primate - Eccl. An archbishop, or formerly sometimes a bishop, holding the first place among the bishops of a province.

rear - to build up, create, bring into existence

handy - conveniently accessible or ready for use; of, or done by, the hand (obs.)

antic - an ornamental representation, purposely monstrous, caricatured, or incongruous, of objects of the animal or the vegetable kingdom, or of both combined (obs.); a grotesque or ludicrous gesture, posture, or trick; also fig. of behaviour. (Commonly in pl.)

inlander* - one who dwells in the interior of a country



schwemmen (d) - to soak;                                 shammy - a spurious imitation.

gigglesome* - prone to giggling

scrivenery* - the occupation of a scrivener; writing, as of a copyist or clerk

satiety - the state of being glutted or satiated with food                                                                                                      society

S.P.Q.R. - the Senate and People of Rome; also in joc. adaptations, esp. = small profits, quick returns.

sniggering - that sniggers (to laugh in a half-suppressed, light or covert manner), snickering.

coper - a dealer;                                      horse coper - a horse-dealer.

plighty - full of folds, wrinkled; responsible, guilty

malady - a morbid or depraved condition (e.g. of mind, morals, social arrangements, etc.); something that calls for a remedy. 

milady - a continental rendering of 'my lady', used as an appellation in speaking to or of an English noblewoman or great lady.

knave - rogue, rascal

arrant - wandering, itinerant, vagrant; esp. in knight arrant

gillian* - a girl, wench (fr. - Juliana)

croppy - one who has his hair cropped short; applied esp. to the Irish rebels of 1798, who wore their hair cut very short as a sign of sympathy with the French Revolution.


Lotus Eaters


Eolian Island;                         nemo (l) - nobody;                            patria (l) - fatherland.


Scylla and Charybdis

Wandering Rocks




Oxen of the Sun


maleesh - no matter! never mind!

untired - not tired or exhausted                                                                                                                                         entire

strip - an act of removing one's clothes or of striptease

hail fellow* - an intimate or familiar associate

gaffer* - an elderly rustic; an old fellow. Also simply, a fellow

Sabbatarian* - a Christian who regards the Lord's Day as a Sabbath, deducing its obligation from the Fourth Commandment. Also, and more commonly, one whose opinion and practice with regard to Sunday observance are unusually strict.

faction - to form into factions (a party in the state or in any community or association).

fundus (l) - bottom  

gammer* - a rustic title for an old woman, corresponding to gaffer for a man

congealed - frozen; petrified;         ...By the ancients and in the Middle Ages (rock-)crystal was supposed to be congealed water or ice 'petrified' by some long-continued natural process. 

sponsor* - one who enters into an engagement, makes a formal promise or pledge, on behalf of another.

cess - to cease to perform a legal duty; to give up, surrender

malter = a maltster - one whose occupation it is to make malt

Metaxa* - In full, Metaxa brandy. A proprietary name for a dark Greek brandy; a drink or glass of this brandy.

microcosm* - the 'little world' of human nature

gap - any opening or breach in an otherwise continuous object, a chasm                                                                                up

kettle of fish* - confused or difficult state of affairs


tiffin - In India and neighbouring eastern countries, A light midday meal; luncheon.

thea = tea - a light meal in the late afternoon, but locally in the U.K. (esp. northern), and in Australia and N.Z., a cooked evening meal.

rightfully* - justly, fairly, rightly, properly

in black and white* - in writing or in print


to read off - to utter aloud (the words or sentences indicated by the writing, etc., under inspection); to render in speech (anything written, a book, etc.) 

quire - a set of four sheets of parchment or paper doubled so as to form eight leaves, a common unit in mediŠval manuscripts; hence, any collection or gathering of leaves, one within the other, in a manuscript or printed book. Also, twenty-four (formerly sometimes twenty-five) sheets of writing-paper.

editor* - the publisher of a book

Caxton - a book printed by William Caxton (died 1492), the first English printer

pollock - a sea-fish of genus Pollachius, allied to the cod, but having the lower jaw protruding.

miraculous* - so extraordinary as to appear supernatural, marvellous; astonishing.

jeremiad* - a lamentation; a writing or speech in a strain of grief or distress

song book* - one of the service-books of the Anglo-Saxon church; a book of songs.


grusome = gruesome - inspiring fear, awe, or horror; fearful, horrible