yea - yes, more than this, not only so but

khan - a title (now of slight import) commonly given to rulers, officials, or men of rank in Central Asia, Afghanistan, etc.


centaur* - Mythol. A fabulous creature, with the head, trunk, and arms of a man, joined to the body and legs of a horse; an unnatural hybrid creation; an intimate union of two diverse natures.


doth - do

heave - to throw, cast, fling, toss, hurl (esp. something heavy, that is lifted and thrown with effort).

fallacy - deceptiveness, aptness to mislead, unreliability

punical - faithless, treacherous

finikin - over-delicately wrought or finished; also, insignificant, paltry, trifling.


Scheherazade and Dunyazad* - sisters from The Thousand and One Nights.

stage - to represent (a character, an incident) on the stage.

pantaloon* - in modern harlequinade or pantomime, a character represented as a foolish and vicious old man, the butt of the clown's jokes, and his abettor in his pranks and tricks.

patronize* - to favour or support with one's expenditure or custom; to frequent as a customer or visitor.

holograph - a document wholly in the handwriting of the person whom it proceeds.

exhume - to dig out or remove (something buried) from beneath the ground.

sigla - letters (esp. initials) or other characters used to denote words; abbreviations or marks of abbreviation.

to dine with Duke Humphrey* - to go dinnerless;         dook - duck.

spalpeen - a common workman or labourer; Used contemptuously: A low or mean fellow, a scamp, a rascal; a youngster, a boy.

crony - an intimate friend or associate, a 'chum'.

populace - the common people

normative - establishing or setting up a norm or standard

imposing - that impresses by appearance or manner.

survey - to look at from, or as from, a height or commanding position.

vociferate - to utter with a loud voice

relieve - to make less tiring, tedious, monotonous, or disagreeable, by the introduction of variety or of something striking or pleasing.

grog - a drink consisting of spirits (originally rum) and water, to drink grog.

log - any record in which facts about the progress or performance of something are entered in the order in which they become known; log-book.

loot - money

voco (l) - call, shout

treating house* - a house of entertainment or refreshment, an eating-house.

satin - resembling satin in texture or surface.

lustre* - sheen, gloss, luminosity

floats = footlights - a row of lights on a stage floor, the stage as a profession.

oxgang - an old english unit of land area

unanimously - with unanimity; with agreement in aim, opinion, or action.


semper (l) - always

evergreen* - always fresh, never-failing.

tourer - one who tours or goes on tour.

command performance - a theatrical, musical, etc. performance given by royal command.

courteous - gracious, gentle


millenary* - a continuous period of one thousand years                                                century

ambitious - thirsting after honour or advancement; rising, swelling, towering.

bo - fellow

command night - the night on which a theatrical performance, etc. is given by (royal) command.

viceregal - of or pertaining to, associated with, a viceroy.

booth - a temporary structure covered with canvas, or the like, a tent.

ceilinged - having a ceiling