incurable - that cannot be cured

wellesay* - alas!

welladay* - exp. of sorrow, lament

cockle hat - a hat with cockleshell as the badge of a pilgrim

wangle - to accomplish (something) in an irregular way by scheming or contrivance.


roche - a rock or cliff

in common* - in joint use or possession

seaborne* - conveyed by sea

undulant - fluctuating, rippling, rolling

shaver - boy, a little child; one that shaves

shaw - a thicket, a small wood, copse or grove; show

yokel - a contemptuous term for a (stupid or ignorant) countryman or rustic.

waster - one who lives in idleness and extravagance

bustling - that bustles; full of bustle or agitation

tweeny - a maidservant whose work supplements that of cook and housemaid.

of all works - employed in all kinds of work esp. in household (maid of all works).

meed - a reward, guerdon, or prize awarded for excellence or achievement.

anthem - a song, as of praise or gladness; a hymn

here we come

jiffy - a very short space of time

furbish - to brighten by rubbing, polish, burnish; to renovate, revive.

potlid - the lid of a pot (when of iron, sometimes used as a warming-pan).

brass plate* - brass plate, a plate of brass, bearing an inscription, e.g. on or at a door or gate, bearing the resident's name.

linkboy - an attendant employed to bear a torch to light the way of a person abroad in the streets at night.

ashhopper - a lye (any detergent material used in washing; a cleansing substance) cask, resembling a hopper in a mill.

fella - fellow

longa - long

rejuvenate - to restore to youth; to make young or fresh again

busker - an itinerant entertainer

rave - the (or an) act of raving; frenzy, great excitement.

rumble - commotion, bustle, tumult, uproar

broadawake - fully awake

suite - a train of followers, attendants, or servants; a retinue

shufle - to move the feet along the ground without lifting them, so as to make a scraping noise.

cross - across, transversely

chilled - made sensibly cold

thrie = three

route - a way, road, or course; a certain direction taken in travelling from one place to another.

resting - a resting place

superficies - Geom. A magnitude of two dimensions, having only length and breadth.

correspondent* - in agreement or harmony, congruous, accordant with.

linea (l) - line

puncta = punctum - a (geometrical) point

Oberflache (d) - surface

thrum - to play (a stringed instrument, or a tune on it) idly, monotonously, or unskilfully.

fiddle - a stringed instrument of music; usually, the violin

witty - clever

leppy - a motherless calf                                                                            ? leapy

subject - one who is under the dominion of a monarch or reigning prince.

festive - Of persons: Employed in, or fond of feasting; convivial, jovial.

flavoury* - having flavour (a smell, odour), fragrant

fryberry* - a raspberry

honeyman - a man who sells honey or has charge of bees.

lavender - a washerwoman, laundress

foyne = few

priggish - characteristic of a prig; dishonest; dandish; conceited, pragmatical.

appraise - to estimate quality or excellence of


roaration = oration - a prayer; a formal speech; a noise or hubbub

pawnbroking - the occupation of lending money on the security of articles pawned.

redeem - to free (mortgaged property), to recover (a person or thing put in pledge), by payment of the amount due.

songster - poet

house of call - a house where journeymen of a particular trade assemble, where carriers call for commissions, or where various persons in request may be heard of.

fizz - animal spirits or 'go'; an effervescing drink, esp. champagne.

sot - one who commonly or habitually drinks to excess, a soaker.

liberty - a district of some british cities within which certain immunities are enjoyed.

league - an itinerary measure of distance, varying in different countries, but usually estimated roughly at about 3 miles.

site - the situation or position of a place, town, building, etc., esp. with reference to the surrounding district or locality.


Gladstone, William Ewart* - statesman and four-time prime minister of Great Britain.

steward - an administrator and dispenser of wealth, favours, etc.; esp. one regarded as the servant of God or of the people.

etre (fr) - to be