Finnegans Wake

hundred;            Conn of the Hundred Battles - grandfather of Cormac mac Airt.

bordel* - a house of prostitution, a brothel

illicit - not authorized or allowed, unlawful, forbidden

lord mayor - the mayor of the large city

litting - dyeing;        to let off -  to discharge with an explosion. Hence fig. To fire off (a joke, speech, etc.); to allow to go or escape.

flop - failure, a place to sleep, a cheap rooming house

dollop* - large quantity of any thing; an untidy woman, a slattern, trollop.

aloose - to loosen                                                                                                 alas!

lee - lie

benn - the Horse-radish tree

evoe* - the Bacchanalian exclamation ''Evoe!''

on the windy side of* - so as not to be 'scented' and attacked by, out of the reach of; away from, clear of;            breezy - windy.

for show* - for the sake of mere appearence or display

brewster - brewer (one that brews)

humph - To utter an inarticulate 'h'mf!';        hump - to hoist or carry (a bundle) upon the back.

pocket knife* - a knife with one or more blades which fold into the handle, for carrying in the pocket.;          pock - to mark with pocks (a pustule or spot of eruption in any eruptive disease, esp. in small-pox).

in pickle - in reserve or use on occasion, in readiness

firefly* - a lampyrid or elaterid insect which has the property of emitting phosphorescent light.

nittle - a string or cord                                                                                             little

clinker - fetters; a thing of first rate quality; a nail;                                                      children

twill - pattern of diagonal lines, to make a cloth with a twill weave                                twin

bug - schoolboys slang for ''boy''

midget* - an extremely small person

pucelle - a girl, a maid

aither - either

fourfooter* - a creature having four feet; 1.2 m.

stool pigeon* - a police informer

aboon - above

that'll do - that is sufficient

Aesop* - the supposed author of a collection of Greek fables


sephiroth* - any of the 10 emanations, or powers, by which God the Creator was said to become manifest (esoteric Jewish mysticism (Kabbala));        zephyr - the west wind, esp. as personified, or the god of the west wind.

zoom - to travel or move (as if) with a 'zooming' sound; to move at speed, to hurry.

theatrocracy - government by the people assembled in their theater (as in Athenian democracy).

torah* - law

vouch - to cite, quote, to put in evidence, to announce

put out - to utter, pronounce

overseen - mistaken, rash; intoxicated, tipsy; learned, versed


parochial* - of a parish

firmament* - the arch or vault of heaven overhead, in which the clouds and the stars appear, the sky or heavens.

bum's rush* - forcible ejection;        bulrush - a name applied in books to Scirpus lacustris, a tall rush growing in or near water; but in modern popular use, more usually, to Typha latifolia, the 'Cat's Tail' or 'Reed-mace'. In the Bible applied to the Papyrus of Egypt.

hull - the body or frame of a ship, apart from the masts, sails, and rigging.

wherry - a large boat of the barge kind

turbine;         turban - a head-dress of Muslim origin.

dhow - a native vessel used on the Arabian Sea, generally with a single mast, and of 150 to 200 tons burden; but the name is somewhat widely applied to all Arab vessels.

bey - a Turkish governor of a province or district

archipelago - any sea, or sheet of water, in which there are numerous islands; and transf. a group of islands.

schooner - a small sea-going fore-and-aft rigged vessel, originally with only two masts, but now often with three or four masts and carrying one or more topsails.


waxen - made of wax

wench - a girl, maid, young woman

prow - the fore-part of a boat or ship

figurehead - a piece of ornamental carving, usually a bust or full-length figure, placed over the cut-water of a ship.

dugong - a large aquatic herbivorous mammal inhabiting the Indian seas.

up dip - situated in a direction upwards along the dip (depth of a vessel).

repreach - to preach again


hoarish - somewhat hoary

sugar cane* - a tall stout perennial grass, cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical countries, and forming the chief source of manufactured sugar.

starch - a substance obtained from flour by removing some of its constituents, used, in the form of a gummy liquid or paste made with water, to stiffen linen or cotton fabrics in the process of laundry-work, to give a finish to the surface of textile materials, to size paper, and for various other purposes.

tuttut - exp. of disapproval or disbelief

cess - luck;         bad cess to - bad luck to.

bulkhead* - one of the upright partitions serving to form the cabins in a ship or to divide the hold into distinct water-tight compartments, for safety in case of collision or other damage.

bloat - to swell, become swollen or turgid                                                                    float

inebriated* - intoxicated, drunken

offender - one who offends, who transgresses a law, or infringes a rule or regulation.

commune - to receive communion, to communicate intimely; common.

gauge - to 'take the measure' of (a person, his character, etc.)

byname - a secondary name, nickname

ee - eye; ye                                                                                                                           he


hubbub - noisy turmoil; confusion, disturbance

Edinburgh - Scottish Gaelic DUNEIDEANN, city, district of the Lothian region, and capital of Scotland;        eden - paradise