Finnegans Wake

me - my

sneak - to move, go, walk, etc., in a stealthy or slinking manner;                                 taking

philippy* - love for or kindness to a horse or horses.

grimmest - supperl. of grim

loot - to lurk, lie concealed; to make obeisance, to bow.

hastings - early fruit of vegetables, early peas;      casting - the assigning of parts to suitable actors and actresses;    hasting - that hastes, speeding.

dispatch - to start promptly for a place, get away quickly; a written message sent off promptly  or speedily.

irrigate - to supply with moisture; to drink, to take a drink;                                      irritate

shirt front* - that part of man's shirt which covers the chest and is more or less displayed, a dicky.

yaw - yawn                                                                                                                    you



frow - woman, wife



shee - she;               he he - a representation of laughter, usually affected or derisive.

agin - again

gonn - to begin

boycrazy* - (of a girl) eager to associate with boys

git - get

bode - messenger, herald

bonnet - a cap of mail, a kind of helmet

busby - a tall fur cap, with or without a plume, having a bag hanging out of the top, on the right side.

secre* = secret

to break words with* - to exchange words with

ball up - to make a mess of, to confuse, muddle

herald* - a messenger

dispatch* - to send off post-haste or with expedition or promptitude (a messenger, message, etc. having an express destination)

display* - to exhibit ostentatiously; to show off, make a show of.

rare - the back part of something, rear

salamander* - a woman who (ostensibly) lives chastely in the midst of temptations (obs.), a soldier who exposes himself to fire in  battle.

cherry - cherry-coloured, red; a virgin

tit for tat* - an equivalent given in return;      tic - obsession, fixation.

hee - he

weet - to know; wet

tweet - a chirping note, chirp

foot - to go on foot, walk, run

camp - martial contest, combat, battle, the place where an army or body of troops is lodged in tents or other temporary means of shelter.


stale - of beer: to become stale or old                                                                            sell

store - to dose with (drugs or medicines) (obs.)

Rooshian* - Russian

ball - a missile (from canon, musket, pistol, etc.)

trinch* - trench                                                                                                           French

missile - a missile object or weapon;             troop - a body of soldiers.

poppy* - characterized by popping or exploding (rare.)

indulgence - the practice or habit of indulging or giving way to one's inclinations.


bonny - having a pleasing appearence

bawn = boon - advantageous, fortunate, favourable, prosperous.

rowdy - marked by disorderly roughness or noise

howse - house

splinter - fragment

camelry - troops mounted on camels;                                                                        cavalry

footer* - one who goes on foot

brum - to murmur, hum

rin - run

nip - to move rapidly or nimbly

nippy - marked by tendency to nip; brisk, quick

trip - the action of moving lightly and quickly

airy - light in movement or manner

silver plate* - used as a jocular representation of Fr. s'il vous plaît (please)

crape - a thin transparent gauze-like fabric                                                                   drops

canister - a small case or box, usually of metal, for holding tea, coffee, shot, etc.

marathon - applied to long-distance races or competitions calling for endurance.

brandish* - to flourish, wave about (a sword, spear, dart, club, or other manual  weapon) by way of threat or display, or in preparation for action.

sophy - a wise man, sage

divorsion - divorce                                                                                              division

petty - small, of small importance, minor, inferior