riverrun - the course which a river shapes and follows through the landscape.

Adam and Eve's - old Franciscan church in Dublin (on the south quays of river Liffey).

swerve - an act of swerving, turning aside, or deviating from a course

bend - curve

bay - an embankment or dam to retain water, or divert its course into a mill stream, etc.

commodious - comfortable, spacious, capacious.

a vicious circle* - a situation in which a cause produces a result that itself produces the original cause;      vicus (l) - village, hamlet; street, row of houses, quarter of a city.

recirculation - a renewed or fresh circulation

environs - surroundings, outskirts

Tristram - Tristan (hero of medieval romance);    Sir Tristrem - metrical romance by Thomas the Rhymer from 13. c.

violer - A player of the viol, in early use esp. one attached to the household of the king, a noble, etc.; a fiddler

d'amore (it) - of love

...A long sea implies an uniform and steady motion of long and extensive waves; on the contrary, a short sea is when they run irregularly, broken, and interrupted, so as frequently to burst over a vessel's side or quarter.

pas encore (fr) - not yet

rearrive - to arrive again

Armorica - name of the north-western part of Gaul, now called Bretagne or Brittany.

scraggy - rough, irregular or broken in outline or contour

isthmus - a narrow portion of land, enclosed on each side by water, and connecting two larger bodies of land; a neck of land.

minor - small

wielder - a ruler, governer; one who uses or acts skilfully;         wieder (d) - again.

top sawyer - a worker at a sawpit who stands above the timber; one who holds a superior position, a first-rate hand at something;                                                               Tom Soyer

Oconee - river in Georgia;      ochone - exclamation of regret or grief.

exaggerate - to heap up

Laurens county - county in northern South Carolina?                                                 REFERENCE

gorgio - person who is not gipsy                                                                              gorgeous

mumper - beggar, a begging impositor, one that sulks.                                               number

afire - flaming, on fire                                                                                                afar

bellows - to blow (with bellows);       bellow - to call, yell.

venison* - any beast of chase or other wild animal killed by hunting                  very soon

scad - a dollar;     hit squad - a group of esp. politically-motivated assassins or kidnappers.

buttend - to use the butt end (e.g. of a gun)

bland - suave, dull, uninteresting                                                                             blind

Isaac - Isaac ben Abraham (known as Isaac the blind)

sosie - double, twin esp. an identical twin

wroth - to manifest anger, to become angry

twenty nine

rot - to decompose

peck - a liquid measure of two gallons; a considerable quantity or number, a 'quantity'.

Jim;         Shem

Shaun;         John

malt - barley or other grain prepared for brewing or distilling


brew - to concoct, to convert (barley, malt, or other substance) into a fermented liquor

arclight = arclamp - a lamp in which the light is produced by an electric arc.

rory - dewy, gaudy in colour

regina (l) - a queen                                                                                                  rainbow

aqua (l) - water

wallstreet* - New York stock exchange;      strait - difficulty, crisis.

parr - a young salmon before it becomes a smolt

retell* - to tell again;      re - - 'again, 'anew';     tale - to discourse, talk, gossip.

minstrelsy - the singing and playing of a minstrel

entail - to bring on by way of necessary consequence

at short notice - with little time for action or preparation

pfui* -  an exclamation of contempt or disgust

Erse - Irish;     Erseman - a man who is Erse by birth or descent.

humpty* - humped, hump-backed; Humpty Dumpty - A short, dumpy, hump-shouldered person. In the well-known nursery rime or riddle (quoted below) commonly explained as signifying an egg (in reference to its shape); thence allusively used of persons or things which when once overthrown or shattered cannot be restored. (In the nursery rime or riddle there are numerous variations of the last two lines, e.g. 'Not all the king's horses and all the king's men Could [can] set [put] Humpty Dumpty up again [in his place again, together again]'.)


inquiring* - that inquires, inquisitive

quest - search

pike - a sharp point, pointed tip, peak

rust - decompose;     to lay to rest - to put in the last resting-place, to bury.