humpty dumpty - something that once damaged can never be repaired; egg shaped character who fell from a wall and broke into bits.

roll - a loud, reverberating peal; a continuous reverberation

to curl up - to collapse

crumple - a crushed fold or wrinkle produced by compression;      crumpleback - crook-back.

butt - a terminal point; a hillock, mound; promontory

parsnip - a biennial umbelliferous plant (Pastinaca sativa), a native of Europe and part of Asia, having pinnate leaves, yellow flowers, and a pale yellow root.

slow coach - one who acts, works or moves slowly; a slow, idle or indolent person.

openair - outdoor

hideous - terrible, distressing, or revolting to the moral sense; abominable, detestable, odious.

I will go bail - I am certain

dairyman - one who operates dairy farm

bumping - huge, great; 'thumping'.

balbuties* - stammering, stuttering; lisping

chow-chow chop* - the last lighter containing the sundry small packages to fill up a ship;      lighter - a boat or vessel, usually a flat-bottomed barge, used in lightening or unloading (sometimes loading) ships that cannot be discharged (or loaded) at a wharf, etc., and for transporting goods of any kind, usually in a harbour;        chow chow - a mixture or medley of any sort.

chicken pox - the common name for Varicella, a mild eruptive disease, bearing some resemblance to small-pox, and chiefly attacking children.

chamber - chamber pot

soft soap* - to soothe or persuade with flattery or blarney