Finnegans Wake

shuffle - movement of the feet along the ground without lifting them.

cut - appearence

eggy - annoyed, irritated

naggy - ill natured, bad tempered

tilly - something added for good measure


Asia Minor

gamier - comp. of gamy - showing an unyielding spirit to the last;        game cock - a cock bred and trained for fighting, or of the breed suitable for the sport of cock-fighting.

jake - an uncouth country fellow

stubble - to clear (land) of stubble (the stumps or lower parts of the stalks of wheat or other grain left in the ground by the sickle or reaping-machine).


scald - that scalds, scalding hot, boiling, seething                                         table

teaboiler* - a vessel used for boiling tea

vestry* - church room with the westments of the clergy

anear - near


hep - hip

thereto - to that

the whole bag of tricks* - things that are needed for particular purpose esp. when almost magically effective;       kit - a number of things viewed as a whole; a set, lot, collection; esp. in phr. the whole kit.

jackboot - a heavy military boot


Tropic of Capricorn* - the southern Tropic forming a tangent to the ecliptic at the first point of Capricorn (the tenth of the twelve signs of the Zodiac).

cloister - convent                                                                                                    cluster

Virgo - the sixth sign of the zodiac

alala* - a shout used by the ancient Greeks in joining battle, a (Greek) battle-cry.

in the region of - round about, approximately

shuck - shell, husk, an outer covering

tow - the fibre of flax, hemp, or jute prepared for spinning by some process of scutching.

linen - cloth woven from flax, a linen garment

lonesome;           loam - clay, clayey earth, mud.

Lafayette - the name of the French general; a scianoid fish of the Northern United States.

unrested - not rested

chapel of ease* - a chapel built for the convenience of parishioners who live far from the  parish church.

Tutankahmen* - king of Egypt (reigned 1333-23 BC), known chiefly for his intact tomb discovered in 1922. During his reign, powerful advisers restored the traditional religion and art style.

saith - 3d. sing of say

salvation - the action of saving or delivering; the saving of the soul.

abomination* - an object that excites disgust and hatred; a thing detested or detestable. (Followed by unto, to.) esp. in the Bible, a cause of pollution, an idol.

precentor - in churches or chapels in which there is no instrumental accompaniment, the officer who leads congregational singing.

grammarian - a specialist in grammar or linguistics

tomb - to bury, entomb

howe - depression, valley, promontory, hill, cliff

shipman - sailor, seaman

steep - precipitous                                                                                                      sleep



homestead* - a home or dwelling; a house with its dependent buildings and offices; esp. a farm-stead.

sanctuary - a holy place; a churchyard, cemetery.

keng = king

shop slop - used contemptuously for shop medicine

tipple - an intoxicating beverage; to indulge habitually to some excess in taking strong drink.

dissipated - dispersed, scattered; dissolute

seagull - gull

bog - peat bog, marsh, swamp

barley - a hardy awned cereal, cultivated in all parts of the world; used partly as food, and largely (in Britain and the United States, mainly) in the preparation of malt liquors and spirits.

begrine - to dye in the grain, colour permanently



hesitancy* - the quality or condition of hesitating, indecision, vacillation.

turn out - to result, to come about in the end

turn the tables - to cause a complete reversal of the state of affairs;        tables - the common arithmetical tables, as the multiplication table and those of money, weights, and measures, esp. as learnt at school.


all for - entirely in favor of, on the side of

peg - to pin down, restrict; identify; to aim (a missile) at.

smasher - something very large or fine or extraordinary of its kind.