otem = totem                                                                                                                                                                     item

at one’s wits ends* - very confused esp. about what to do;        thinker - a person of skilled or powerful mind; Theatr. colloq. An actor who plays in 'thinking parts';            to have at finger’s end - to have something firmly fixed in the mind or ready to use.

will - desire to, wish to, have a mind to (do something); often also implying intention (obs.)

gray duck* - a sort of duck

sat down

roust - voice, cry, shout                                                                                                                                                         rest

thereby hangs a tale* - an interesting story is connected with this;                towher - dowry;              byhanger - a hanger on, a parasite; an appendage.


dire - mournful, dismal                                                                                                                                                         dear

frightfulness* - the state of being filled with fright; the quality of causing fright, hideousness;                        freightful - ? of the nature of a charm or incantation.


colline - a small hill

janitor - a door-keeper, porter, ostiary



antler* - the branched horn of a stag or other deer

bulch - to swell out, bulge


while (away) - to cause (time) to pass without wearisomeness, to pass or get through (a vacant time), esp. by some idle or trivial occupation.

sprankle - to throw out sparks, to sparkle; to crackle

all over - over the whole body; everywhere

note of interogation* - ''?'';                                         nocence - guilt.

tender;                            tend - to apply oneself to the care and service of (a person).




limbo lake* - the 'pit' of hell

subconsciousness;                                     nescious - ignorant.

whither = whether


blabber - one who blabs, one who reveals secrets, a tell-tale

vogal - a cave, a hollow                                                                                                                                                     vocal

tympan* = tympanum (obs.) - Anat. The drum of the ear; the middle ear


trompe - deceit, deception; trumpet


cicely - a popular name of several plants


consociate - associated together, united in fellowship or companionship

hinder - last


common or garden* - ordinary;                                comoner - one of the common people (not of noble rank).

boy friend;                                 fiend - a demon, devil; a person of superhuman wickedness.


fand - to try, test (a person or thing), to seek, look for


charm - to persuade or induce to, to influence or engage by beuty, sweetness, etc.

Cinderella* - Name of the heroine of a well-known fairy-tale. Thence applied allusively to a cinder-woman, scullery-maid, etc.; also, a neglected or despised member, partner, or the like.

angle - to use artful or wily means to catch a person or thing



groom - bridegroom                                                                                                                                                          gloom

line up - the assembling of a number of persons in a line

rapier - a light, sharp-pointed sword designed only for thrusting; a small sword                                                                 happier

thother - Coalesced form of the other, frequent from 14th to 17th c.

brandish* - to flourish, wave about (a sword) by way of threat or display, or in preparation for action.

amain* - with full force, vehemently, violently

release* - to set or make free, to liberate, deliver, of (now somewhat rare) or from pain, bondage, obligation, etc. 


hast - 2nd pers. sing. pres. ind. of have

carbuncly* - Of or resembling a carbuncle; bearing carbuncles;                carbuncle or carbuncle stone - a name variously applied to precious stones of a red or fiery colour;                       carbuncle - an anthrax.

precocity* - early maturity, premature development