a man of the church; an ecclesiastic; a clergyman.

tonsor - a barber.

almander* - an almond tree.

hagiography* -the writing of the lives of saints; saints' lives as a branch of literature or legend.

Deuteronomy* - the name or title of the fifth book of the Pentateuch, which contains a repetition, with parenetic comments, of the Decalogue, and most of the laws contained in Exodus xxi-xxiii, and xxxiv.

inwreathe - to wreathe, intertwine with; to encircle as a wreath does.

narcissus* - a bulbous plant, flowering in spring and bearing a heavily scented single white flower with an undivided corona edged with crimson and yellow;
cissy = sissy - an effeminate person; a coward.

eely - resembling an eel in movement; wriggling, writhing.

oily - bland, soothing, insinuating, fawning, 'unctuous'; 'slippery'.

priested* - ordained to the priesthood; blessed by a priest.

tractive - having the property of drawing or pulling; attractive, enticing (obs.)

dem - damned; demonstration                                                                                         them

game cock* - a cock bred and trained for fighting.

weanling - a young child or animal newly weaned.

host - a great company; a multitude; a large number.

spritty - a spritsail barge.

peahen - a female peafowl, the female of the peacock.

Eucharistic* - of the nature of, or resembling, the Eucharist (the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, the Communion; Thanksgiving).

congression* - the action of coming together or meeting.

purringly - in a purring manner; while purring.

litany - Eccl. An appointed form of public prayer, usually of a penitential character, consisting of a series of supplications, deprecations, or intercessions in which the clergy lead and the people respond, the same formula of response being repeated for several successive clauses.

Dulcinea* - the name given by Don Quixote to his mistress in Cervantes' romance; hence, A mistress, sweetheart, lady of one's devotion.

imply - to express indirectly; to insinuate, hint at; Of a word of name: To involve by signification or import, to signify.

perfume - a substance, which emits, or is capable of emitting an agreeable odour.


tease him

yashmak* - the double veil concealing the part of the face below the eyes, worn by Muslim women in public.

fairhaired* - having fair or light-coloured hair. 

fairhead* - beauty.

vouchsafe* - to give, grant, or bestow in a gracious or condescending manner.

durst - p. of dare

kisser* - one who kisses; the giver of a kiss.


injurious* - wrongful; hurtful to the rights of another; wilfully inflicting injury or wrong.

embetter* = embetter - to make better.

rer - obs. form of rear (v.)


impure - Of a language, style, etc.: Containing foreign idioms or grammatical blemishes.

liber (l) - book

gurgle - the action or an act of gurgling; the noise made by liquid escaping intermittently from a vessel, of a stream flowing over a stony bed, etc.

arrah - an expletive expressing emotion or excitement, common in Anglo-Irish speech.

bellows - to blow (with bellows);      to bellows up - to gather up (wind).

tumtum - tummy (the stomach or intestine); an imitation of the sound of a stringed instrument or instruments, esp. when monotonously played.

argan - an evergreen tree (N.O. Sapotaceĉ), found in Morocco                                       organ

gust - keen relish, appreciation, or enjoyment, esp. as displayed in speech or action.

gushy - inclined to, or characterized by, 'gush'.

goof - a mistake, esp. in an entertainment; a silly, stupid, or 'daft' person.

girly - characteristic of or befitting a girl, girlish.


Adelphi* - the name of a group of buildings in London between the Strand and the Thames, laid out by the four brothers, James, John, Robert, and William Adam and hence called Adelphi   (Gr. brothers); the name of the theatre in the vicinity of these buildings, at which a certain type of melodrama was prevalent c 1882-1900, and so allusively.

chant - to sing, warble.

chor - the choir or chancel of a church


salut* - In French Roman Catholic churches: an evening service of Benediction (Fr., ellipt. for salut du Saint Sacrement, salutation (or benediction) of the Blessed Sacrament).

nabi* - Theol. One inspired to speak the word of God; a prophet, spec. a Hebrew prophet of the Old Testament.

prostrate* - to cast oneself down prostrate; to bow to the ground in reverence or submission.

combinedly - in a combined manner, in combination.

eving = eaves - the edge of the roof of a building, or of the thatch of a stack, which overhangs the side.

ablution - the washing of the body as a religious rite.



orison - a prayer

mosque* - a Muslim temple or place of worship.

ebbing - the action of flowing back or retiring

Turque - turk (obs.)

ksantos (gr) - yellow

diddest - rare f. didst, 2nd sing. pa. tense of do (v)

fuite - flight

Midland -the middle part of a country. Also pl. esp. applied to the middle counties of England.

reside - to dwell permanently or for a considerable time, to have one's settled or usual abode,  to live, in or at a particular place.

obeisant - showing respect or deference, humbly or servilely obedient, obsequious.

Burke - a colloquial designation of 'A General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the United Kingdom', the first edition of which, issued in 1826, was compiled by John Burke (1787-1848).

mobility - the mob, the lower classes.

Aylesbury - the name of a town and vale in Buckinghamshire, used attrib. or absol. to designate a breed of white domestic ducks.

red brick - Used attrib. or quasi-adj. to denote a British university founded in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century in a large industrial city, with buildings of red-brick, as distinct from the older universities (esp. Oxford, Cambridge, the ancient universities of Scotland, and some of the London colleges) built predominantly in stone.

hellishly - in a hellish manner; infernally, devilishly; execrably. Sometimes merely intensive.

good value - entertaining, worth keeping company with, worth seeing, etc.

roster - a list or table exhibiting the names of a set of persons, esp. as taking turns of duty with each other.

nab - to snatch or seize (a thing)

bosky - consisting of or covered with bushes or underwood; full of thickets, bushy.

timber tree - a tree yielding timber or wood fit for building or construction. 

oncall* - to call upon, invoke                                                                                        uncle’s


hypsometer - an instrument for measuring altitudes, consisting essentially of a delicate thermometer, by which the boiling point of water is observed at particular elevations.

larix - larch (a well-known coniferous tree, a native of the Alps, which is largely cultivated in this country. Its timber is tough and durable. It yields Venetian turpentine, and the bark is used in tanning).

wych elm - the mountain ash Pyrus aucuparia; Ulmus montana (of which bows were made).

pillar post* - pillar box;             postern - a back door, a private door.

lovesick - languishing for or with love.

affiance* - to promise (anything) solemnly, to pledge; esp. To promise solemnly in marriage.
affix - to fix, fasten, or make firm (a thing to, on, upon another).

railings - a fence or barrier made of rails, or in some other fashion.

swing - a noose for hanging, halter (obs.)

hammock - a hanging bed, consisting of a large piece of canvas, netting, etc. suspended by cords at both ends

taught = taut - tightly drawn, as by longitudinal tension; stiff, tense.

prismic - of or pertaining to the optical prism; formed, effected, separated, or distributed by or as by a transparent prism; hence, of varied colours, bright-coloured, brilliant. Also fig.

boite (fr) - box 

binocular - performed by or adapted to both eyes. 

embrasure* - to furnish with embrasures (a slanting or bevelling in the sides of an opening to a wall for a window or door, so that the inside profile of the window is larger than that of the outside).

rare - splendid, excellent, fine.  

autokinesy* - self-movement, spontaneous motion.

chubby - round-faced; plump and well-rounded.

chuff - a cheek swollen or puffed with fat; the buttocks or backside; the anus.

chauffeur* - a professional or paid driver of a private motor vehicle.

uns - obs. Sc. form of ounce                                                                                                  us

gourmand - one who is over-fond of eating, one who eats greedily or to excess, a glutton; one who is fond of delicate fare; a judge of good eating. 

Percy - the masculine Christian name used, freq. with connotations of weakness or effeminacy, as a representative name for a conscientious objector.

pup - a young dog, a whelp

denounce - to proclaim, announce, declare; to publish, promulgate.

misnomer* - a mistake in naming a person or place, a wrong name or designation.

Siamese twins* - any pair of twins physically united by their tissues.

tattle - to utter small talk; to talk idly or lightly; to chatter, babble, prate.

shortbread* - an article of food, in the form of flat (usually round) cakes, the essential ingredients of which are flour, butter, sugar, mixed in such proportions as to make the cake 'short' when baked.

marchpane - dainty, superfine; a kind of confectionery composed of a paste of pounded  almonds, sugar, etc., made up into small cakes or moulded into ornamental forms. 

switch - a long bunch or coil of hair, esp. of false hair worn by women to supplement the  natural growth of hair.

sundae - a confection of ice-cream topped or mixed with crushed fruit, nuts, syrup, whipped cream, etc.

cochineal - the colour of cochineal-dye, scarlet.

hose - an article of clothing for the leg; breeches, drawers.

caramel - the colour of caramel brown; a kind of 'candy' or sweet.

briskly - with brisk motion or action; smartly, quickly; smartly, in reference to dress (obs.) 


charmeuse - a soft smooth silk fabric, having a satin-like surface.




perfumed* - ipregnated with sweet odour, scented.

cigarette* - a small cigar made of a little finely-cut tobacco rolled up in thin paper.

lemonade - a drink made of lemon-juice and water, sweetened with sugar.

graciously - with kindness, friendliness, or gracious condescension.

chocolate - chocolate-coloured, dark brown.

page - a youth employed as the personal attendant of a person of rank. 

bugle - to sound a bugle; to make a sound like a bugle. 

coco - the white flesh of the coconut, which may be eaten raw or used grated or dried as an ingredient in cooking.

toddle - to walk or run with short unsteady steps, as a child just beginning to walk.

headiness - rashness, hastiness, precipitancy; unruliness, self-will, obstinacy              highness

lissome* - supple, limber; lithesome; lithe and agile.

fomor - in Irish legend, one of a race of pirates or giants, perhaps originally representing the gods of death and darkness                                                                                         father

hin - him (direct objective)

adin - to din; to deafen, stun with noise. 

billy - fellow, comrade, mate; brother.

coo - jackdaw; the sound uttered by doves and pigeons.

crispness - the state or quality of being crisp.

missal - a Roman Catholic book of prayers, esp. when illuminated.

hip - an exclamation used (usually repeated thrice) to introduce a united cheer.

black man - a funeral furnisher, an undertaker.

polk - to dance the polka. 

Jessie - a cowardly or effeminate man; a male homosexual.

to push (someone) around - to move or cause (someone) to be moved roughly from place to place.

Romulus* - the founder of Rome

pavan* - a grave and stately dance, in which the dancers were elaborately dressed    pavement

strident - making a harsh, grating or creaking noise; loud and harsh.

strut - a manner of walking with stiff steps and head erect, affecting dignity or superiority; a stiff, self-important gait.                                                                                               streets

meed - to reward, recompense. In bad sense, to bribe; to deserve, merit (nonce-use).

youdle = yodel - to sing or warble with interchange of the ordinary and falsetto voice, in the manner of Swiss and Tyrolese mountaineers. 

ooze - the act or fact of oozing; exudation, gentle flow.

strayed - that has gone astray

rigadoon - a lively and somewhat complicated dance for two persons, formerly in vogue.

ragtime - a musical rhythm characterized by a syncopated melodic line and regularly-accented accompaniment, evolved among American Negro musicians in the 1890s; hence, music (esp. for the banjo and piano) of this character, the immediate precursor of jazz.

revel - an occasion or course of merry-making or noisy festivity, with dancing, games, masking, acting, or other forms of lively entertainment.

sterling - the English silver penny of the Norman and subsequent dynasties. Often in pound of sterlings, originally a pound weight of silver pennies, afterwards a name for the English pound (240 pence) as a money of account. 

guinea - an English gold coin, not coined since 1813, first struck in 1663 with the nominal value of 20s., but from 1717 until its disappearance circulating as legal tender at the rate of 21s.

lion - a gold coin current in Scotland down to the reign of James VI.

thyme - a plant of the genus Thymus, comprising shrubby herbs with fragrant aromatic leaves, found chiefly in the Mediterranean region.

chef - the man who presides over the kitchen of a large household; a head cook.

seasoner - one who, or something which seasons (to render (a dish) more palatable by the addition of some savoury ingredient; to mix, intersperse, or imbue with something that imparts relish).

astute* - of keen penetration or discernment, esp. in regard to one's own interests; shrewd, subtle, sagacious.

adjustable* - capable of being adjusted. 

whatnot - anything whatever; everything; 'anything and everything'; 'all sorts of things'; a thing or person that may be variously named or described (rare.)

willbe - a person or thing that will be but is not yet; one whose career or efficiency belongs to the future.

deil - The Devil; a mischievously wicked or troublesome fellow.

cancan - a kind of dance made popular at the public balls in Paris, with extravagant and indecent gestures. 

zany - a comic performer attending on a clown, acrobat, or mountebank, who imitates his master's acts in a ludicrously awkward way.

stimmer - to move about irregularly.

bedeaf - to deafen.

obcaecate* - blinded; blind

lithe - easily bent; flexible, limber, pliant, supple. 

limber -Of persons, their bodies, movements, etc.: Bending or moving easily; lithe and nimble.

mum - to make an inarticulate sound with closed lips, indicating inability to speak; hence, to keep silence (obs.); to silence (obs.)

ma - a childish and colloquial shortening of mamma.

styll - obs. form of style;         styled - Of a person's hair: professionally arranged, cut, or set.

flowerhead - an inflorescence consisting of a close cluster of sessile florets.

stamen - Bot. The male or fertilizing organ of a flowering plant, consisting of two parts, the anther, which is a double-celled sac containing the pollen, and the filament, a slender footstalk supporting the anther.

turnsole* - a plant of which the flowers or leaves turn so as to follow the sun; a heliotrope.

straight cut - Cinemat. A complete cut between sequences (as opposed to a fade or a dissolve).

sidewise* - in an indirect manner, indirectly; directed towards one side, sideward.

coursette* - corset                                                                                                     courses


feminine* - characteristic of, peculiar or proper to women; womanlike, womanly.

heliolatry - worshipping the sun

trope v. - to introduce (a trope) as an embellishment; to embellish with a trope or tropes;
trope n. - the 'turning' of the sun at the tropic; In the Western Church, A phrase, sentence, or verse introduced as an embellishment into some part of the text of the mass or of the breviary office that is sung by the choir.

pistil - the female organ of a flower, situated (one or more) in the centre, and comprising (in its complete form) the ovary, style, and stigma.

espy* - to discern, discover (what is distant or partly hidden); to detect (a fault, flaw, etc.)

selfcolour - the natural colour.

nevertheless* - notwithstanding; none the less.

tissue paper* - a very thin soft gauze-like unsized paper, used for wrapping delicate articles, for covering engravings or other illustrations in books, as copying-paper, etc.

appling - the process of forming an apple or similar growth.

and so on

leicht - light (obs.)



dewy - covered or wet with dew; falling gently, vanishing, as the dew (poetic.); innocent and trusting, naïve.

confessor - one who hears confessions: a priest who hears confession of sin, prescribes penance, and grants absolution.

Unschuld (d) - innocence, purity, virginity

pageantmaster - master of a scene acted on the stage; spec. one scene or act of a mediĉval mystery play.

balmy - deliciously soft and soothing. 

put away - to put (out of one's hands or immediate use) into a receptacle for safe keeping.

tasty - pleasing to the taste; appetizing, savoury.

Donegal* - the name of a county in the north-west of Ireland.

adorable - worthy of worship or divine honour; charming, delightful.

''Green wasn't over-blessed with good manners''.

chappy - given to using the chaps, talkative.

ascertain - to find out or learn for a certainty by experiment, examination, or investigation; to make sure of, get to know. 

ceremonially - in a ceremonial manner; in relation to ceremonies or the ceremonial law.

outcaste - outside caste; of no caste.

intercourse - social communication between individuals; communion between man and that which is spiritual or unseen.

legsplint* - a plate of armour to protect the leg.

untouchable - incapable of being touched, immaterial; exempt from touch; that one may not touch.

scarecrow* - a device for frightening birds from growing crops, usually a figure of a man dressed in old and ragged clothes. 

stinking - Used as a vague epithet connoting intense disgust and contempt. 

youngling - one who is young; a young person, young man.

yere - repr. a dial. (esp. U.S.) or vulgar pronunc. of here.

baraza - a place of public audience or reception; hence also a meeting, reception, palaver.

aflower - flowering, blooming.

siker = sicker - that may be depended on; in which one can put reliance, confidence, or trust; certain, sure.

calmy - characterized by calm; tranquil, peaceful. 

bread and butter* - of or pertaining to the age when bread-and-butter is extensively consumed; boyish, girlish; esp. school-girlish.

cluck - an imitation of the abrupt hollow guttural sound made by a hen desiring to sit, or calling her brood together, or of a similar sound.

cackler - one who cackles; fig. a tell-tale, tattler, blabber. slang, a fowl.

sweepstake* - one who 'sweeps', or takes the whole of, the stakes in a game, etc.; usually fig. one who takes or appropriates everything.

Abelian* - a member of a small sect of ancient heretics in the north of Africa, stated by Augustine to have lived in continence after marriage, after the alleged example of 'the righteous Abel.'

slickly - cleverly, deftly.

toute - the buttocks, fundament, posteriors, rump;            tout (fr) - all.

Philomela - a poetic name for the nightingale. (In later use always as proper name, with capital P, usually with reference to the ancient myth of Philomela metamorphosed into a nightingale. Hence properly feminine, and involving the error of attributing song to the hen bird.) 

Magdalene - a harlot restored to purity and elevated to saintship by repentance and faith; the name of a kind of peach.

pinmark - a circular impression on the side of a piece of type, made by part of the mould used in casting.

B.V.D. - a proprietary name for a type of lightweight, long underwear for men, popular in the first half of the twentieth century. 

lottery - an arrangement for the distribution of prizes by chance among persons purchasing tickets. Slips or lots, numbered in correspondence with the tickets, and representing either prizes or blanks, are drawn from a wheel.

posthaste* - with the speed of a post; with all possible haste or expedition. 

Isabel* - greyish yellow; a kind of fancy pigeon, a small variety of the Pouter.

verily - in deed, fact, or reality; really, truly.

dandy - finely, splendidly.

wayward - wrongheaded, intractable, self-willed; froward, perverse; erratic.

missive - a written message; a letter. Now usually, either denoting an official letter, or used as a somewhat high-flown equivalent of 'letter'.

take off - to go off, start off, run away.

wilfully* - purposely, intentionally, deliberately. Chiefly, now always, in bad sense.


offence - a breach of law, duty, propriety, or etiquette; a transgression, sin, wrong, misdemeanour, or misdeed.

shudder - an act of shuddering; a convulsive tremor of the body occasioned by fear, repugnance, or chill.

suspense* - a state of mental uncertainty, with expectation of or desire for decision, and usually some apprehension or anxiety; the condition of waiting, esp. of being kept waiting, for an expected decision, assurance, or issue; less commonly, a state of uncertainty what to do, indecision.

shrinking - recoiling physically, mentally, or morally from what is difficult or distasteful.

sensitive - a shrub (Mimosa pudica) possessing a high degree of irritability, causing the leaflets of the bipinnate leaves to fold together at the slightest touch.

angelet* -  a little angel, a cherub; fig. a pretty child.

brick - the colour of brick; brick-red.

fauve - a member of a movement in painting, chiefly associated with Henri Matisse (1869-1954), which flourished in Paris from 1905, and which is mainly characterized by a vivid use of colour. Hence (as adj.), of a bright or vivid colour.

jonquil - a species of Narcissus (N. Jonquilla), having long linear leaves and spikes of fragrant white and yellow flowers; a pale yellow colour like that of the jonquil.

sprig - spruce, smart.

fleet - evanescent, shifting, passing away; not durable or lasting (poet.)

nocturne - Painting. A night-piece, night-scene.

auld lang syne* - 'old long-since,' old long-ago.

garment - ode}a, haljina

auld lang syne* - the good old times, old long ago

elvish - like an elf in behaviour; spiteful, cross-grained, peevish.

befall - to fall out in the course of events, to happen, occur.

whilst - during that time, meanwhile; till, until.

disrobe - to divest oneself of clothing, to undress.

to draw a veil over - to hide or conceal, to refrain from discussing or dealing with, to hush up  or keep from public knowledge.

peach - to blab, divulge; to inform against an accomplice, to turn informer. 

myriadth - that is a very minute (properly, a ten-thousandth) part of a whole.

bashfulness - the quality of being bashful (Of persons: Shrinking from publicity, shy).

tup - Of the ram: To copulate with (the ewe); also transf. (coarse slang), of a man: to copulate with (a woman).

colp - a blow, also a bit of anything.

to hold (or run) with the hare and run (or hunt) with the hounds* - to try to keep in with both sides; to play a double part.

mus = muss - mouth

kicky - clever, lively; provoking, teasing, annoying; exciting, lively.

lacey = lacy - consisting of, or having the appearance of, lace.

drew - pa. tense of draw (v.)

full length* - the entire length or extension of any object. 

finish* - the conclusion, last stage, termination;        furst = first.

ravin - the act or practice of seizing and devouring prey or food, voracity, gluttony; raven.



chancer - one who takes chances or does risky things

myth - to show

wholesale* - having an extensive application; unlimited or indiscriminate in range.

assumption - a supposition, postulate; the taking upon oneself of a form or character, the form or character assumed.

nowt = nought - good for nothing, worthless, useless. 

weam = wame - the belly, abdomen; the womb, uterus.

smithereens - small fragments, atoms.

yunesse* - youth

stoop - Of a person: To lower the body by inclining the trunk or the head and shoulders  forward, sometimes bending the knee at the same time.

duel - a regular fight between two persons; a single combat.

trial* - a group or set of three, a triad. 

earwax* - a viscid secretion which collects in the external meatus of the ear.

sur - obs. form of sir

dum-dum bullet* - a metal-cased bullet with a soft core uncovered at the point, which expands on impact.

rifler - a soldier armed with a rifle; formerly the name of a member of certain specially raised regiments or companies.

mel (l) - honey

thoughtless - lakomislen, nepromi{ljen

swarm - to collect, assemble, or congregate thickly and confusedly; to crowd, throng.

buzzy - buzzing.

unspeakably* - unutterably, indescribably.

thoughtless - not taking thought, acting without thought or reflection; unreflecting, heedless.


bamboo* - a genus of giant-grasses numerous species of which are common throughout the tropics.

yearning - intense longing or desire                                                                         learning

burgeon - to bud or sprout; to begin to grow                                                              begin


mille (l) - thousand

sentiment* - what one feels with regard to something (often pl. with collective sense).

deadlong* - humorous nonce-formation after livelong.

mislay - to lay (a thing) by accident in a place where it cannot readily be found.

slough - to cast off, drop, discard, give up, get rid of (something). 

nip - a fragment, little bit; a pinch; a sharp bite.


dead certain* - absolutely certain

quick - transf. of things (esp. immaterial things): The central, vital, or most important part.

aye - As an affirmative response to a question: Yes; even so.

to beg the question - to take for granted the matter in dispute, to assume without proof.

luteus (l) - yellow

tingling - a thrilling, stinging, or smarting sensation; a continued light ringing sound of a small bell or the like.

tangle - to involve or engage (a person) in affairs which encumber and hamper or embarrass, and from which it is difficult to get free; to give out a quick succession of ringing sounds. 

ticement = enticement - the action of alluring or attracting; attractive quality, fascination.

machree* - my dear!      chere (fr) - dear.

to be off - a graphic expression for 'to go at once, take oneself off.'

cauda - a tail-like appendage

handmade - made by hand;      handmaid - a female personal attendant or servant.

for the nonce* - for the occasion; hence (in modern use), for the time being; temporarily.

mennage = manage - an enclosed space for the training of saddle-horses and for the practice of horsemanship; a riding-school.

high time - elated, merry, hilarious (time).

acoording - agreeing in nature or action, consentient, harmonious; the action of reconciling, harmonizing, or granting.

vermin - Applied to creeping or wingless insects (and other minute animals) of a loathsome or offensive appearance or character, esp. those which infest or are parasitic on living beings and plants.

feed - food (for cattle); Also, food, fare (for human beings). U.S. colloq. 

hot - hot condition, heat (obs.)

scullery - the department of a household concerned with the care of the plates, dishes, and kitchen utensils; Hence, scullery maid.

scullion - a domestic servant of the lowest rank in a household who performed the menial offices of the kitchen.

whomsoever* - whatever person or persons; any one who, or any who.

Roman Catholic;     cathole - a hole in a wall, door, etc., large enough to let a cat through.


methinks* - it seems to me.

begotten* - procreated;         procreate - to beget, engender, generate (offspring).

coquette - a woman (more or less young), who uses arts to gain the admiration and affection of men, merely for the gratification of vanity or from a desire of conquest, and without any intention of responding to the feelings aroused; a flirt.

connie = cony - a rabbit

cherie - obs. form of cherry

diggings - lodgings, quarters;        the dickens! - an interjectional exclamation expressing astonishment, impatience, irritation, etc.; usually with interrogative words, as what, where, how, why, etc. 

amongst = among

whyfor - on account of or because of which; in consequence or as a result of which.

gyro - - ring, circle, spiral

elect - one 'chosen' by God, esp. one chosen for eternal salvation; one that has been chosen for an office or function.

consent - voluntary agreement to or acquiescence in what another proposes or desires.

consorted - associated, leagued; united as consorts.

waltz - to dance a waltz; to move lightly, trippingly, or nimbly.

hillside* - the lateral slope of a hill.

winsome* - pleasing or attractive in appearance, handsome, comely.

chuff* - a rustic, boor, clown, churl; Generally applied opprobriously, with a fitting epithet, to any person disliked.

mearing - a boundary; also, an object indicating a boundary, a landmark. 

seethe - to boil; to make or keep boiling hot

viand - pl. Articles of food; provisions, victuals.

miry - abounding in mire, muddy; dirty, defiled; despicable.

so forth

bawley - a fishing-smack peculiar to the coasts of Essex and Kent.

Beelzebub* - the Devil;      hubbub - a confused noise of a multitude shouting or yelling.

hullabaloo* - tumultuous noise or clamour; uproar; clamorous confusion.

dem* - to damn

diable* - devil

Lucifer* - the rebel archangel whose fall from heaven was supposed to be referred to in Isa. xiv. 12; Satan, the Devil.

lonedom - solitariness;          London bridge - a children's singing game.

breach - the breaking of a command, rule, engagement, duty, or of any legal or moral bond or obligation.

uncouth - unknown; Of places: Not commonly known or frequented.

broch = broach - to give vent or publicity to; to give out; to begin conversation or discussion about, introduce, moot.

pins and needles* - popular name for a pricking or tingling sensation, as that which accompanies the recovery of feeling in a limb after numbness;
on pins and needles - in a state of excessive uneasiness;                                puns and ridles

gay - to make gay; to give a bright and pleasant look to; to embellish.

rund = roon - a piece of the list or selvage of cloth; a strip or shred                             round

rosily* - with a rosy hue; in a rosy manner.

drat - a vulgar form of imprecation, giving vent to annoyance or angry vexation; = 'Hang', 'dash', 'confound'.

brat - a child, so called in contempt