Finnegans Wake

Fenian - One of an organization or 'brotherhood' formed among the Irish in the United States of America for promoting and assisting revolutionary movements, and for the overthrow of the English government in Ireland; one of the band of legendary Irish warriors (2.-3. c.).

spittle - saliva, spit

stint - to limit (a supply) unduly, to give in scanty measure;   stint of - to limit unduly in supply.

shabty* - a figurine of deceased person placed in an Egyptian tomb to act as an substitute for the dead person.

image* - a statue, effigy, sculptured figure

pennyworth* - the amount of anything which is or may be bought for a penny, esp. a very small, or the least, amount.

dodge my eyes


medicine man* - a magician or shaman among American Indians and other peoples; hence colloq., a doctor.

poppy - a plant (or flower) of the genus Papaver, comprising herbs of temperate and subtropical regions, having milky juice with narcotic properties.

pap - a soft semi-liquid substance, a mash, paste, pulp; soft or semi-liquid food for infants or invalids, made of bread, meal, etc., moistened with water or milk.

hive - an artificial receptacle for the habitation of a swarm of bees, a beehive.

comb - the flat cake or plate consisting of a double series of hexagonal cells of wax made by bees; a honeycomb.

earwax - a viscid secretion which collects in the external meatus of the ear.

nectar - the drink of the gods; the sweet fluid or honey

basilicon ointment* - an ointment of rosin, yellow wax and lard.

pipe - to play (a tune, music) upon a pipe

Bothnian - rel. to Bothnia (province in Sweden)

menhir* - a single upright monolith of prehistoric origin;    menheir - sir, master.

roof tree - the highest horizontal timber in roof, a horizontal pole at a top of a tent.

hollow - a valley, a basin; a hole, cave, den, burrow (obs.)

hallow - a holy personage, a saint

dreng - a free tenant in ancient Northumbria, a low or base fellow.

shillelagh - an Irish cudgel of blackthorn or oak.

manument - management

chep = chip

battery - the act of battering or beating; a number of similar things.

to be bought and sold* - to be betrayed for a bribe

let down - to lower in position, intensity or strength, to abase, to disappoint.

oner - something unique                                                                     owner of the land

paddy - soft, mild; Irishman; poor

planter - one who sows seed, one that cultivates plants

to pack up - to stop working, to collapse, to die                                                        pick up

lap - the front portion of the body from the waist to the knees of a person seated, considered with its covering garments as the place in or on which a child is nursed or any object held.

goddess - a female deity in polytheistic systems of religion

free and easy* - unconstrained, natural

game - having the spirit of a game-cock; full of pluck, showing 'fight'; plucky, spirited.

gunne - gun (a person of distinction or importance)

the daddy of them all* - the best example of som. pleasant or unpleasant;     spicer - a dealer in spices, an apothecary or druggist.

begob, begod* - mild oaths

dead and gone* - dead


sore - sickness, disease, a bodily injury; a wound



league long - that extends the length of a league (roughly about 3 miles).

tuskar - an implement for cutting peats used in Orkney and Shetland (...The peats are cut with an instrument called a tuysker, which resembles a narrow spade, having a sharp plate of iron, called the feather, about seven inches long, projecting from the bottom on its left hand side, and it determines the form and size of the peat).

warlord - a supreme military leader

Brett - a Briton

hoist - elevate

reise = raise

compass - encompass, encircle, comprehend, grasp

cause - reason for action, motive;      compas course - a course steered by compass.

batter - one that bats (to strike with, or as with, a bat; to cudgel, thrash, beat).

Mick - Irishman (offensive)

to take off - to imitate (esp. by mockery), to mimic.