Finnegans Wake

red, yellow, green, blue, orange, violet                                                rude

indignation* - anger at what is regarded as unworthy or wrongful.

whole length* - exhibited at full length

bowman - a man who shoots with a bow; esp. a fighting man armed with a bow.

bill - a halberd (weapon)

clop - to clap; a blow; a sharp sound

hitch - a contrivance for fastening something, a catch.

shut up shop - discontinue the work one is doing

dippy* - mad, insane, crazy

duppy - name among West Indian Negroes for a ghost or spirit.

put up the shutters* - to stop doing business

break free

shurt - short; to amuse oneself, to pass the time                                                              shirt

illiterate - unfurnished with letters, not written upon, unwritten

portery* - citizenship or burghership in a Flemish or Dutch city;     pottery - the manufacture of earthen vessels.;     pother - disturbance, tumult, noise                                                  poetry

floody - pertaining to the flood

flatuous - flatulent (full of air or other gas, pretentious without real worth).

tiler - one who covers the roofs of buildings with tiles, a tile-layer; Freemasonry: (Usually tyler.) The doorkeeper who keeps the uninitiated from intruding upon the secrecy of the lodge or meeting.

unclose - to make open; to cause to open; to disclose, make known, reveal.

saw - p. od see                                                                                                            so far

between you and me

to get the wind up - to get into a state of alarm or funk;               git - get.

Obidientia civium urbis felicitas (l) - The municipal motto of Dublin.

felicitate - to make happy

polis - a Greek city-state; police, policeman

culprit - prisoner at the bar, the accused.

malum (l) - evil

bonum (l) - good

rill - a small stream, a brook, runnel, rivulet

billet - to enter in a list, assign the place to, locate, to lodge.

breast high - to the height of the breast; said in hunting of the scent when it is so strong that the hounds go at a racing pace with their heads erect.

bestride - to sit upon with the legs astride, to ride, mount (a horse, etc.)

secrest - to sequestrate goods                                                                                    secret

quarry - an open-air excavation from which stone for building or other purposes is obtained by cutting, blasting, or the like; a place where the rock has been, or is being, cut away in order to be utilized.

silex (l) - rock

undy - waving, wavy

gentian - any plant belonging to the genus Gentiana

festiness* - confinement, durance

frown - to present somber or menacing appearence

audio (l) - to listen

urient - desiring, characterized by desire

eavesdrop* - to listen secretly

mous = pl. of mou - mouth                                                                                       mouse

at hand - near in time or place

din* - a loud noise; particularly a continued confused or resonant sound, which stuns or distresses the ear.


murk - to grow dark, to darken; darkness;     mark - to notice or observe.

vale - a dale or valley, esp. one which is comparatively wide and flat                      eyes

darkle - to grow dark, to lurk in the dark                                                                 sparkling

thow - thaw; thou; though.

fluke - a successful stroke made by accident or chance, an unexpected success.

twig - notice, understand; to beat with or as with a twig

impalpable* - incapable of being felt by the organs of touch; incapable of being (readily) grasped or apprehended by the mind.

abhor - to hate utterly, loathe;         ab - - position away from.

buffet - a blow, stroke;         buffeter - a boxer, one that buffets.

trompe - deceit, deception, an illusion, to deceive, cheat, to blow a trumpet.

roary - given to roaring

hoosh - an exclamation used in driving animals

hawhaw* - ha ha

landlocked*- shut in or enclosed by land; almost entirely surrounded by land, as a harbour, etc.

per - - thoroughly, completely

offspring* - the progeny which springs or is descended from some one, children.

sabe - experness in particular field, knowhow, intelligence;           babe - baby.

morning papers

butt = halibut - flatfish                                                                                                     but

pudor - modesty, due sense of shame

puff - breath, a short impulsive blast of breath or wind, a scornful gesture.

biff - whack, blow                                                                                                     but

tiddy - small, very small, tiny

windfall - something blown down by the wind, fruit from the tree; a casual or unexpected acqusition or advantage.

bread and water* - the type of extreme hard fare, as of a prisoner or a penitent.

holey - full of holes                                                                                                       holy

vestal - a virgin, a chaste woman

flout - to mock, jeer                                                                                                   floating

avowal* - an act of avowing; declaration; unconstrained admission or confession.

yew - you