flagrant - blazing, burning, flaming, glowing

marl - a kind of soil consisting principally of clay mixed with carbonate of lime, forming a loose unconsolidated mass, valuable as a fertilizer.

turnpike - a barrier placed across a road to stop passage till the toll is paid; a toll-gate; Hist. A spiked barrier fixed in or across a road or passage, as a defence against sudden attack, esp. of men on horseback.

fixed - stationary, permanently placed

perch - a pole, rod, stick, or stake, used for various purposes, e.g. for a weapon, a prop, etc.

flower pot - a vessel, most commonly of red earthenware and slightly tapering downwards, to contain soil in which flowers may be planted.

earthside - earthward side or aspect

hoist - to raise aloft; to set or put up; to place on high

feign - to make a show of, put on an appearance of, put on, pretend, simulate, sham.

noticeably - remarkably

in fact* - in reality

yon - that

causeway - a highway; usually a paved way, such as existed before the introduction of macadamization.

potholed - having a pot holes (a deep hole of more or less cylindrical shape).

to put (one) wise (to) - to inform one (of), enlighten one (concerning).

paternoster - to fish with paternoster; a line used in fishing, to which hooks or groups of hooks are attached at intervals, and also weights to sink it; lord's prayer (our father).

silver doctor - an artificial fishing fly

fancied - artistically designed

lobster trap - a basket or similar structure serving as a trap to catch lobsters.

blunt - abrupt of speech or manner; plain-spoken; curt; without delicacy; unceremonious.

naw - no

yer - your

magger - maggot                                                                                            majesty

aw - awe; owe; ought                                                                                                        I

jist - just

cotch - catch

thon - that

bluggy - bloody

earwig* - an insect, Forficula auricularia, so called from the notion that it penetrates into the head through the ear.

drain - to drink (a liquid) off or to the last drops

gugglet = guglet - a long necked water vessel of earthware

adam's ale* - water

corban* - among the ancient Hebrews, an offering given to God, esp. in performance of a vow.

walrus moustache - a large moustache which overhangs the lips (thus resembling the whiskers of a walrus).

genial - sympathetically cheerful, jovial, kindly; of or pertaining to genius.

conk - nose, head, to knock

spindle side - the female line of descent

lock - one of the portions into which a head of hair, a beard, etc., naturally divides itself.

great aunt - the aunt of one's father or mother

sophy - a wise man, sage

retinue - a number or company of persons retained in the service of some one, or attached to and following one, esp. a sovereign, noble, or person in authority; a train or suite.

galloglass* - one of a particular class of soldiers or retainers formerly maintained by Irish chiefs.

etheling = atheling - a member of a noble family, a prince, lord, baron.

Leix - county in Ireland

Offfaly - county in Ireland

jubilee - the fiftieth anniversary of an event; the celebration of the completion of fifty years of reign.

scattergun - a shot gun; ...A scattergun method for dealing with unpleasant facts (fig.)

manning - the act of supplying man

proto - - first in time, earliest, original

syndic - an officer of government having different powers in different countries; a civil magistrate, or one of several such, entrusted with the affairs of a city or community.

Waterford - city in SE Ireland

excellency - title of honour, eminence( title of honour, now borne only by Cardinals).

cite - to quote

scholarch - the head or ruler of a school; spec. The leader of an Athenian school of philosophy.

typical;         triptych - a picture or carving (or set of three such) in three compartments side by side.

business as usual* - things proceeding normally in spite of disturbing circumstances.

hemlock* - the common name of Conium maculatum, a poisonous umbelliferous plant, having a stout branched stem with purplish spots, finely divided leaves, and small white flowers; it is used medicinally as a powerful sedative.

audibly - in audible manner, aloud

fume - to give way to or exhibit anger or irritation

for sure* - for certain, undoubtedly;         trusty - trustworthy, that may be trusted upon.

bailiwick - the office or jurisdiction of a bailiff

turnpike - to erect turnpikes on (a road)

by turns - time after time, turn after turn

seldom - not often, rarely                                                                                            other

haunt - habit, wont, custom

crusted - covered with a crust, hardened on the surface


cheery - abounding in cheerfulness, lively

roadside - the side of the road

amusive* - deceitful, illusive; affording pleasing entertainment.

Gladstone;             clad - p.p. od clothe.

nomination - the action of naming, specifying, or appointing.

bourn - stream, rivulet, goal destination, boundary

accolated - wreathed, conjoined, united;            accolade* - technical name of the salutation marking the bestowal of knighthood, applied at different times to an embrace, a kiss, and a slap on the shoulders with the flat blade of a sword.

collateral - placed side by side, parallel, coordinate

anthropomorphic* - having a human form, described in a human form or with human attributes.

narrative - story, narration

fata (l) - destiny

sibylline - rel. to Sibyl, prophetic, mysterious, cryptic.

fas (l) - law, right

nefas (l) - sin, vice