amalgam - orig. A soft mass formed by chemical manipulation, esp. a soft or plastic condition of gold, silver, etc. produced by combination with mercury; fig. A complete combination of various elements. 

chloride* - Chem. A simple compound of chlorine with a metal or an organic radical.

hydrophobe - one suffering from, or affected with, hydrophobia (aversion to water or other liquids, and difficulty in swallowing them; dread or horror of water. Also fig. madness).

sponge - a hard drinker, drunkard

happy go lucky* - just as it may happen; as luck will have it; haphazard;    gusty - Of weather, etc.: Marked by gusts or squalls of wind; fitfully windy or stormy.

Ides of April - 13th April

assumption - the action of taking to oneself; reception, adoption.

one's birthday suit* - the state of being completely undressed

appurtenance - a thing which naturally and fitly forms a subordinate part of, or belongs to, a whole system; a contributory adjunct, an accessory.

misdemeanour - Law. One of a class of indictable offences which were formerly regarded as less heinous than those called felonies; evil behaviour, misconduct.

tried - proved or tested by experience or examination; Of metals: purified, refined.

tigerwood - showy black marked wood

staff - a long stick carried in the hand for support in walking

stay - something that serves as a prop, support

billow - to surge, swell, undulate, roll with wavy motion

expanse - a widely extended space or area, a wide extent of anything.

caoutchouc - 'waterproof' (cloak)

kepi - a French military cap, slightly tapering, with a flat top which slopes towards the front, and a horizonal peak.

blue fox* - a dark reddish grey, pelt of artic fox

fustian - Formerly, a kind of coarse cloth made of cotton and flax. Now, a thick, twilled, cotton cloth with a short pile or nap, usually dyed of an olive, leaden, or other dark colour.

ironside - a hardy veteran puritan soldier

jackboot - a heavy military boot

bhagavat* - possesing good fortune, blessed one

rubberize* - to coat or impregnate with rubber

inverness - name of an overcoat with a removable cape

Lucifer* - the rebel archangel whose fall from heaven was supposed to be referred to in Isa. xiv. 12; Satan, the Devil.

aureoled* - encircled with an aureole

odds - chances, greater likelihood

beat about* - to discuss topics already treated of; to tack against the wind.

overcoat* - a large coat worn over the ordinary clothing, esp. in cold weather.

inside out* - so that the inner side becomes the outer


sign the pledge - to decide or promise to drink no more alcohol

hardily - boldly, courageously

accost - to make up to and speak to; to address.

How do you do my fine gentleman?

old days* - past times

tremblingly - in a trembling manner; tremulously; with trembling

bradys (gr) - slow, dull

evitate - to avoid, shun

execration - the utterance of curses (as an expression of hatred), an imprecation.

honi soit (fr) - shame on him

spurring - that impels, incites or urges;         spur of the moment - prompted by the occation, occuring without prior planning.

nexal - characterized by the imposition of servitude as a penalty on a defaulting debtor.

noxally - by way of noxal surrender (the compensatory surrender to the plaintiff of the slave, animal, etc. by which the injury was done).

ping - a sharp metallic sound

K.O. - knock(ed) out

plug - to put a bullet into, to shoot

softnosed bullet - expanding bullet

sap - simpleton, fool

quick on the draw - to be quick in drawing a pistol

tipstaff - a badge of office, an officer who bears a tipstaff , bailiff                           tiptop

cue - a hint of what is coming


shrapnel - a hollow projectile containing bullets and a small bursting charge, which, when fired by the time fuse, bursts the shell and scatters the bullets in a shower; small change, notes, or coins of low denominations.

Waterbury - the name of a town in Connecticut, U.S.A., used attrib. or absol. to designate a low-priced watch or clock of a type manufactured there.

usucaption - the acquisition of ownership by long use or enjoyment.

skirl - a high shrill tone of a bagpipe, a shrill cry, a shriek; to scream, to produce a shrill sounds.

bellmaster - a player on a set of fixed bells played by hammers controlled by the keyboard.

thunderous - resembling thunder in its loudness, suggestive of thunder.

toller - one who tolls a bell;        toll - the act of tolling a bell, or the sound made by a bell when tolled.

kidder - hawker

by Jove* - Colloquiall asseveration (pro Juppiter, pro Jovem).

sidereal - Of periods of time: Determined or measured by means of the stars.

tankard - a bell hung on a sheep's neck                                                   Standard Time

buttal* - a bound or boundary; to set boundaries to

pondus  - a weight; chiefly fig. power to influence or bias; moral force.