snowy - snowwhite

ductor - a leader, the leader of a band of music

fezzy - furnished with or wearing a fez

fuzz - a mass of fine, light, fluffy particlesè the beard of an adolescent boy.

bludgeon - a short stout stick or club, with one end loaded or thicker and heavier than the other, used as a weapon.

signum - sign, signature

curia (l) - court

maypole - a tall pole in an open place and wreathed with flowers forming a center for may day sports.

canto - a song, ballad (obs.); one of the major divisions of a long poem.

chorussed - singed in chorus

christen - baptize, to give a name to

tollgate - a point where vehicles pause to pay toll

rann - a stanza of a song, a verse

stoney = stony

mote = moot - to argue, to plead, to discuss, dispute, esp. in a law case.

Mike - an Irishman; a Roman Catoholic

dub - to name, style, nickname

llyn - a lake or pool in Wales

lex - law

apt - to make fit, adapt (to), prepare suitably (for)

noll - head

parse - to describe (a word in a sentence) grammatically, by stating the part of speech, inflexion, and relation to the rest of the sentence.

arrah - exp. of surprise or excitement

frosty - affected with or characterized by frost; reduced to a temperature at or below freezing-point; ice-cold.

ha - have

han't - have not, has not

brum - to murmur, hum

clip clop - imitations of sounds of alternating rhythm.

musique (fr) - music;    cue - humour, disposition, mood, frame of mind (proper to any action).