cuckoospit - a frothy secretion of spittle of insects on plants, an insect secreting this;    cockpit -  that part of the auditorium of a theatre which is on the floor of the house.

nth - n-th number

in one's own way* - within the limitations of one's character

forefather - ancestor

invariable -  remaining ever the same, unchanging, constant.

kerchief - handkerchief

shoulderblade - each of the two flat triangular bones articulated with the humerus, and lying over the ribs in the upper part of the back in all mammals.

wardrobe - a room in which theatrical costumes and properties are kept.

panel - to ornament (a piece of drapery) with a panel or panels (a panel-shaped piece of embroidery or appliqué work for insertion in any drapery).

outstretch* - to stretch beyond (a limit, etc.);      starch - to stiffen (linen, etc.) with starch; to make rigid, formal, or precise.

launder - to wash and 'get up' (the clothes)

claw hammer - a tail coat for evening dress

marbletopped - designating a piece of furniture the top of which is covered with marble.

highboy - a tall chest of drawers; one who lives 'high'; a 'fast' man, libertine, gallant.

pit - the ground floor of the theater

stall - a seat in the forward part of the main level of a theater.

cast - example; Theat. The assignment of the parts in a play to the several actors; the part assigned to any actor (obs.); the set of actors to whom the parts of a particular play are assigned.

parterre - the part of the ground-floor of the auditorium of a theatre behind the orchestra.

standing room - a space for spectators after all seats are filled.

habitual* - an habitual drunkard;         habitue - a habitual visitor or resident.

conspicuous - clearly visible, easy to be seen, obvious or striking to the eye.

emergant - suddenly appearing, arising as a logical outcome.

base - low in the moral scale; without dignity of sentiment; despicably mean.

...This is a sensible limitation which can easily be read into deed or will.

blurting - the uttering of words abruptly and heedlessly.

bruit - to noise, report, rumour

wisecracker - one who makes clever remarks

vile - physically repulsive, esp. through filth or corruption; horrid, disgusting.

atman (ind) - the supreme principle of life in the universe.

unmanner - destroy

detractor - a defamer, traducer, calumniator, slanderer

imperfectly - incompletely, defectively

warmblooded - ardent, fervent, passionate

caterpillar - a rapacious person; an extortioner; one who preys upon society.

discredit - impaired reputation; disrepute, reproach

juke - to mess around

mend - to correct (what is faulty), to improve by correction or alteration. 

alternately - by taking the alternate terms; by permutation.

lay under - to put into a condition (usually one of exposure to view or danger).

ludicrous - foolish, absurd

imputation - the action of imputing or attributing something, usually a fault, crime, etc., to a person.

ha ha ha

lea - a tract of open ground, either meadow, pasture, or arable land.

joque* - joke

Christlikeness - likeness to Christ

thoroughout - through or during the whole of (a period of time or course of action); from beginning to end of.

excellency - high degree of skill, proficiency; As a title of honour.


sleuth - to track, to investigate, to act as a detective; the track or trail of a person or animal; a detective.

boobytrap - a trap for a careless or unwary person

preposterous - absurd

quondam - at one time, formerly

pfui* - an exclamation of contempt or disgust

interim* - time between events

quidam (l) - someone

quoniam (l) - whereas

stumble* - to walk unsteadily and with frequent stumbles.