Finnegans Wake


blight - decay, disease                                                                                          night black

stack - heap

twelve penny* - 1 shilling

omnibus* - a four-wheeled public vehicle for carrying passengers, with the inside seats extending along the sides, and the entrance at the rear, and with or without seats on the roof.

sleigh* - to travel or ride in a sleigh                                                                         sliding

Derry = Londonderry - borough in northern Ireland

snoop - to go around in a sly or a prying manner                                                      stopping

ville - a town or village

indigenous - native

housekeeper* - a person in charge of a house, office, place of business, etc.

uproar* - an insurrection or rising of the populace; a serious tumult, commotion, or outbreak of disorder among the people or a body of persons; loud outcry or vociferation; noise of shouting or tumult;      roor - roar (obs.)


reef - one of the horizontal portions of a sail which may be successively rolled or folded up in order to diminish the extent of canvas exposed to the wind.


butt - stump, tail end                                                                                                      but

suit - agree with, adapt

tony - fool, simpleton; fashionable, stylish

wan - pale                                                                                                                 one


tippling - the drinking of intoxicating drink, habitual indulgence in liquor.

howd - a lurching rocking movement                                                                        head


stotter - to stumble, stagger

latter - last mentioned                                                                                               ladder

damb - damn

dud - of little or no worth                                                                                          dead

mastaba - an Egyptian tomb;      toom - empty.

mon - man

lute - lite; loot; lout

all along* - all through the course of  

shee - she                                                                                                                       see

Finn MacCumhaill (MacCool) - legendary Irish king.

orra - odd; idle, worthless

why did you die?; how do you do?

trying - difficult, annoying

hooligan* - a young street rough, a member of a street gang;                                   holy ones

prostrate - to lay flat on the ground

consternation - dismay, shock

duodecimal - rel. to twelfth parts or to the number twelve; proceeding by twelves;  
dismally - gloomily, dolorously.

profusive - lavish (adj.)

plethora - overabundance

ululate - to utter a howl or wail

plumb - the weight attached to a mason's plumb-line, to secure its perpendicularit;  
plumber - a workman who installs and repairs piping and fittings to do with water supply, sanitation, and drainage.

grume = groom - a man servant

sherif* - a high officer

cither = An anglicized form of cithara, applied to the ancient instrument, as well as its later modifications; cider. 

raider - one who raids, a marauder                                                                      writer

utmost* - that is of the greatest or highest degree; of the largest amount, number, etc.; extreme.

joviality* - the quality of being jovial; hearty mirth, humour, or good-fellowship; jollity.

agog - eager, enthusiastic

gogmagog* - a giant, a man of  immense stature and strength

kinkin - a small barrel, a keg

keen - to utter the keen, or Irish lamentation for the dead; to wail or lament bitterly.

bell - to bellow, roar, make a loud noise.

dacent - decent

day labor* - labor done or paid for by the day

sharpen - grind to sharpness

pillar stone* - a pillar shaped monument or memorila stone;        scone - a large round cake; the head (Austral. slang.)

take up* - to lift, raise, to pick up

bier - the movable stand on which a corpse, whether in coffin or not, is placed before burial.

whorl - spiral, convolution                                                                                         world

sich = such

din - commotion, clamor, hubbub

brow - [= the second element in highbrow, low-brow, etc.] colloq. Level of intellectual attainment or interest. 

dusty - covered with dust

braw - fine, splendid, pleasant

pocalips* - apocalypse (obs.);         bocal - a glass bottle or jar with a short wide neck. 

finis - end, coclusion                                                                                               whiskey

barrow - wheelbarrow

Guiness* - the proprietary name of a brand of stout manufactured by the firm of Guinness; a bottle or glass of this.


tee - prepare, arrange

teetotal* - absolute, complete; total abstinence from alcoholic drinks.

twaddle* - senseless, silly or trifling talk

fuddled - intoxicated

hurrah - hooray!

gleve - a lance or spear; a solder armed with gleve; a sword



tautology* - a needless repetition of an idea

flat on one's back* - ill in bed, in a helpless situation;    flounder - confusion, embarrasment, violent struggle;   bulk - mass, extent.

overgrown - abnormally or excessively grown

Babel;     Dublin;      baby

hom - them, themselves

platter - dinner plate

bailiwick* - surrounding territory


fjord* - a long, narrow arm of the sea, running up between high banks or cliffs, as on the coast of Norway.

fjeld* - a barren plateau of Scandinavian uplands

oboe* - a wooden double-reed wind-instrument, forming the treble to the bassoon.