postpubertal* - occuring after puberty;             puberal - of puberty

Heidelberg man* - an early pleistocene man;             mannlich (d) - manly

luft = left

slope - to move or proceed in, an oblique direction; spec. To bring (a weapon) into, or hold (it) in, a sloping position.

greedly = greedily - with manifestation of strong desire                                                greatly

ham - an inexpert performer; an incompetent boxer or fighter                                        man

touchy - risky, precarious; not to be touched without danger

um - 'em

guilder - gulden                                                guider - something which guides.

to take aback* - to surprise or discomfit by a sudden and unlooked-for check.

all the same - in spite of what has been mentioned; even if circumstances had been otherwise; nevertheless, notwithstanding.

mouldy - of the nature of mould; decayed, gloomy, depressing.

void - gap, nothingness

corse - corpse;                in a matter of course - belonging to the ordinary procedure, custom, or way of the world; customary; natural, to be expected.

hound - to hunt or trace with hounds or as if with hounds

monticule - hillock, a minute eminence

dandruff - dead scarf-skin separating in small scales and entangled in the hair; scurf.

to blaze the trail - to indicate (a spot or path)

trusty - trustful, trustworthy

snorler = snarler - a dog

voracious* - Of animals (rarely of persons, or of the throat): Eating with greediness; devouring food in large quantities; gluttonous, ravenous.

tag - label, epithet

big time - outstanding, first class;         big timer - a top ranker.

verbot (d) - prohibition, ban

twittering* - light tremulous chirping of a bird or birds

twatterlight*  = twitterlight - twilight

suppertime* - the time for evening meal

souvenir - a remembrance, a memory

charlatan - an assuming empty pretender to knowledge or skill, a pretentious impostor.

mall - a sheltered walk serving as a promenade; in some towns adopted as a proper name.

jointly - together

darkening - nightfall, dusk

whenas - while; although, whereas; for the reason that

talky-talk* - trivial conversation, talk for talking's sake;         pawky - tricky, sly, cunning.

acquiescent* - acquiescing; disposed to acquiesce, quietly agree, or assent.

stud - to furnish with studs (pillar, nail, bolt)

spat - p. of spit (to utter, speak, to emit)

pervertedness* - wickedness, distortion

musaic = mosaic

dispensation - Theol. A religious order or system, conceived as divinely instituted, or as a stage in a progressive revelation, expressly adapted to the needs of a particular nation or period of time, as the patriarchal, Mosaic (or Jewish) dispensation, the Christian dispensation.

hearthstone - the flat stone forming the hearth. Also put symbolically for the fireside or home.

saliva - spittle

ascendance - going back in time

expectorate - to eject, discharge (phlegm, etc.) from the chest or lungs by coughing, hawking, or spitting; to ease or relieve one's mind.

callous - hardened, unfeeling, insensible.

belcher - a multicolored handkerchief worn about the neck

pucket - nest of caterpillar                                                                                pocket



sup - to take supper

dish meat* - food cooked in a dish, as e.g. a pie;                 sot - one who commonly or habitually drinks to excess.

pottage - soup, esp. a thick soup

dab - pat, tap;             dub - to name, to nickname

rawly - barely, scarcely (obs. rare.)                                                                                   realy

excelling - superior

ball - to form into a ball, to squeeze into a compact mass

pishogue* - sorcery, witchcraft

winesour - a small acid variety of plum

proviant - food

bilker - one who practises cheating; esp. one who evades payment of a cabman's fare.

hoarsely - with hoarse voice                                                                                     highly

relish - to enjoy, take pleasure or delight in, to have a liking for.

chaff - to roll up (dough) into a rounded form in the moulding of a round loaf.

snevel = snivel

fain - pleased, happy, inclined, desirous

fennel - a fragrant perennial umbellifer (Foeniculum vulgare) having yellow flowers, cultivated chiefly for its use in sauces eaten with salmon, etc.