all is well

aim - to calculate one's course with a view to arriving (at a point).

stirrup cup* - a cup of wine or other drink handed to a man when already on horseback setting out for a journey; a parting glass.

...We slept at the Village of Simplon, in a very fair and wellwarmed inn.

housing - house accomodation, lodging

abide - to remain in residence; to sojourn, reside, dwell; an abode or stay.

block - a compact or connected mass of houses or buildings, with no intervening spaces.

back - to support one's opinions, judgements, etc., as to an undecided issue, by a wager or bet; to back a horse: to bet or stake money upon his winning a race

what with - because of

snore - to make harsh or noisy sounds in sleep by breathing through the open mouth or through the mouth and nose.

burden - the bass, 'undersong', or accompaniment

delay - to linger, loiter, tarry

nom - used in expressions denoting a pseudonym, a false or assumed name.

num - name

busybody* - one who is improperly busy in other people's affairs;        bussy - sweetheart.

rus in urbe - the creating of an illusion of the countryside in a city; an urban building, garden, prospect, etc., which suggests the countryside; (l) - country in city .

collarette - small or tight collar, necklace

sunbonnet - a light bonnet with a projection in front and a cape behind to protect the head and neck from the sun.

eyot - small island                                                                                   eight of march

otherwiles* - at another time                                                                    otherwise

to pump ship* - to urinate


whereat - for what cause or reason, wherefore

nigger - a Negro

oft - often


hearing - the extent within which sound may be heard

stony broke - completely broke, lacking funds

Welshdraper* - a maker of, or dealer in, 'Welsh cotton'; a woollen draper.

executive - a business man

discharged - freed from a charge, load, obligation, etc.; dismissed.

abode - an abiding-place, a dwelling-place, house or home

Mona Lisa* - the name of a portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), used allusively and attrib. of an enigmatic smile or expression such as that of the woman in this painting;        mildew - a morbid destructive growth upon plants, consisting of minute fungi, and having usually the appearance of a thin whitish coating.

doorway - the space in wall occupied by a door

bunk - a box or recess in a ship's cabin, railway-carriage, lodging-house, etc., serving for a bed; a sleeping-berth. Freq. one of two or more beds arranged in a tier.

iceland - a country covered with ice; the realm of perpetual ice

pillow - to lay down on a pillow, to rest (a head) on a pillow

no slouch of (something) - a poor, indifferent, or inefficient thing, place, person, etc.

illstarred - ill fated, doomed to failure or disaster

busker - an itinerant entertainer or musician

sans - without

scrapie - a virus disease of sheep

toadstool* - mushroom

selfabuse* - abuse or revilement of oneself, masturbation

Birman - Burman;         barman - a man who serves at the bar of a public-house.

towhead - a head with flaxen hair, a person having flaxen hair.

toss - to lift, jerk, or throw up (the head, etc.) with a sudden, impatient, or spirited movement.

shakedown - a bed made upon straw loosely disposed upon the floor or ground; hence, any makeshift bed, esp. one made up on the floor.

by any manner of means* - in any way whatever

parabellum - automatic pistol or machine gun

take wing* - to develop rapidly, to take on greater power

sociable - companionable, friendly, inclined to community; an open 4-wheel carriage.

light - to descend from a horse or vehicle, to dismount

sidewheel - of steamers, having paddle-wheels at the sides

tramline* - a tramway; also, a tram-rail

to throw true - to prouduce offspring true to the parent type, to produce.


napper - head; one that naps

beatitude - supreme blessedness or happiness