titter - the act of tittering; a stifled laugh, a giggle

hilarity - cheerfulness

chary - careful, cautious, circumspect, wary

ring - a ringing sound or noise

tout ensemble* - Mus. The united performance of all voices or all instruments in a piece of concerted music, or of a chorus and orchestra; also, the manner in which this is done.

ultramarine* - situated beyond the sea (now rare)

to hold one's nose* - to compress the nostrils between the fingers in order to avoid perceiving a (bad) smell. Also fig.

esteem - favourable opinion, regard, respect

warewolf* = werwolf - a person who (according to mediŠval superstition) was transformed or was capable of transforming himself at times into a wolf.

taboo* - prohibition or interdiction generally of the use or practice of anything, or of social intercourse.

the ruck - the undistinguished crowd or general run (of persons or things)

raid - a rush, charge, hurried movement; a forceful or insistent attempt at making a person or group provide something.

slick - Of skin, hair, etc.: Smooth, glossy, sleek; deft, quick, skilful in action or execution. 

anker - a measure of wine and spirits; anchor;                            anchor - fig. refl. and intr. To fix oneself, take up a position.

on one's hunkers - in a squatting position


muffin - a light, flat, circular, spongy cake, eaten toasted and buttered at breakfast or tea.

to wit* - introducing (or more rarely following) an explanation of the preceding word, phrase, or statement (or a modifying correction of it);                                              weat = wait; wet.



watercress* - the hardy perennial, Nasturtium officinale, found in abundance near springs and in small running streams, and now widely cultivated for use as a salad. 



shome - some kind of adornment for horses                                                                                                                     home

golden syrup* - syrup of a bright golden-yellow colour, drained off in the process of obtaining refined crystallized sugar.

to drive mad, distracted, crazy - i.e. into the state of madness, etc.

gawk - to stare or gape stupidly

doxy - Originally the term in Vagabonds' Cant for the unmarried mistress of a beggar or rogue: a beggar's trull or wench: hence, slang, a mistress, paramour, prostitute.

moonbeam* - a ray of moonlight;                                 brimstone - Formerly the common vernacular name for sulphur.

hell fire* - the fire of hell

Van Diemen's Land* - early name for Tasmania

to shake one's ears* - (? as a dog when wet); also, ? to make the best of a bad bargain; also, to show contempt or displeasure.

ring around* - a circular or spiral orbit or course

inner - one who 'ins', takes in, or reclaims land

mater - mother (schoolboy's slang);                                 mate - to match; to marry, to join in marriage.

eye - to perceive with the eyes (obs.)

to try up - Joinery: To test the straightness of (a planed surface) or the correspondence of (adjoining surfaces).

Jerry - a German

for nothing* - in vain, to no purpose;                                     jaunting = jaunting car.

flossy - resembling floss or floss-silk; fancy, showy;                  floss - silk in fine filaments; In Orkney and Shetland: a collective term for reeds, rushes, etc.

mossy - marshy, boggy; resembling moss

droop - to hang or sink down, as from weariness or exhaustion; to bend, or incline downward.

drape - to arrange or adjust (clothing, hangings, etc.) in graceful or artistic folds.

bowknot - a necktie, ribbon, etc., tied up in a double-looped ornamental knot.

wilt - Of plants or their parts: To become limp or flaccid, through heat or drought; to deprive of stiffness, energy, vigour, or spirit.

blot - a spot or stain of ink, mud, or other discolouring matter; a disfiguring spot or mark.