mutch - a night covering for the head; a cap or coif, worn by women and young children.

divorce - to put away, remove, dispel

flora - In Latin mythology, the goddess of flowers; hence, in modern poetical language, the personification of nature's power in producing flowers.

girl scout - a girl guide

acidulated tablet* - a sweet made of sugar strongly flavoured with tartaric acid. 

to pick on - to fix on, to single out for attention or adverse criticism.

pet peeve - a special or recurring source of irritation

Valkyrie - In Scandinavian mythology, one or other of the twelve war-maidens supposed to hover over battlefields and to conduct the fallen warriors to Valhalla.

beauty spot* - a spot or patch placed upon the face by ladies in the method of adornment formerly fashionable; a feature or place of special beauty.

attendant - one who waits upon, accompanies, or follows another in order to render service.

leaflet - a small-sized leaf of paper or a sheet folded into two or more leaves but not stitched, and containing printed matter, chiefly for gratuitous distribution.

bewitching - enchanting, charming, captivating

blonde - a woman with blond hair

dimple - to mark with dimples

opal - fig. in reference to its various and changing colours.

jilt - to cast off (a lover) capriciously

chuff - a rustic, boor, clown, churl; Generally applied opprobriously, with a fitting epithet, to any person disliked.

sean = scene

sanguine - blood-red.

pictograph - a pictorial symbol or sign; a writing or record consisting of pictorial symbols (the most primitive form of records). 

drop - In a theatre: The painted curtain let down between the acts of a play to shut off the stage from the view of the audience; also called act drop.

tophole - the highest point attainable

geminal - a pair, duplicated, twin

pud - pudding

togs* - clothes

bags - trousers 

gat - a revolver or other gun.

chute - to send down through a chute (sloping channel or passage for the conveyance of water, or of things floating in water, to a lower level).                                                         shooting

adumbrate* - to represent a substance by its 'shadow' or emblem; to shadow forth, to typify; hence, to foreshadow, prefigure, as 'coming events cast their shadows before.'

off the set - from the stage

corrie - circular hollow on a mountain side (Gaelic: cauldron, kettle).

mandamus - A term 'originally applied generically to a number of ancient writs, letters missive, or mandates, issued by the sovereign, directing the performance of certain acts', but afterwards restricted to the judicial writ issued in the King's name from the Court of King's Bench (now, from the Crown side of the King's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice) and directed to an inferior court, a corporation, an officer, etc., commanding some specified thing to be done.

monie = money

entree - the entrance of performers in any large spectacle or show, the coming of an actor upon the stage.

in lieu - instead or in place of the thing mentioned, as a substitute.

the lady of the house* - the mistress of a household

hump - a hump backed person; sexual intercourse

saga - a story of heroic achievement or marvellous adventure. Also, a novel or series of novels recounting the history of a family through several generations, as The Forsyte Saga. Now freq. in weakened use, a long and complicated (account of a) series of more or less loosely connected events.

programme - an outline or abstract of something to be done.

cap a pie* - from head to foot: in reference to arming or accoutring.

topper - a top-hat, a tall hat. 

crest cloth* - some kind of linen cloth

supporter - a thing that sustains the weight of something or upon which something rests.

grievance - a circumstance or state of things which is felt to be oppressive, displeasure.

whirl - something as a body of water or air, in (rapid) circling motion.

impeachment - the accusation and prosecution of a person for treason or other high crime or misdemeanour before a competent tribunal.

thorough and thorough* - from beginning to end of

reconverted* - converted back to a previous state

propound - to put forth, propose, or offer for consideration, discussion, or acceptance.

jibsheet - one of the ropes by which the jib is trimmed, stretching from its clew to the bows of the ship.

royal - a small sail hoisted above the topgallant sail.

semblance - the fact or quality of being like something; likeness, resemblance.

membrance = remembrance

reveil - to reveal, disclose

quondam* - that formerly was or existed

supercargo - an officer on board a merchant ship whose business it is to superintend the cargo and the commercial transactions of the voyage.

rockery - an artificial heap or pile of rough stones and soil used for the ornamental growing of ferns and other plants; natural rockwork. 


pilgrimism* - pilgrim condition or practice

customhouse - a house or office at which custom is collected.

statutory - required for the sake of appearances, having only token significance.


customer - an official who collects customs or dues; a custom-house officer (obs.)

annuary - a book of which successive numbers are published once a year, usually at the same date; esp. one that conveys information for the year, or reviews the events of the past year.


locomotive - Of a person: That is constantly travelling from place to place.

inn = in

outing - the action of going out or forth, an expedition

sloppily - in a sloppy or slovenly manner

knut - a fashionable or showy young man

tiff* - to drink, to sip                                                                                                     Tuesday

in bad - out of favour (with, etc.), in bad odour.

flatfish - a name for fish of the family PleuronectidŠ, which includes the turbot, plaice, etc.

torchbearing - that carries a torch. Also fig.

dud - a counterfeit thing, as a bad coin, a dishonoured cheque.

halfsovereign - an English gold coin, nominally worth 50 pence (ten shillings). 

roly poly* - a kind of pudding, consisting of a sheet of pastry covered with jam or preserves, formed into a roll and boiled or steamed.

Schererei (d) - trouble

butt - a buttock

Rachel - the stage-name of Elisa FÚlix (1820-58), French actress.

forking - the action of the vb. fork

purdah - a curtain; esp. one serving to screen women from the sight of men or strangers.

palmer - a pilgrim who had returned from the Holy Land, in sign of which he carried a palm-branch or palm-leaf.

tosspot - one accustomed to toss off his pot of drink, a heavy drinker, a toper, drunkard.

pawse = pause

kook - a cranky, crazy, or eccentric person

drudge - one employed in mean, servile, or distasteful work; a slave, a hard toiler.


whort = whortleberry - the blue black fruit or the dwarf shrub, or the plant itself

the show must go on - things (orig. a circus or theatrical peformance) must carry on as planned despite difficulty, calamity, etc.

onehorse - on a small scale; petty; of small and limited resources or capacity.

pageant - a scene acted on the stage; spec. one scene or act of a mediŠval mystery play (obs.)

work up - to build up, construct, form


mangrove - any tree or shrub of the genus Rhizophora. The species are all tropical, growing in the mud on the sea-shore down to low-water-mark; they have large masses of interlacing roots above ground, which intercept mud and weeds, and thus cause the land to encroach on the sea. 

maze - a structure consisting of a network of winding and intercommunicating paths and passages arranged in bewildering complexity, so that without guidance it is difficult to find one's way in it; a labyrinth; occas. in pl., the windings of a labyrinth.

blood and thunder* - violence in a film, book, etc.

film - a cinema performance

prompting - an incitement to action, an instigation

vitale = victual (food or provisions of any kind); victualler.

long shot - something incredible or very unlikely, a far-fetched explanation, a wild guess; a cinema or television shot which includes figures or scenery at a distance.

upclose - to close up (in various senses);         close up - a cinema or television shot taken at short range in order to magnify detail.

blackout* - the darkening of a stage during a performance; a darkened stage. 

hexen (l) - to divine;         schuss (l) - shoot.

incubo (l) - to lie, to dwell

berthe - a deep falling collar, usually of lace, attached to the top of a low-necked dress, and running all round the shoulders.

harlequin* - a character in Italian comedy. In English pantomime a mute character supposed to be invisible to the clown and pantaloon; he has many attributes of the clown (his rival in the affections of Columbine) with  the addition of mischievous intrigue; he usually wears particoloured bespangled tights and a visor, and carries a light 'bat' of lath as a magic wand.

Columbine* - a character in Italian Comedy, the mistress of Harlequin.

jest - the opposite of earnest or seriousness; trifling sport, fun.

jig - a piece of sport, a joke

jorum - a large drinking-bowl or vessel; also, the contents of this; esp. a bowl of punch.

the late lamented* - someons recently dead;         cemented - treated with cement.

R.I.C. - Royal Irish Constabulary;         R.I.P. - requiescat in pace, 'may he rest in peace'.

Ouida - the nom-de-plume of the English novelist Marie Louise de la RamÚe (1839-1908).

lime - limelight (the intense white light for important actors and scenes)

flood - Usu. in pl., colloq. abbrev. of flood-lamp, -light

venthole - a hole or opening for the admission or passage of air, light, etc.

morgen = morn

bosse = boss

to take for granted* - to regard as not requiring proof, or as likely to be admitted by everyone;
graft - to insert (a shoot from one tree) as a graft into another tree. 

Venetian blind* - a window-blind composed of narrow horizontal slats so fixed as to admit of ready adjustment for the exclusion or admission of light and air. 

Sardinian - rel. to Sardinia


eke - an addition, a piece added on, a supplement

silktree* - low headed spreading tree, possessed of the most graceful foiage.

seedman - a sower of seed

crack - a sudden sharp and loud noise as of something breaking or bursting; a sharp or cutting remark.

smoker - one who smokes tobacco; one who jests at, or ridicules, others.

gods - Theat. (So called because seated on high.) The occupants of the gallery. 

interjection - an ejaculation or exclamation.


pit - that part of the auditorium of a theatre which is on the floor of the house; now usually restricted to the part of this behind the stalls. 

accidental - Music. Accidental sharps, flats, naturals: signs of chromatic alteration, raising or lowering notes a tone or semitone, strictly so called only when they occur before particular notes, and not in the signature of the various keys.

providentially - with foresight, prudently, by the ordination of divine providence.

score - Mus. A written or printed piece of concerted music, in which all the vocal and instrumental parts are noted on a series of staves one under the other.

to start with - 'to begin with', at the beginning

Hirt (d) - shepherd                                                                                                     heartly

bemark - to mark with the sign of the cross, to cross oneself

chorale - a sacred choral song characteristic of the reformed church of Germany; a metrical hymn set to a tune of simple devotional character, and usually sung in unison.  

canon - a species of musical composition in which the different parts take up the same subject one after another, either at the same or at a different pitch, in strict imitation. 


ambi (l) - both, around

noble - a noble or famous person.  

soger = soldier

ef = ''F''                                                                                                                             if

thes = these; that

whot = hot                                                                                                                         what

deux = deuce; deusan                                                                                                        do

sauvequipeut* - a general stampede or complete rout.

climax* - the highest point of anything reached by gradual ascent; the culmination, apex.

romp - to move easily and rapidly

nursery - a pond or place in which the young fry are reared.

maidy - a little maid

thingamajig* - something that is hard to classify

titular - one who has title or appelation of some kind, one who bears title or rank.

wind up - to put in order and settle (an affair) with the view of bringing it to an end, to bring to  a final settlement.

enactment - the acting of a part or character in a play

radium - a radioactive element, chemically a member of the alkaline earth metals.

Neid (d) - envy                                                                                                                 night

moorn* = morn; mourn

perpetual - lasting or destined to last for ever, eternal.

chuffy - plump cheeked, chubby; clownish, surly, morose.

an angel

soard = sward; sore                                                                                                      sword


sing song* - a ballad, a piece of verse, having musical rather than poetical qualities, esp. one of a monotonous or jingling character; a singer, minstrel (obs.); to sing, make verses, utter words, etc., in a sing-song manner.

meekly = meek, in a meek or humble manner

nous - mind, intellect, common sense                                                                                 us

prowl - Originally, To go or move about, esp. in search of or looking for something; hence, to go, rove, roam, or wander about, in search of what can be found, esp. of plunder or prey, or with predatory intent.  





punct - a punctuation mark, esp. full stop




anisine - an alkaloid formed by the action of ammonia upon hydride of anisyl                 insane

to weep out one's eyes* - phr. expressing excessive or prolonged weeping.

gnash* - to strike together or grind the teeth, esp. from rage or anguish.

brevity* - shorteness, esp. as applied to time

exister - one who or that which exists

outher - each (of two), either                                                                                         other


prayse - the action of praising, the expression of admiration.

club - a club-card, a card of this suit (a trefoil leaf in black).

corset - a closely-fitting inner bodice stiffened with whalebone or the like, and fastened by lacing.

djowr* - an infidel

sombre* - sombre character; sombreness (rare).

suggestiveness* - the quality of being suggestive

stir - movement, considered in contrast to or as an interruption of rest or stillness; slight or momentary movement; movement of disturbance, agitation.

twitch bell - an earwig

rondel - a circle, a circular object

waver - to sway to and fro

nightly* - dark as, or with, night; resembling night.

descended* - that has descended, fallen, or dropped.

airs - an assumed manner, affected appearance, show.

skylight* - light from the sky; light coming into a room, etc., from above.

beacon - to light up, as a beacon-fire does; fig. To give light and guidance to, to lead.

Sammy - a ninny, simpleton; In British use: an American soldier in the war of 1914-18, so called from the name Uncle Sam.



diseasiness* - morbid quality or elements

salve - to heal (sin, sorrow, etc.)                                                                                      save


wile - a crafty, cunning, or deceitful trick; a sly, insidious, or underhand artifice.

willy - willing, eager; wily (crafty, cunning, sly).

woolf = wolf

airish - rel. to air, aerial; cool, fresh

habit* - fashion or mode of apparel, dress; bodily apparel or attire.

hogan* - an earthen dwelling


Seville orange* - the bitter orange, Citrus Bigaradia, used for making marmalade.

citronelle - a fragrant Asian grass, Cymbopogon nardus, which yields an oil much used in perfumery.

pervenche* - a shade of light blue, resembling the colour of the flowers of the periwinkle; the common name of plants of the genus Vinca.

viola - the violet. 

to speak in the ear* - to whisper, speak privately.


uptight* - Of a peson: in a state of nervous tension or anxiety, worried, angry; characteristically formal in manner or style;        tightly - soundly, stoutly, vigorously; neatly, smarly.

in the front - on the side that meets the eye, in a postition facing the spectator.

on the loose - (behaving) in unrestrained or dissolute fashion, 'on the spree'; Of women: living by prostitution.

drum - to beat or play on a drum; to beat or thump upon anything with a more or less rhythmical or regular noise.

heliotroper* - one who manages a heliotrope (an apparatus with a movable mirror for reflecting the rays of the sun, used for signalling and other purposes, esp. in geodesic operations).

stulp = stoop (a post, pillar)                                                                                     stepped

beamy - emitting beams of light, radiant


calmy - tranquil, peaceful

head for a fall* - to be on a course of action that is likely to lead to failure.

Marengo - The name of a village in northern Italy, the scene of Napoleon's victory over the Austrians in 1800, used in the name of the dish chicken, fowl, poulet Ó la Marengo, said to have been served to Napoleon after the battle of Marengo.

whyte = white               Proverbial Phrases: black or dark as pitch (cf. pitch black, pitch dark).

acrawl* - crawling;         scowl - to look with louring brows and a malignant or threatening expression; to look angry or sullen.

arrest - the act of stopping anything in its course

soul brother* - a spiritual brother;                    scald - 'scurvy', mean, paltry, contemptible.

evangelium (l) - christianity

sabre - a cavalry sword having a curved blade specially adapted for cutting.

accusant - one who accuses, an accuser

All Saints - the saints in heaven collectively, = All-Hallows. Hence a frequent dedication of churches. 

Sir John* - a familiar or contemptuous appellation for a priest.

maim - to mutilate, cripple, render powerless or essentially incomplete.


proffer - to offer, present, tender.


trifle - a small article of little intrinsic value

who is she - - the cat's mother? - catch phr. said to one (esp. a child) who uses the pronoun of the third person singular impolitely or with inadequate reference.

what do you lack? - a salesman's cry; hence as an appellation for an itinerant vendor or pedlar.

prehend - to apprehend with or without conscious formulation of the perceived object; to interact in time and space with an object or event. 

to puzzle one's brains* - to exert oneself in thought or contrivance.

Feind (d) - enemy                                                                                                          finder

Schall (d) - sound, echo

kunning = cunning - crafty, artful, sly


undergo* - to go or pass under (obs.), to subject or submit oneself to.

Matthew (THE EVANGELIST), Saint* - one of the Twelve Apostles, traditional author of the first Synoptic Gospel;        matt - Of colours, surfaces: without lustre, dull, 'dead'.

sought* - past of seek

luft = left

Mark, (THE EVANGELIST) Saint* - traditional author of the second Synoptic Gospel.

ne - never; not; nor

luke = look;             Luke, Saint - the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, a companion of the Apostle Paul, and the most literary of the New Testament writers.

blooming - that blooms, or is in flower

corn - a horny induration of the cuticle, with a hard centre, and a root sometimes penetrating deep into the subjacent tissue, caused by undue pressure, chiefly on the toes or feet from tight or hard boots.  

prank - to caper, to dance; to dress, or deck in a gay, bright, or showy manner; to play pranks or tricks, formerly sometimes wicked or mischievous, now usually in frolic .

jointly - together, in union;                                                     John (THE EVANGELIST), Saint

schooling - the action of teaching, or the state or fact of being taught, in a school.


item - used to introduce a new fact or statement, an intimation, a hint.

hardset - in a hard or difficult position; set so as to be hard or firm.

weet = to know; wet                                                                                             waiting

grieve - to cause pain, anxiety or vexation to, to annoy


otem = totem

at one’s wits ends* - very confused esp. about what to do;    thinker - a person of skilled or powerful mind; Theatr. colloq. An actor who plays in 'thinking parts';
to have at finger’s end - to have something firmly fixed in the mind or ready to use.

will - desire to, wish to, have a mind to (do something); often also implying intention (obs.)

gray duck* - a sort of duck

sat down

roust - voice, cry, shout                                                                                                     rest

thereby hangs a tale* - an interesting story is connected with this;        towher - dowry;      byhanger - a hanger on, a parasite; an appendage.


dire - mournful, dismal                                                                                                     dear

frightfulness* - the state of being filled with fright; the quality of causing fright, hideousness.


colline - a small hill

janitor - a door-keeper, porter, ostiary.



antler* - the branched horn of a stag or other deer.

bulch - to swell out, bulge


while (away) - to cause (time) to pass without wearisomeness, to pass or get through (a vacant time), esp. by some idle or trivial occupation.

sprankle - to throw out sparks, to sparkle; to crackle.

all over - over the whole body; everywhere.

note of interogation* - ''?'';         nocence - guilt.

tender;        tend - to apply oneself to the care and service of (a person).




limbo lake* - the 'pit' of hell

subconsciousness;         nescious - ignorant.

whither = whether


blabber - one who blabs, one who reveals secrets, a tell-tale.

vogal - a cave, a hollow                                                                                                 vocal

tympan* = tympanum (obs.) - Anat. The drum of the ear; the middle ear.


trompe - deceit, deception; trumpet


cicely - a popular name of several plants


consociate - associated together, united in fellowship or companionship.

hinder - last

common or garden* - ordinary;    comoner - one of the common people (not of noble rank).

boy friend;         fiend - a demon, devil; a person of superhuman wickedness.


fand - to try, test (a person or thing), to seek, look for.


charm - to persuade or induce to, to influence or engage by beuty, sweetness, etc.

Cinderella* - Name of the heroine of a well-known fairy-tale. Thence applied allusively to a cinder-woman, scullery-maid, etc.; also, a neglected or despised member, partner, or the like.

angle - to use artful or wily means to catch a person or thing.



groom - bridegroom                                                                                                  gloom

line up - the assembling of a number of persons in a line.

rapier - a light, sharp-pointed sword designed only for thrusting; a small sword          happier

thother - Coalesced form of the other, frequent from 14th to 17th c.

brandish* - to flourish, wave about (a sword) by way of threat or display, or in preparation for action.

amain* - with full force, vehemently, violently.

release* - to set or make free, to liberate, deliver, of (now somewhat rare) or from pain, bondage, obligation, etc. 


hast - 2nd pers. sing. pres. ind. of have.

carbuncly* - Of or resembling a carbuncle; bearing carbuncles;   carbuncle or carbuncle stone -  A name variously applied to precious stones of a red or fiery colour;    carbuncle - an anthrax.

precocity* - early maturity, premature development.


titter - the act of tittering; a stifled laugh, a giggle.

hilarity - cheerfulness

chary - careful, cautious, circumspect, wary.

tout ensemble* - Mus. The united performance of all voices or all instruments in a piece of concerted music, or of a chorus and orchestra; also, the manner in which this is done.

ultramarine* - situated beyond the sea (now rare).

to hold one's nose* - to compress the nostrils between the fingers in order to avoid perceiving a (bad) smell. Also fig.

esteem - favourable opinion, regard, respect.

warewolf* = werwolf - a person who (according to mediŠval superstition) was transformed or was capable of transforming himself at times into a wolf.

taboo* - prohibition or interdiction generally of the use or practice of anything, or of social intercourse.

the ruck - the undistinguished crowd or general run (of persons or things).

raid - a rush, charge, hurried movement; a forceful or insistent attempt at making a person or group provide something.

slick - Of skin, hair, etc.: Smooth, glossy, sleek; deft, quick, skilful in action or execution. 

anker - a measure of wine and spirits; anchor.

on one's hunkers - in a squatting position


muffin - a light, flat, circular, spongy cake, eaten toasted and buttered at breakfast or tea.

to wit* - introducing (or more rarely following) an explanation of the preceding word, phrase, or statement (or a modifying correction of it);                 weat = wait; wet.



watercress - the hardy perennial, Nasturtium officinale, found in abundance near springs and in small running streams, and now widely cultivated for use as a salad. 



shome - some kind of adornment for horses                                                                     home

golden syrup* - syrup of a bright golden-yellow colour, drained off in the process of obtaining refined crystallized sugar.

to drive mad, distracted, crazy - i.e. into the state of madness, etc.

gawk - to stare or gape stupidly

doxy - Originally the term in Vagabonds' Cant for the unmarried mistress of a beggar or rogue: a beggar's trull or wench: hence, slang, a mistress, paramour, prostitute.

moonbeam* - a ray of moonlight;     brimstone - Formerly the common vernacular name for sulphur.

hell fire* - the fire of hell.

Van Diemen's Land* - early name for Tasmania

to shake one's ears* - (? as a dog when wet); also, ? to make the best of a bad bargain; also, to show contempt or displeasure.

ring around* - a circular or spiral orbit or course.

inner - one who 'ins', takes in, or reclaims land.

mater - mother (schoolboy's slang);         mate - to match; to marry, to join in marriage.

eye - to perceive with the eyes (obs.)

to try up - Joinery: To test the straightness of (a planed surface) or the correspondence of (adjoining surfaces).

Jerry - a German

for nothing* - in vain, to no purpose;         jaunting = jaunting car.

flossy - resembling floss or floss-silk; fancy, showy.      floss - silk in fine filaments; In Orkney and Shetland: a collective term for reeds, rushes, etc.

mossy - marshy, boggy; resembling moss.

droop - to hang or sink down, as from weariness or exhaustion; to bend, or incline downward.

drape - to arrange or adjust (clothing, hangings, etc.) in graceful or artistic folds.

bowknot - a necktie, ribbon, etc., tied up in a double-looped ornamental knot.

wilt - Of plants or their parts: To become limp or flaccid, through heat or drought; to deprive of stiffness, energy, vigour, or spirit.

blot - a spot or stain of ink, mud, or other discolouring matter; a disfiguring spot or mark. 


dinah - a man's sweetheart or favourite woman

vaunt - to boast of (something), to commend or praise in a vainglorious manner.

glooming - the action of frowning, a fit of sullenness; sullen, frowning, scowling, melancholy.

gleaming - that gleams

gloaming - evening twilight; shade, dusky light.

tinsel* - a rich material of silk or wool interwoven with gold or silver thread.

touch - slightly, somewhat, 'a little bit'.

tarnished - having lost purity or lustre, faded; also fig. sullied, dishonoured. 

loveliness* - the quality of being lovely, exquisite beauty


gleam - to shine with a brightness subdued by distance or an intervening medium.

glooming - that grows or appears dark.

peripatetic* - of or belonging to the school or system of philosophy founded by Aristotle, or the Aristotelian sect; itinerant.

beau - fair, beautiful

sympathize* - to be affected with pity for the suffering or sorrow of another, to feel  compassion.

therefor = therefore

tansy - an erect herbaceous plant, Tanacetum vulgare, growing about two feet high, with deeply cut and divided leaves, and terminal corymbs of yellow rayless button-like flowers.

myrtle - a plant of the genus Myrtus, a shrub growing abundantly in Southern Europe, having shiny evergreen leaves and white sweet-scented flowers, and now used chiefly in perfumery.

rue - a perennial evergreen shrub of the genus Ruta, having bitter, strong-scented leaves which were formerly much used for medicinal purposes.

dyer - one whose occupation is to dye cloth and other materials.

dim - dimness, obscurity, dusk

deep - depth, deepness, deep water, a deep place; a deep (i.e. secret, mysterious) region of thought, feeling, etc.

dark - darkness esp. that of night

eve = evening


tryst - an appointment or engagement to meet at a specified time and place, randezvous.

trow - belief, faith, trust; faith as pledged, covenant

mammy - A child's word for mother.

dip - to plunge one's hand (or a ladle or the like) into water, etc., or into a vessel, esp. for the purpose of taking something out; to move the body downwards in obeisance.

dame - a girl, a woman; a woman of rank, a lady.

damsel* - a young unmarried lady; originally one of noble or gentle birth, but gradually extended as a respectful appellation to those of lower rank; a female attendant. 

dolly - a girl or woman, esp. a young, attractive one; a pet name for a child's doll. 

renew - renewal, new invention

truss - to bind or tie up, to adjust and draw close the garments of (a person);
to dress up - to attire elaborately.

hip - to hop (on one foot);         to hop it - to be off, go away quickly.

to trip it - to make a trip or short excursion

high sheriff* - the sheriff (in England and Wales, and in some Irish cities) as distinguished from a deputy or subordinate

so and so - in a certain manner or way; As a mere intensive.

two by two* - in groups or sets of two

nod - a short, quick inclination of the head used as a sign, esp. to convey salutation or recognition, to express assent or approbation, or to direct attention to something.

cashmere* - the fine soft wool obtained from the Cashmere goat and the wild goat of Tibet.

shoddy - having a delusive appearence of superior quality; shabby, cheap, inferior.

silver - a silver thread

pinafore frock* - a low necked sleeveless fashion garment worn by women and girls, usu. over a blouse or jumper.

link - to move nimbly, pass quickly along.

noose - to arrange like a noose or loop; to cast or put a noose round.

glint - to move quickly esp. obliquely; to peep, take a glance.

glance* - to move rapidly, esp. in an oblique or transverse direction; to cast a momentary look.

ramp - to bound, rush, or range about in a wild or excited manner; romp.

in rout - in succession, in order (obs.)

coloratura - 'divisions, runs, trills, cadenzas, and other florid passages in vocal music'; a singer of coloratura, esp. a coloratura soprano.

odalisque - a female slave or concubine in an Eastern harem, esp. in the seraglio of the Sultan  of Turkey. 

fleurette - an ornament like a small flower

In the view of

entrancing - that entrances, transporting

oodles - large or unlimited quantities, abundance.

diluvium* - A term applied to superficial deposits which appear not to have been formed by the ordinary slow operations of water, but to be due to some extraordinary action on a vast scale.

dies irae* - 'day of wrath', the first words, and hence the name, of a Latin hymn on the Last Judgement ascribed to Thomas of Celano.


The Merry Wives of Windsor

grocer = wholesaler

bawd - one employed in pandering to sexual debauchery; a procurer or procuress; orig. in a more general sense, and in the majority of passages masculine, a go-between.

haricot - a leguminous plant of the genus Phaseolus; a dish usually consisting of meat cut in small pieces, stewed with vegetables and highly seasoned.

lady in waiting - a lady who holds the position of attendant to a queen or princess.

sup - a small quantity of liquid such as can be taken into the mouth at one time.

paraffin - a colourless (or white), tasteless, inodorous, crystalline, fatty substance, solid at ordinary temperatures.

helter skelter* - to throw away or off, in disordered haste;        helt =  3 sing. pres. and pa. tense and pple. of hield - to take one's way, turn in a particular direction;        
skelt - to hasten, to be diligent.

causeway* - a raised road across a low or wet place, or piece of water; a highway; usually a paved way, such as existed before the introduction of macadamization.



tinkle - a sharp light ringing sound, such as that made by a small bell, or by pieces of metal, glass, or the like, struck together, etc.

tunder - a funnel; tinder                                                                                                 thunder

cat's cradle - a children's game in which two players alternately take from each other's fingers an intertwined cord so as always to produce a symmetrical figure.

bountiful - full of bounty, graciously liberal, generous                                                 beautiful

leash - to attach or connect by a leash; to beat or lash with a leash (obs.)

harrier - a kind of hound, resembling the fox-hound, but smaller, used for hunting the hare.

many times over* = many times

capital - main, leading, weighty, important, first-class.

buzz - Said in the Variorum Shakspere (1803) to have been a common exclamation (of impatience or contempt) when any one was telling a well-known story; Schmidt and others say 'a sound to command silence'.

runaway - escaped or given to escaping

bound - to direct one's course

bopeep - a nursery play with a young child, who is kept in excitement by the nurse or play-mate alternately concealing herself (or her face), and peeping out for a moment at an unexpected place, to withdraw again with equal suddenness. 

gay - full of or disposed to joy and mirth, manifesting or characterized by joyous mirth.

pack - a company or set of persons; generally implying low character, or association for some evil purpose, but often merely expressing contempt or depreciation, and formerly sometimes without such implication.

floral - a dancer at the Floralia, a Roman festival in honour of the goddess Flora (obs.)

pansy* - the common name of Viola tricolor, esp. of the cultivated varieties; the wild plant is a common weed in cornfields, etc., with small flowers compounded of purple, yellow, and white; the cultivated form is a favourite garden plant, with very numerous varieties having large richly and variously coloured flowers.

papavere (l) - poppy 

forget me not* - a plant which flourishes in damp or wet soil, having bright blue flowers with a yellow eye.

prime time* - spring time, spring (obs.)


ancelle = ancille - a maid-servant (obs.)

vice versa* - with a reversal or transposition of the main items in the statement just made, contrariwise.

thereout - outside of that place, out of that.

palm - Applied fig. to a person.

arbour - a plot of ground covered with grass or turf.


scarcely* - 'barely', 'only just'.

scout - the action of spying out or watching in order to gain information;    scope - the sphere or area over which any activity operates or is effective.

virid - green, verdant

woad - the plant Isatis tinctoria, formerly extensively cultivated for the blue colouring matter furnished by it.

tornament - torment

complementary - forming a complement, completing, perfecting.

Punch -the name of the principal character, a grotesque hump-backed figure, in the puppet-show called Punch and Judy.  

tummy - the stomach or intestine.

outward* - external, bodily.


floored - brought to the ground, overpowered, done for

cue - Theatr. The concluding word or words of a speech in a play, serving as a signal or direction to another actor to enter, or begin his speech.

goodness gracious!* - exclamatory phrase.

I, he, etc. would fain - gladly, willingly, with pleasure.

fondle - to behave, play, or speak fondly

praise - commendation of the worth or excellence of a person or thing, eulogy, laudation.

bit of fluff - a young woman

uncouth* - awkward and uncultured in appearence or manners.

odds - 'chances' or balance of probability in favour of something happening or being the case.


start from scratch* - start from the beggining and without any advantages or help.

dove - occasional pa. tense of dive  

Red Murray* - John Murray (Joyce's uncle)

puck - to hit or strike, to butt; a stroke

gillie - an attendant on a highland chief

martial - brave, valiant

menial - pertaining to household; servile, sordid.

Shrove Sunday - the Sunday in Shrove-tide (a time of merriment).

excrement* - to void excrement

frothblower - a beer drinker

belting - beating, thrashing;      belt - to drink heavily.

bout - a round of fighting; a contest, match, trial of strength; continued fit of drinking.


Much Ado About Nothing

aye - ever, always, continually

shameless* - lacking shame, impudent, insensible to disgrace.

tel = tell; till

Tartarean* - of or belonging to the Tartarus of the ancients; hence, pertaining to hell or to purgatory; infernal.

toothsome - pleasant to the taste, savoury, palatable; pleasant; fond of savoury food.

bretelle* - each of the ornamental shoulder-straps extending from the waist-belt in front to the belt behind of a woman's dress.


untellable - unspeakable, indescribable

mungy - dark, gloomy (obs.); moist, damp, wet.

maggoty - full of maggots; full of whims and foolish fancies, freakish;

mag - chatter, talk; halfpenny; playful shortening of the female name Margaret.

coppersmith - an artificer in copper, one who manufactures copper utensils.

split - to depart, to take one's leave; Used hyperbolically to denote the effect of excessive laughter, pain, or repletion; to turn evidence or informer, to betray confidence.

squeal - a shrill scream; an act of informing against another.

to seek hallows* - to visit the shrines or relics of saints.

Yank - Yankee

islander - a native or inhabitant of an island

absolution* - an absolving, discharging, or formal setting free (from guilt, sentence, or obligation).

skiff - a small sea going boat, adapted for rowing and sailing;        to take off - to go away, take one's departure, be off.


overwade* - to wade across;             over wide

tumbler - a drinking cup, originally having a rounded or pointed bottom, so that it could not be set down until emptied; often of silver or gold; now, a tapering cylindrical, or barrel-shaped, glass cup without a handle or foot, having a heavy flat bottom. 


bower - a dwelling, habitation, abode; a cottage.

three sheets in the wind* - very drunk

pagoda - a temple or sacred building (in India, China, and adjacent countries); fig. a temple.

secular - rel. to the world; rel. to the secular clergy; a Jesuit lay brother.


neuter* - Of gender: Neither masculine nor feminine; taking neither one side nor the other.

byebye - good bye

au revoir* - lit. 'to the seeing again'.

conundrum* - a riddle in the form of a question the answer to which involves a pun or play on words; any puzzling question or problem.

Schluss (d) - the end

missionary* - a person who goes on a religious mission; esp. one sent to propagate the faith among the heathen.

ministry* - the functions, or any specific function, pertaining to a minister of religion; the action, or an act, of ministering in holy things.

Sem - an Egyptian officiating priest who wore a distinctive robe made from a leopard's skin.

mum - an inarticulate sound made with closed lips, esp. as an indication of inability or unwillingness to speak.                                                                                              mum is

for his

maxim - a rule or principle of conduct

ban - anathemization, curse; denuciation, prohibition.

agelong* - lasting for an age

schoolmistress* - a woman who teaches in a school; (in early use) a female teacher, governess; Sheol - the underworld.

coach - to read or study with a 'coach'; to prepare (a candidate) for an examination, to instruct  in special subjects.

diligence - constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken.

whole hog - thorough-going, out-and-out;      to go the whole hog - to go all the way, to do the thing thoroughly.

carberry - to defeat, get the better of (f. Carberry Hill where Queen Mary was finally routed).

banishment - the action of authoritatively expelling from the country; a state of exile. 



trust - a body of producers or traders in some class of business, organized to reduce or defeat competition, lessen expenses, and control production and distribution for their common advantage.

incorporated* - constituted as a legal or formal corporation.

meteoromancy - divination by the observation of meteors.


heiss (d) - hot

roh (n) - raw, crude

regain - to get back to, succeed in reaching (a place) again.

absentee* - one who is absent, or away, on any occasion.

tarry - resembling tar; having the consistency, colour, or flavour of tar.

alley - a walk in a garden, park, shrubbery, maze, or wood, generally bordered with trees, or bushes; a back-lane running parallel with a main street (U.S.).

detour - a turning or deviation from the direct road, a roundabout or circuitous way.

on the safe side* - with a margin of security against error.

nostalgia - a form of melancholia caused by prolonged absence from one's home or country; severe home-sickness.

ora pro nobis (l) - pray for us

cashel - strong fence or ring wall enclosing a group of churches.

ligger - a line with a float and bait which is left in the water, used chiefly in pike-fishing in the Norfolk Broads.                                                                                                              girl

inclined - having a direction leaning or falling away from the vertical or horizontal, sloping, slanting.; favourably disposed, in the mood or mind for something.

jamb - a leg

purview - range of vision, physical or mental; outlook; range of experience or thought; contemplation, consideration.

pronaos* - the space in front of the naos, cell, or body of a temple, enclosed by the portico and the projecting side walls.

reredos* - an ornamental facing or screen of stone or wood covering the wall at the back of an altar, frequently of ornate design, with niches, statues, and other decorations.


weighting - something used as a weight to press down, steady, or balance.                  waiting

raging - that rages; also as a mere intensifier.

Jordan* - The name of a river in Palestine, the crossing of which is used (after Num. 33:51) in pietistic language to symbolize death.

waterboy - a boy employed at the riverside; chiefly U.S., a boy or man who carries or takes round drinking water.

lesson* - Eccl. A portion of Scripture or other sacred writing read at divine service.

chow - A Chinaman.

collegian* - one who is receiving, or has received, a college education, a student.

to fire off - to propel or discharge (a missile) as from a gun. Also fig.

Talmud* - the body of Jewish civil and ceremonial traditionary law.


epistle* - Eccl. the Epistle: The extract from one of the apostolical Epistles read as part of the Communion Service.



prepositus - the head, chief, president, or provost, in various institutions clerical and civil. 


salvo - to salute (a vessel, etc.) by firing of salvo or volley or guns;          salve (l) - hail!

gentlemen;      jointure - a joining.




rear - to build up, create, bring into existence.

handy - conveniently accessible or ready for use; of, or done by, the hand (obs.)

antic - an ornamental representation, purposely monstrous, caricatured, or incongruous, of objects of the animal or the vegetable kingdom, or of both combined (obs.); a grotesque or ludicrous gesture, posture, or trick; also fig. of behaviour. (Commonly in pl.)

inlander* - one who dwells in the interior of a country



schwemmen (d) - to soak;         shammy - a spurious imitation.

gigglesome* - prone to giggling

scrivenery* - the occupation of a scrivener; writing, as of a copyist or clerk.

satiety - the state of being glutted or satiated with food                                              society

S.P.Q.R. - the Senate and People of Rome; also in joc. adaptations, esp. = small profits, quick returns.

sniggering - that sniggers (to laugh in a half-suppressed, light or covert manner), snickering.

coper - a dealer;          horse coper - a horse-dealer.

plighty - full of folds, wrinkled; responsible, guilty.

malady - a morbid or depraved condition (e.g. of mind, morals, social arrangements, etc.); something that calls for a remedy. 

milady - a continental rendering of 'my lady', used as an appellation in speaking to or of an English noblewoman or great lady.

knave - rogue, rascal

arrant - wandering, itinerant, vagrant; esp. in knight arrant.

gillian - a girl, wench (fr. - Juliana).

croppy - one who has his hair cropped short; applied esp. to the Irish rebels of 1798, who wore their hair cut very short as a sign of sympathy with the French Revolution.


Lotus Eaters


Eolian Island;     nemo (l) - nobody;        patria (l) - fatherland.


Scylla and Charybdis

Wandering Rocks




Oxen of the Sun


maleesh - no matter! never mind!

untired - not tired or exhausted                                                                                     entire

strip - an act of removing one's clothes or of striptease.

hail fellow* - an intimate or familiar associate

gaffer* - an elderly rustic; an old fellow. Also simply, a fellow.

Sabbatarian* - a Christian who regards the Lord's Day as a Sabbath, deducing its obligation from the Fourth Commandment. Also, and more commonly, one whose opinion and practice with regard to Sunday observance are unusually strict.

faction - to form into factions (a party in the state or in any community or association).

gammer* - a rustic title for an old woman, corresponding to gaffer for a man.

congealed - frozen; petrified;        concealed - hidden, disguised, put out of sight.

sponsor* - one who enters into an engagement, makes a formal promise or pledge, on behalf of another.

cess - to cease to perform a legal duty; to give up, surrender.

malter = a maltster - one whose occupation it is to make malt.

microcosm* - the 'little world' of human nature

kettle of fish* - confused or difficult state of affairs

tiffin - In India and neighbouring eastern countries, A light midday meal; luncheon.

thea = tea - a light meal in the late afternoon, but locally in the U.K. (esp. northern), and in Australia and N.Z., a cooked evening meal.

rightfully* - justly, fairly, rightly, properly.

in black and white* - in writing or in print.



to read off - to utter aloud (the words or sentences indicated by the writing, etc., under inspection); to render in speech (anything written, a book, etc.) 

quire - a set of four sheets of parchment or paper doubled so as to form eight leaves, a common unit in mediŠval manuscripts; hence, any collection or gathering of leaves, one within the other, in a manuscript or printed book. Also, twenty-four (formerly sometimes twenty-five) sheets of writing-paper.

editor* - the publisher of a book

Caxton - a book printed by William Caxton (died 1492), the first English printer.

pollock -a sea-fish of genus Pollachius, allied to the cod, but having the lower jaw protruding.

miraculous* - so extraordinary as to appear supernatural, marvellous; astonishing.

jeremiad* - a lamentation; a writing or speech in a strain of grief or distress.

song book* - one of the service-books of the Anglo-Saxon church; a book of songs.


grusome = gruesome - inspiring fear, awe, or horror; fearful, horrible.