forebar* - to hinder, prevent, prohibit

genesis - origin, mode of formation or production

harold -  a species of sea duck

to dine with Duke Humphrey* - to go dinnerless

occupational - rel. to occupation (employment, vocation)

agnomen - an additional name or epithet

pre - - before

prodromatic* - of or pertaining to a prodromus, forerunning, introductory, preliminary.

chalk - to write with a chalk

pivotal - being that on which anything turns or depends; central, cardinal, vital.

offspring* - the progeny which springs or is descended from some one

wapentake - a subdivision of some english shires; (on.) - to take a weapon


hem - them

authenticate - to make authentic or autoritative

cabbaging - pilfering, purloining

Cinncinatus - Roman emperor, who was said to have laid down his plow on his tiny farm to serve as dictator in 458 BC.

save the day* - to bring success when failure seems certain

redwood - mahagony, scotch pine, etc.

sabbath - in the original use: The seventh day of the week (Saturday); since the Reformation, often applied to 'the Lord's day', i.e. the first day of the week (Sunday); transf. and fig. A time or period of rest.

to follow the plough - to plough (said of the ploughman)

rootlet* - a branch of the root of a plant; a subsidiary root;         rootless - without roots.

rere  - rear, the back or back part of anything

mug house* - an ale-house, beer-house. ? (obs. or arch.)

ye - the

marine - of or belonging to the sea, a sailor, mariner

royalty - a person of royal rank

runner - one that delivers messages, reports, etc.

highroad - a chief or main road, a highway.

leisure - time which one can spend as one pleases, free or unoccupied time.

dog fox - a small fox

cast - to turn in one's course, to veer

lady pack - a pack of female hounds

cocker spaniel - a small spaniel

vassal - in the feudal system, one holding lands from a superior on conditions of homage and allegiance, a tenant in fee.

fealty - the obligation of fidelity on the part of a feudal tenant or vassal to his lord.

ethnarch - a governor of a nation or people; a ruler over a province.

yoke - to attach a draft animal to something (by yoke)

sweatful - full of or abounding in sweat

bandanna - a large handkerchief


forecourt - the front court of a building

public - Short for public house. colloq. Cf. pub.

topee - a helmetlike hat with curved brim worn esp. for protection from the sun.

surcingle - a girdle or belt which confines the cassock (a kind of long loose coat or gown worn by rustics, shepherds, or sailors).

plaid - a rectangular length of tartan worn over the left shoulder as a part of the scottish national costume.

putee - a covering for the leg from ankle to knee consisting of a spirally wrapped narrow cloth.

ruddle - to redden, flush, to color with red ocher.

cinnabar - a red colour like that of vermilion.