untellable - unspeakable, indescribable

mungy - dark, gloomy (obs.); moist, damp, wet

maggoty - full of maggots; full of whims and foolish fancies, freakish

mag - chatter, talk; halfpenny; playful shortening of the female name Margaret

coppersmith - an artificer in copper, one who manufactures copper utensils

split - to depart, to take one's leave; Used hyperbolically to denote the effect of excessive laughter, pain, or repletion; to turn evidence or informer, to betray confidence.

squeal - a shrill scream; an act of informing against another

to seek hallows* - to visit the shrines or relics of saints

Yank - Yankee

islander - a native or inhabitant of an island

absolution* - an absolving, discharging, or formal setting free (from guilt, sentence, or obligation).

skiff - a small sea going boat, adapted for rowing and sailing;                        to take off - to go away, take one's departure, be off.


overwade* - to wade across;                                 over wide.

tumbler - a drinking cup, originally having a rounded or pointed bottom, so that it could not be set down until emptied; often of silver or gold; now, a tapering cylindrical, or barrel-shaped, glass cup without a handle or foot, having a heavy flat bottom. 


bower - a dwelling, habitation, abode; a cottage

three sheets in the wind* - very drunk

pagoda - a temple or sacred building (in India, China, and adjacent countries); fig. a temple.

secular - rel. to the world; rel. to the secular clergy; a Jesuit lay brother


neuter* - Of gender: Neither masculine nor feminine; taking neither one side nor the other

byebye - good bye

au revoir* - lit. 'to the seeing again'

conundrum* - a riddle in the form of a question the answer to which involves a pun or play on words; any puzzling question or problem.

Schluss (d) - the end

missionary* - a person who goes on a religious mission; esp. one sent to propagate the faith among the heathen.

ministry* - the functions, or any specific function, pertaining to a minister of religion; the action, or an act, of ministering in holy things.

Sem - an Egyptian officiating priest                                                                                                                                     sons

mum - an inarticulate sound made with closed lips, esp. as an indication of inability or unwillingness to speak                   mum is

for his

maxim - a rule or principle of conduct

ban - anathemization, curse; denuciation, prohibition

agelong* - lasting for an age

schoolmistress* - a woman who teaches in a school; (in early use) a female teacher, governess; Sheol - the underworld.

coach - to read or study with a 'coach'; to prepare (a candidate) for an examination, to instruct  in special subjects.

diligence - constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken

whole hog - thorough-going, out-and-out;                          to go the whole hog - to go all the way, to do the thing thoroughly.

carberry - to defeat, get the better of (f. Carberry Hill where Queen Mary was finally routed).

banishment - the action of authoritatively expelling from the country; a state of exile. 



trust - a body of producers or traders in some class of business, organized to reduce or defeat competition, lessen expenses, and control production and distribution for their common advantage.

incorporated* - constituted as a legal or formal corporation

meteoromancy - divination by the observation of meteors


heiss (d) - hot

roh (n) - raw, crude

regain - to get back to, succeed in reaching (a place) again

absentee* - one who is absent, or away, on any occasion

tarry - resembling tar; having the consistency, colour, or flavour of tar                                                                                    far

alley - a walk in a garden, park, shrubbery, maze, or wood, generally bordered with trees, or bushes; a back-lane running parallel with a main street (U.S.).

detour - a turning or deviation from the direct road, a roundabout or circuitous way

on the safe side* - with a margin of security against error

nostalgia - a form of melancholia caused by prolonged absence from one's home or country; severe home-sickness.

ora pro nobis (l) - pray for us

cashel - strong fence or ring wall enclosing a group of churches                                                                                          castle

ligger - a line with a float and bait which is left in the water, used chiefly in pike-fishing in the Norfolk Broads                           girl

inclined - having a direction leaning or falling away from the vertical or horizontal, sloping, slanting.; favourably disposed, in the mood or mind for something.

jamb - a leg

purview - range of vision, physical or mental; outlook; range of experience or thought; contemplation, consideration.

pronaos* - the space in front of the naos, cell, or body of a temple, enclosed by the portico and the projecting side walls.

reredos* - an ornamental facing or screen of stone or wood covering the wall at the back of an altar, frequently of ornate design, with niches, statues, and other decorations.


weighting - something used as a weight to press down, steady, or balance                                                                        waiting

raging - that rages; also as a mere intensifier

Jordan* - The name of a river in Palestine, the crossing of which is used (after Num. 33:51) in pietistic language to symbolize death.

waterboy - a boy employed at the riverside; chiefly U.S., a boy or man who carries or takes round drinking water.

lesson* - Eccl. A portion of Scripture or other sacred writing read at divine service.

chow - A Chinaman

collegian* - one who is receiving, or has received, a college education, a student

to fire off - to propel or discharge (a missile) as from a gun. Also fig.

Talmud* - the body of Jewish civil and ceremonial traditionary law


epistle* - Eccl. the Epistle: The extract from one of the apostolical Epistles read as part of the Communion Service.



prepositus - the head, chief, president, or provost, in various institutions clerical and civil


salvo - to salute (a vessel, etc.) by firing of salvo or volley or guns;                              salve (l) - hail!

gentlemen;                                      jointure - a joining.