leaky - giving passage to water or other fluid through a hole or fissure.

sneaker - a soft-soled, noiseless slipper or shoe.

track rekord* - the total number of a person's successes esp. in his work or job.

post - to place, station, stop; Mil. and Naval. To appoint to a post or command.

instance - urgent or earnest solicitation, instigation, request.

ibid - in the same place

commend -extol;         commander of the faithful - a title of the caliphs.

sultan* - the sovereign or chief ruler of a Muslim country.

sate - satisfy

trop - - turn, change;         drop dead - to die very suddenly.

alicubi (l) - somewhere

charge hand* - a workman who is in charge of a particular piece of work.

roche - any of various rocks

lowe - flame, blaze, to glow; laugh; lie

gob - mouth, sailor                                                                                                God

nark - informer; to watch, look after

defile* - pollute, debase

cabful - as much or as many as cab will hold                                                        cupful

bash - a good time, entertainment

slander - the utterance or dissemination of false statements or reports concerning a person, or malicious misrepresentation of his actions, in order to defame or injure him.

flat - clear and unmistakable, exact

southron - southerner, Englishman, a native of the southern states of the U.S.

homogenous* - congruous, befitting

grave - highly serious, formidable

impropriety - unbecomingness, unseemliness, indecency; morally improper conduct.

woodward - an english forest officer charged with guarding a wood

regarder - an officer who inspects royal forests and ascertain trespasses of the law.

shomer - guardian, watchman

chin - to talk idly, chatter

chinchin - to talk casually, trivial talk


immodest - improper, indelicate, indecent, lewd, unchaste.

dainty - of delicate or tender beauty or grace, delicately pretty

maidservant - a female servant

swelth* - a swelling; a whirlpool

rushy - made of or resembling rushes, abounding in rushes; quick, hurried, in a rush.

hollow - a hollow or concave formation or place, which has been dug out, or has the form of having so been.

whither - where

pinner - a woman's cap

eventide - evening

testimony - personal or documentary evidence or attestation in support of a fact or statement; hence, any form of evidence or proof.

first offender* - one who has committed a first offence, and obtains the conditional remission of punishment provided by the 'First Offenders' Act' of 1888. (...Keepers are punished for this by a fine for the first offence; and for the second by stripes).

vert - green vegetation growing in a wood or forest and capable of serving as cover for deer (...Destruction of vert is destruction of venison).

venison - any beast of chase or other wild animal killed by hunting, esp. one of the deer kind (...The master-keepers' and groom-keepers' duty is to preserve the vert and venison in their respective bailiwicks and walks).

incautious - unwary

attenuate - to weaken or reduce in force, effect, or amount; to become slender, thinner, or weaker.

sokeman - a man under the jurisdiction of another

Saint Martin's summer* - Indian summer when occuring in november

toman - a hillock, a mound of earth; a Persian gold coin

maler = males - pl. of male

abush - to ambush

keep back* - to restrain, retard; to conceal

erstwhile - former

burr - anything that appears to stick in the throat or that produces a choking sensation, accumulation of phlegm, huskiness; 'a lump in the throat'.