small wonder - it is not very surprising

take the floor - to get up to address a meeting, to take part in a debate.

bucketshop - a retailer of 'cut-price' goods, aiming to undercut the market by working outside the official system.

premises - a house or building with its grounds or other appurtenances.

sumptuous - Of buildings: Made or produced at great cost; costly and (hence) magnificent in workmanship, construction, decoration, etc.

bonfire - to make bonfires

trash - anything of little or no worth or value, worthless stuff, rubbish.

trumpery - 'Something of less value than it seems', worthless stuff, trash, rubbish.

to wind up - to end, end up

unlimited company - a company in which liability of members is not limited.

bum - to hum loudly, to boom; to drink; to beg, to act as a bum.

wash - Of waves: To sweep over a surface, to break or surge against (the shore, etc.)

hooker - a two-masted Dutch coasting or fishing vessel; ship (depreciatively or fondly).

man of war - a vessel equipped for warfare; an armed ship belonging to the recognized navy of a country; a boy's garment resembling that worn by a sailor, a sailor suit.

bar - a bank of sand, silt, etc., across the mouth of a river or harbour, which obstructs navigation.

Boniface - the name of the jovial innkeeper in Farquhar's Beaux' Stratagem 1707; whence taken as the generic proper name of innkeepers; 'mine host', or 'the landlord' of the inn.


min - mine

moniker - a name, a nick-name

cod - A slang appellation applied to persons, a codger

camel - a great awkward hulking fellow

pump - to pour forth (with pump), to raise or move water by means of a pump.

heavyweight - one above average weight

Waterloo;        loo - love.