sane - sensible, rational

hippic* - rel. to horses or horse racing

breezy - windy; fig. Characterized by brisk vigour or activity, lively, jovial.

go through the card - to consider or try all the possibilities offered;            card - a small sheet serving as a ticket of admission to an exhibition or entertainment.

picker up - one who picks up or gathers

perkin - a pretender to the trone, or to any exalted position                                         Peter

peer - a member of one of the degrees of nobility in the United Kingdom

prole - a member of the proletariat

encourage - encouragement

hackney - a horse for ordinary riding

plate - in Horse-racing, a prize consisting of a silver or gold cup or the like given to the winner of a race.

photo finish* - the finish of a race in which competitors are so close that the result has to be determined by reference to a photograph of the situation;        tablecloth - a covering for a table, particularly that spread on it when it is 'laid' for a meal.

cream - yellowish white color

colt - the young of the horse (to the age of 4, or in the case of a thoroughbred, 5 years).

getaway - act of starting

roe - a name given to the regular appearance of dark figures and spots in figured mahogany, which give a mottled effect, like a fish roe.

hinny - the offspring of a she-ass by a stalion

drummer - one who beats a drum for public or military purposes

coxon - coxswain

nondescript* - not easily described or classified; of no particular class, kind, or form;        depict = depicted.

breakneck - inviting danger, very rapid, very steep

odds - the ratio between the amount to be won and the amount wagered on a bet, difference.

bonny - pleasing to the sight, comely, beautiful

winny - whinny; wienie

widger - a gardening tool;                           jolly roger - the pirate's flag.

the daddy of them all* - the best or finest example of som. pleasant or unpleasant;         nappy - liquor, ale; napkin.

top* - to get or leap over the top of, to surmount

timber - wooden, dull

maggie - a girl;         naggy - a small nag, a pony.

wetter - one who wets; water

overt - open to view

lande - an infertile moor, sandy barren bordering the sea

treacle - something sweet or clogging; to flow as treacle, to trickle (humorous nonce-use.)

in pop - in pawn or pledge

theft - the action of a thief, larceny

frisky - lively, playful

shorty - a person of short stature; a short drink

punctilious - marked by precise exact accordance with the details of codes or conventions.

tipster - a man who makes a business of furnishing 'tips' or confidential information as to the probable chances of an event on which betting depends, esp. in horse-racing.

come off - to come away from a place in which one has been e.g. a ship.

hulk - a ship; the body of a dismantled ship (worn out and unfit for sea service) retained in use as a store-vessel, for the temporary housing of crews, for quarantine or other purposes; a vessel of this kind formerly used as a prison. Usually pl.

bum - to go around in the manner of a bum, to wander.

oofbird - a source or supplier of money, ''the goose that lays the golden eggs''.

jimmy o'goblin - Rhyming slang for sovereign (twenty shillings).

un - one

colleen - a girl;        colleen bawn = white or fair girl.


clobber - to hit; to thrash or 'beat up'                                motor car - an automobile.

law language - language pertaining to law

sunday - a sunday newspapers

to rub noses (with) - to touch noses in greeting (in token of friendship).

gurgle - a drink or draught of liquor

along of - on account of, owing to; together (with)

butty - a fellow workman

bloke - man, fellow;         bootblack - a person who blacks boots, a shoe-black.

specs - specifications...                                                                               streets

wild and woolly - marked by boisterous and untamed ways of living and by lack of refinement.

counties - pl. of county

lodginghouse - a house, other than an inn or hotel, in which lodgings are let.

to be hail fellow well met* - to be on such terms, or using such freedom with another, as to accost him with 'hail, fellow!'; on a most intimate footing;          hailfellow - pal, a boon companion.

meth - method; colloq. abbrev. Methedrine; also, a Methedrine tablet.

cot - a portable bed, or one adapted for transport.

blotto - completely drunk, confused, disordered

divers - various, several; more than one, some number of

tot - a minute quantity of anything, esp. of drink

hell fire - the fire of hell

red biddy - a drink consisting of methylated spirits and cheap red wine; also, inferior red wine.

blue ruin - gin (usually of bad quality)

jenny - a female bird


doggies - pl. of doggy - a small dog

galop - a lively dance

primrose - a well-known plant, bearing pale yellowish flowers in early spring, growing wild in woods and hedges and on banks.