rockbound - surrounded with rocks

lifelong* - lasting or continuing for a lifetime

telltale* - betraying, revealing, informing

dapple* - to variegate with rounded spots or cloudy patches of different colour or shade.

bluebell* - a species of Campanula (C. rotundifolia) which grows on open downs, hills, and dry places, and flowers in summer and autumn, with a loose panicle of delicate blue bell-shaped flowers on slender peduncles. 

tricky - manifesting trickery, intricate, ingenious

trochee - a metrical foot

carina - the two petals forming the base of a papilionaceous corolla.

patter - babble, chatter

ins and outs* - the small details

till - to put (money) into a till, to labour, cultivate, to take care

teel = till;      a tale of a tub - an apocryphal tale; a 'cock and bull' story.

tum - the sound of plucked string, the sound of a drum; tummy;     tum (l) - than

teary - tearful, pathetic


taub (l) - deaf                                                                                                               Dublin

glutton - to feed voraciously or excessively                                                               dinner

gif - if, whether                                                                                                    it's

gross - thick, stout, massive, big (obs.)

kish - a large square wicker basket used in Ireland for carrying peat                                fish

craw - stomach

grandpapa* - grandfather;      grampus - Orca gladiator (whale).

granny* - grandmother

sweep the board* - to win all the prizes (esp. in roulette)

whase - whose                                                                                                          who is

feefawfum* - the first line of doggerel spoken by the giant in the nursery tale of 'Jack the giant killer' upon discovering the presence of Jack; an exclamation indicating a murderous intention; nonsense, fitted only to terrify children.

be = by

baken - baked, as bread or meat;      baken meat - pastry.

tail - the part opposite to what is regarded as the head;     top and tail - from head to foot.

hitch - to move with jerks

Daniel O'Connell* - first of the great 19th-century Irish leaders in the British House of Commons.



ale* - an intoxicating liquor made from an infusion of malt by fermentation; beer.

lo - used to direct attention to the presence or approach of something, Look! See! Behold!

quaff off - to drain (a cup, etc.) in a copious draught or draughts, to drink (liquor) copiously.

fraud - deceit 

pyth = pith (inner part or core of something);       to the pith - thoroughly, to the very core.

behemoth - great and monstruous beast

no more* - no longer existent; departed, dead, gone.


yestern - rel. to yesterday

rubicund - ruddy

Salmanasar* - king of Assyria;     Salmanazar - a large size of wine-bottle.

agapemone* - a free love institution

smolt - a young salmon; to make off, go, escape.

woebegonne* - exhibiting great woe or sorrow

summen (d) - to sing

Schluck (d) - gulp

Schluss (n) - the end

bronto - - thunder;     ichtyal - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of fishes.

outline - to define

nighttime - night

sedge - a name for various coarse grassy, rush-like or flag-like plants growing in wet places.

trattling* - that 'trattles'; chattering, tattling, gossiping.

hic (l) - here

cubo (l) - to lie, to sleep

aedilis (l) - temple, building

apud (l) - near

parvulus (l) - very little

what if - what is or would be the case if ?

flag - an apron; one of various endogenous plants, with a bladed or ensiform leaf, mostly growing in moist places                                                                                              rags

flitter - fragment, shred

mint - coin, money, a vast sum (as of money)

pennyweight* - a measure of weight, equal to 24 grains, 120 of an ounce Troy, or 1240 of a pound Troy.

arrah - an expletive expressing emotion or excitement.


piddle - urine, an act of urinating; a trifle, nonsense.

puddle - a small body of standing water

ninny - a simpleton; a fool.;     nannygoat - a she-goat. = nanny.


slaap - sleep

snoore - snore

cranic - of or belonging to a skull, cephalic

caster - one who casts, in various senses of the verb.

peer - to look narrowly, esp. in order to discern something indistinct or difficult to make out.

yond* = yonder;         yondermost - farthest, most distant.

whoot* - a loud inarticulate exclamation, hoot

feet of clay* - a surprising weakness or fault in character esp. in someone or something that is highly approved of.

sward - to cover with sward

verdigris* - a green or greenish blue substance (basic acetate of copper).

stick up - to stand out from a surface; to project

starck = stark (obs.) - hard, unyielding, rigid, stiff, incapable of movement.

fall on one's feet* - to be fortunate or successful after being in an uncertain or risky situation.

mund - protection; mound

over against - opposite to 

alliance - union, coalition

back side* - the back, the back premises, back yard

bom - the sound caused by the discharge of a gun, less deep and sonorous than a 'boom'. Also, the sound of a heavy object falling.

lurk - prowl;        look - to guard oneself, beware.


hokum* - a device found to elicit display of mirth, something worthless or untrue.

bird's-eye view* - a view of a landscape from above, such as is presented to the eye of a bird.