diseasiness* - morbid quality or elements


salve - to heal (sin, sorrow, etc.)                                                                                                                                          save


wile - a crafty, cunning, or deceitful trick; a sly, insidious, or underhand artifice

willy - willing, eager; wily (crafty, cunning, sly)

woolf = wolf

airish - rel. to air, aerial; cool, fresh

habit* - fashion or mode of apparel, dress; bodily apparel or attire

hogan* - an earthen dwelling

brightness;                    Joyce to HSW, 22 Nov 1930: "The scheme of the piece... is the game we used to call Angels and Devils or colours. The Angels, girls, are grouped behind the Angel, Shawn, and the Devil has to come over three times and ask for a colour. If the colour he asks for has been chosen by any girl she has to run and he tries to catch her... The piece is full of rhythms taken from English singing games..."

Seville orange* - the bitter orange, Citrus Bigaradia, used for making marmalade

citronelle - a fragrant Asian grass, Cymbopogon nardus, which yields an oil much used in perfumery.

pervenche* - a shade of light blue, resembling the colour of the flowers of the periwinkle; the common name of plants of the genus Vinca.

viola - the violet

to speak in the ear* - to whisper, speak privately


uptight* - Of a peson: in a state of nervous tension or anxiety, worried, angry; characteristically formal in manner or style;        
tightly - soundly, stoutly, vigorously; neatly, smarly.

in the front - on the side that meets the eye, in a postition facing the spectator

on the loose - (behaving) in unrestrained or dissolute fashion, 'on the spree'; Of women: living by prostitution.

drum - to beat or play on a drum; to beat or thump upon anything with a more or less rhythmical or regular noise.

heliotroper* - one who manages a heliotrope (an apparatus with a movable mirror for reflecting the rays of the sun, used for signalling and other purposes, esp. in geodesic operations);                heliotrope - a shade of purple like that of the flowers of the heliotrope. 

stulp = stoop (a post, pillar)                                                                                                                                            stepped

beamy - emitting beams of light, radiant


calmy - tranquil, peaceful

head for a fall* - to be on a course of action that is likely to lead to failure

Marengo - The name of a village in northern Italy, the scene of Napoleon's victory over the Austrians in 1800, used in the name of the dish chicken, fowl, poulet la Marengo, said to have been served to Napoleon after the battle of Marengo.

whyte = white                         Proverbial Phrases: black or dark as pitch (cf. pitch black, pitch dark).

acrawl* - crawling;                 scowl - to look with louring brows and a malignant or threatening expression; to look angry or sullen.

arrest - the act of stopping anything in its course

soul brother* - a spiritual brother;                                scald - 'scurvy', mean, paltry, contemptible.

evangelium (l) - christianity

sabre - a cavalry sword having a curved blade specially adapted for cutting

accusant - one who accuses, an accuser

All Saints - the saints in heaven collectively, = All-Hallows. Hence a frequent dedication of churches. 

Sir John* - a familiar or contemptuous appellation for a priest

maim - to mutilate, cripple, render powerless or essentially incomplete


proffer - to offer, present, tender


trifle - a small article of little intrinsic value

who is she - - the cat's mother? - catch phr. said to one (esp. a child) who uses the pronoun of the third person singular impolitely or with inadequate reference.

what do you lack? - a salesman's cry; hence as an appellation for an itinerant vendor or pedlar.

prehend - to apprehend with or without conscious formulation of the perceived object; to interact in time and space with an object or event. 

to puzzle one's brains* - to exert oneself in thought or contrivance

Feind (d) - enemy                                                                                                                                                              finder

Schall (d) - sound, echo

kunning = cunning - crafty, artful, sly



undergo* - to go or pass under (obs.), to subject or submit oneself to

Matthew (THE EVANGELIST), Saint* - one of the Twelve Apostles, traditional author of the first Synoptic Gospel;       
matt - Of colours, surfaces: without lustre, dull, 'dead'.

sought* - past of seek

luft = left

Mark, (THE EVANGELIST) Saint* - traditional author of the second Synoptic Gospel.

ne - never; not; nor

luke = look;                     Luke, Saint - the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, a companion of the Apostle Paul, and the most literary of the New Testament writers.

blooming - that blooms, or is in flower

corn - a horny induration of the cuticle, with a hard centre, and a root sometimes penetrating deep into the subjacent tissue, caused by undue pressure, chiefly on the toes or feet from tight or hard boots.  

prank - to caper, to dance; to dress, or deck in a gay, bright, or showy manner; to play pranks or tricks, formerly sometimes wicked or mischievous, now usually in frolic .

jointly* - together, in union;                                                                                                    John (THE EVANGELIST), Saint

schooling - the action of teaching, or the state or fact of being taught, in a school.


item - used to introduce a new fact or statement, an intimation, a hint

hardset - in a hard or difficult position; set so as to be hard or firm

weet = to know; wet                                                                                                                                                       waiting

grieve - to cause pain, anxiety or vexation to, to annoy