The Merry Wives of Windsor

grocer = wholesaler

bawd - one employed in pandering to sexual debauchery; a procurer or procuress; orig. in a more general sense, and in the majority of passages masculine, a go-between.

haricot - a leguminous plant of the genus Phaseolus; a dish usually consisting of meat cut in small pieces, stewed with vegetables and highly seasoned.

lady in waiting - a lady who holds the position of attendant to a queen or princess.

sup - a small quantity of liquid such as can be taken into the mouth at one time.

paraffin - a colourless (or white), tasteless, inodorous, crystalline, fatty substance, solid at ordinary temperatures.

helter skelter* - to throw away or off, in disordered haste;                    helt =  3 sing. pres. and pa. tense and pple. of hield - to take one's way, turn in a particular direction;                    skelt - to hasten, to be diligent.

causeway* - a raised road across a low or wet place, or piece of water; a highway; usually a paved way, such as existed before the introduction of macadamization.



tinkle - a sharp light ringing sound, such as that made by a small bell, or by pieces of metal, glass, or the like, struck together, etc.

tunder - a funnel; tinder                                                                                                                                                 thunder

cat's cradle - a children's game in which two players alternately take from each other's fingers an intertwined cord so as always to produce a symmetrical figure.

bountiful - full of bounty, graciously liberal, generous                                                                                                    beautiful

leash - to attach or connect by a leash; to beat or lash with a leash (obs.)

harrier - a kind of hound, resembling the fox-hound, but smaller, used for hunting the hare.

many times over* = many times

capital - main, leading, weighty, important, first-class

buzz - Said in the Variorum Shakspere (1803) to have been a common exclamation (of impatience or contempt) when any one was telling a well-known story; Schmidt and others say 'a sound to command silence'                                                            (onomat.)

runaway - escaped or given to escaping

bound - to direct one's course

bopeep - a nursery play with a young child, who is kept in excitement by the nurse or play-mate alternately concealing herself (or her face), and peeping out for a moment at an unexpected place, to withdraw again with equal suddenness. 

gay - full of or disposed to joy and mirth, manifesting or characterized by joyous mirth.

pack - a company or set of persons; generally implying low character, or association for some evil purpose, but often merely expressing contempt or depreciation, and formerly sometimes without such implication.

floral - a dancer at the Floralia, a Roman festival in honour of the goddess Flora (obs.)

pansy* - the common name of Viola tricolor, esp. of the cultivated varieties; the wild plant is a common weed in cornfields, etc., with small flowers compounded of purple, yellow, and white; the cultivated form is a favourite garden plant, with very numerous varieties having large richly and variously coloured flowers.

papavere (l) - poppy 

forget me not* - a plant which flourishes in damp or wet soil, having bright blue flowers with a yellow eye.

prime time* - spring time, spring (obs.)


ancelle = ancille - a maid-servant (obs.)

vice versa* - with a reversal or transposition of the main items in the statement just made, contrariwise.

thereout - outside of that place, out of that

palm - Applied fig. to a person

arbour - a plot of ground covered with grass or turf


scarcely* - 'barely', 'only just'

scout - the action of spying out or watching in order to gain information;                    scope - the sphere or area over which any activity operates or is effective.

virid - green, verdant

woad - the plant Isatis tinctoria, formerly extensively cultivated for the blue colouring matter furnished by it.

tornament - torment

complementary - forming a complement, completing, perfecting

Punch - the name of the principal character, a grotesque hump-backed figure, in the puppet-show called Punch and Judy.  

tummy - the stomach or intestine

outward* - external, bodily


floored - brought to the ground, overpowered, done for

cue - Theatr. The concluding word or words of a speech in a play, serving as a signal or direction to another actor to enter, or begin his speech.

goodness gracious!* - exclamatory phrase

I, he, etc. would fain - gladly, willingly, with pleasure

fondle - to behave, play, or speak fondly

praise - commendation of the worth or excellence of a person or thing, eulogy, laudation.

bit of fluff - a young woman

uncouth* - awkward and uncultured in appearence or manners

odds - 'chances' or balance of probability in favour of something happening or being the case.


start from scratch* - start from the beggining and without any advantages or help.

dove - occasional pa. tense of dive  

Red Murray* - John Murray (Joyce's uncle)

puck - to hit or strike, to butt; a stroke

gillie - an attendant on a highland chief

martial - of or pertaining to war or battle

menial - pertaining to household; servile, sordid

Shrove Sunday - the Sunday in Shrove-tide (a time of merriment)

excrement* - to void excrement

frothblower - a beer drinker

belting - beating, thrashing;                                  belt - to drink heavily.

bout - a round of fighting; a contest, match, trial of strength; continued fit of drinking.


Much Ado About Nothing

aye - ever, always, continually

shameless* - lacking shame, impudent, insensible to disgrace

tel = tell; till

Tartarean* - of or belonging to the Tartarus of the ancients; hence, pertaining to hell or to purgatory; infernal.

toothsome - pleasant to the taste, savoury, palatable; pleasant; fond of savoury food.

bretelle* - each of the ornamental shoulder-straps extending from the waist-belt in front to the belt behind of a woman's dress.