chair - a light vehicle drawn by one horse; a chaise

bearer - one who carries or conveys; a carrier, a porter; one who brings a letter, a verbal message, tidings, rumours, etc.

bait - to make a brief halt, to stop for food and drink

homeling* - a home-born inhabitant; a native.

oblate father - a member of a congregation of secular priests;            oblate - one who has devoted himself and his property to the service of a monastery in which he lives as a lay brother.

skinner - one that deals in skins; one that swindles or cheats

bricklayer - one who lays the bricks in building.

Fleming - a native or inhabitant of Flanders.

tabinet - a silk fabric similar to poplin

fumant - emmiting vapour or smoke

hammersmith - a smith who works with a hammer

chiseller - one that chisels; child

bout - a contest or match

cudgel play - a fighting or sporting contest with cudgels

braxy - a malignant sheep disease

bluecoat - policeman

broke - broken, peniless

gent - man, fellow, guy

on the rocks - quite destitute of means

portly - large and bulky in person; stout, corpulent.

pert - lively; brisk, sprightly; in good spirits, cheerful, 'jolly'

tass - a cup or small goblet, esp. one of silver or the like; the contents of this; a small draught of liquor.

shrub - a prepared drink made with the juice of orange or lemon (or other acid fruit), sugar, and rum (or other spirit).

tickey - threepence

Peter Pan* - used allusively for an immature adult (usu. a man); one who is emotionally (occas. physically) retarded.

Paul Pry* - meddlesome hero of the comedy Paul Pry, an excessively inquisitive person.

hell's delights - pandemonium

blain - a blister, botch, pustule

annuitant - one who holds, or is in receipt of, an annuity (a yearly grant, allowance, or income; the grant of an annual sum of money, for a term of years, for life, or in perpetuity).

acorn - fruit generally

deuce - the two at dice or cards; bad luck, plague, mischief.

Diana - an ancient Italian female divinity, the moon-goddess, patroness of virginity and of hunting; virgin, unsullied.


particularist - an adherant of a theological doctrine that redemption through Christ is provided only for the elect.

prebendary - the holder of a prebend (the portion of the revenues of a cathedral or collegiate church granted to a canon or member of the chapter as his stipend).

tonsure - the shaving of the head or part of it as a religious practice or rite, esp. as a  preparation to entering the priesthood or a monastic order.

Uniate - a Russian, Polish, or other member of that part of the Greek Church which, while retaining its own liturgy, acknowledges the supremacy of the Pope and is in communion with  the Roman Catholic Church.

plunk - to plump, to drop down abruptly

lappet head - a head dress provided with lappets (streamers attached to a lady's headdress).

juiced - drunk

take the pledge - to promise to drink no more alcohol

tarry - spending or loss of time; delay, procrastination

flagon - a large bottle for holding wine or other liquors, a large vessel containing a supply of drink for use at table; now esp. one with a handle and spout, and usually a lid.

commodore* - Naval. An officer in command, ranking above captain and below rear-admiral; 'the senior captain, when three or more ships of war are cruising in company'; a like officer in a fleet of merchantmen.

weaver - a workman or workwoman whose occupation is weaving.

almshouse - a house founded by private charity, for the reception and support of the (usually aged) poor.


petticoat* - a skirt as distinguished from a bodice, worn either externally, or beneath the gown or frock as part of the costume, and trimmed or ornamented.

curate* - any ecclesiastic (including a bishop, etc.) who has the spiritual charge of a body of laymen.

wararrow - an arrow split into segments which are sent out by a chief as a call to arms.

Félibrian* - relating to the Félibres, or to the Provençal literature produced by them.

metre - any specific form of poetic rhythm

affectioned - inclined (in any way), well affected

stampede* - Of a herd of cattle: To become panic-stricken and take to flight.

slip - a piece of paper or parchment, esp. one which is narrow in proportion to its length.

blanco - a white preparation for whitening accoutrements

headed - furnished with a heading, written or printed

rough and ready* - not elaborately or carefully contrived or finished, just good enough to serve the purpose.

woodcut - a design cut in relief on a block of wood, for printing from; a print or impression obtained from this.

byway - side road

rose of the winds - a diagram indicating the frequency, force, etc. of the winds at some given place.

archway - an arched or vaulted passage.

lattice - a structure made of laths, or of wood or metal crossed and fastened together, with open spaces left between; used as a screen, e.g. in window openings and the like; a window, gate, screen, etc. so constructed.

black hand - a lawless secret society practicing terrorism, extortion, etc.

pussyfoot* - any of several plants having leaf clusters that suggest a cat's foot in shape.

scotia - a hollow moulding; darkeness (so called from the dark shadow within the cavity);      Scotian - of or belonging to Scotland.

Pict* - one of an ancient people of disputed origin and ethnological affinities, who formerly inhabited parts of north Britain. According to the chroniclers the Pictish kingdom was united with the Scottish under Kenneth MacAlpine in 843, and the name of the Picts as a distinct people gradually disappeared. In Scottish folk-lore, the Pechts are often represented as a dark pygmy race, or an underground people; and sometimes identified with elves, brownies, or fairies.

strain - a musical sequence of sounds, a melody, tune


uncrowned king* - a man exerting autocratic influence over a specified sphere; a dominant man.


downpour - a pouring down; esp. a heavy, continuous fall (of rain, etc.)

plaudit - an act of applauding; a round of applause

rapsodist* - a collector of literary pieces (obs.); a reciter of poems.

pipe - to play (a tune, music) upon a pipe

sput - to urge, incite; p. of spit