Finnegans Wake


mounding - heaping, piling;     mound - to heap up in a mound or hillock



quite - completely, totally, realy

villagette - a little village

gigglesome - prone to giggling

twixt* - betwixt (between)


prettiness* - beauty of a slight, diminutive, dainty, or childish kind, without stateliness.

penetrator - one who penetrates

Paddy - Irishman


dismember* - to deprive of limbs, to cut off the limbs

pousse - to push

pram - perambulator

sate - to saturate

butt - buttocks

passkey - master key, skeleton key, latch key

supply - supplicate (to petition humbly)

janitrix = janitress - a female janitor

tip - an item of expert or authoritative information imparted or sought for one's guidance, hint.


yiz - you (pl.)

Prooshian* = Prussian


flag - banner; an opprobrious (abusive) term applied to a woman.

bang* - to strike violently with a resounding blow; sexual intercourse.

up with - denoting the rising of a weapon, the hand etc. esp. so as to strike.

pike - a weapon consisting of a long wooden shaft with a pointed head of iron or steel.

fork - an implement consisting of a long straight handle, furnished at the end with two or more prongs or tines (used as a weapon).


Copenhagen* - the name of the Wellington's horse

magnetic - very attractive or seductive

magnate - nobleman, peer, a person of rank

garter* - a badge of a highest order of English knighthood

Bangkok - a kind of woven straw for hats

best - best clothes

golosh - an overshoe designed to protect the shoe in wet weather

trews - trousers in general (tartan or otherwise)

boyne - a flat shallow tub or bowl                                                                                boys

grouch - to grumble, complain;    crouch - to stoop or bend low with general compression of the body, as in stooping for shelter, in fear, or in submission.


Inglis - English

scotcher - one that scotches;      the Scotch - (pl.): The inhabitants of Scotland or their immediate descendants in other countries.

morder = murder

petty - small

naythir* - neither

asseyez (fr) - sit down

Delian - rel. to island of Delos, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis

mont - mountain

Injun - american indian

streamline* - a smooth flowing outline, a contour of a body

Alp -  roper name of the mountain range which separates France and Italy.

hoop - hope; to encircle, embrace.

jinny - demon or spirit; a female proper name, pet form of Jane.

feint - pretense, trick

handmade - made by hand

cooing* - uttering coos

ravin - to obtain or seize by violence;    raven - of the colour of a raven, glossy black.

to get the wind up* - to get into a state of alarm or funk;     git = get;        to get wind of - to receive information or a hint of, to come to know.

memorial* - of which the memory is preserved;      mormor - murmur.


wonderworker* - one who performs wonders or marvellous things; esp. a worker of miracles.

flank - the extreme left or right side of an army or body of men in military formation.