crown - to bring (efforts, wishes, etc.) to a successful and happy consumation.

pot valiance - valour or courage induced by drink, Dutch courage.

platter - one who plats (to buffet, slap, smack, strike, knock); a flat dish or plate for food.

Benjamin - the name of the patriarch Jacob's youngest son. Hence allusively, the youngest (and, consequently, favourite) son of a family.

bouilli - boiled meat


arabesque* - to ornament in arabesque (a species of mural or surface decoration in colour or low relief, composed in flowing lines of branches, leaves, and scroll-work fancifully intertwined);        erebus - place of darkness between earth and heaven.

deluxe* - luxuriously;                     deliciously - delightfully.

nuptial - wedding;            for the first, second, etc. time - as a first, second, etc., instance.

humble - to make humble, to destroy the power.

banquet* - a feast, a sumptuous entertainment of food and drink.

teaman* - prisoner (slang); a marijuana addict;                      seaman - a sailor.

obdurately - stubbornly

bit of stuff* - woman or girl;             strife - earnest endeavor.

quick ear - capable of swift perception

spittoon - a receptacle for spittle, usually a round flat vessel of earthenware or metal, sometimes having a cover in the form of a shallow funnel with an opening in the middle.

aftertale - a subsequent reckoning, a correction.

hath - 3d. pres.sing. of have

to line up* - to fall into line, to come up to a certain line.

domestic* - of home, house, of one's own country or nation.

husbandry - the care of a household, domestic menagement.

to slip the calf* - to suffer abortion;       slip - to glide or pass easily out of (or from) one's hand or grasp, through (or between) one's fingers , etc., so as to escape or be lost.

in one's claws* - implying the notion of seizing, or having in one's possession or power.

to break news, a matter, a secret* - to make it known, disclose, divulge it.

curtsey - slight bending of a knees                                                                       course

vesper* - evensong                                                                                            whisper

amad - mad, demented                                                                                           amid

loverden* - beloved

manfolk - people, human beings

gossip* - a familiar acquaintance, friend, chum; esp. Applied to a woman's female friends invited to be present at a birth;              gossip cup - a warm drink consisting of thin gruel, mixed with wine or ale, sweetened and spiced, given chiefly to sick people, esp. women in childbed.

cup of tea

ticklish* - sensitive, touchy; fickle

hosch* - hush

intra - within the powers of legal authority

jist = just

tablespoon* - as much as a tablespoon holds

cupple = couple - to link together, to fasten

lawrie = lowrie - a fox

pudden - pudding

epistle* - a literary work, usually in poetry, composed in the form of a letter; Chiefly (from its use in translations from L. and Gr.) applied to letters written in ancient times, esp. to those which rank as literary productions, or to those of a public character, or addressed to a body of persons.

in vino veritas (l) - truth comes out under the influence of alcohol; a drunken person tells the truth.

volatile - a winged animal

Vincentian - a member of an order of Roman Catholic mission-priests founded by St. Vincent  de Paul (1576-1660).

overhear - to hear (speech or utterance) that is not intended to reach one's ears.

reared - brought up to a certain stage of growth

Ecclesiastes - the title of a book of the Old Testament, written in the person of Solomon, and traditionally ascribed to his authorship.

output* - to put out, produce

pianissimo* - very softly; a very soft passage

varied - presenting different forms or qualities on this account

catholic;         crookedrig - crookback

confidential - spoken or written in confidence                                                confessions

between hands - in the intervals of time, at intervals

to swear fealty - (of the feudal tenant or vassal) to take the obligation of fidelity to his lord.

bravour* - valour, bravery, spirit

freer* - one that sets free; friar

rubied* - coloured like a ruby

philly - rel. to city of Philadelphia; filly

lay - not ecclesiastical, unproffesional

rural science - the study of rural concerns esp. agriculture

orthophonethics - reproducing sounds correctly