Finnegans Wake

ban - anathematization, curse;     pan - the action of panning a camera, a panoramic sequence.

infrarational - below what is rational

fore = for prep. in various uses; on account of, because of (obs.)

milch - of domestic mammals: Giving milk, kept for milking.

moor - to secure one's ship (etc.) in a particular place; to anchor; to secure (a ship, boat, or other floating object) in a particular place by means of chains or ropes.

tether - to make fast or confine with a tether.

dread - extreme fear; deep awe or reverence; apprehension or anxiety as to future events.

chip - to hew or cut with an axe or adze, or with strokes from any other cutting tool.

chap - to break into small pieces, chop, strike

terracotta* - a hard unglazed pottery of a fine quality, of which decorative tiles and bricks, architectural decorations, statuary, vases, and the like are made.

melting pot* - a vessel for melting

CroMagnon* - used, chiefly attrib., to designate a group of mankind characterized by a long low skull, a wide face, and wide orbits (Mesolithic and Neolithic times).

charter - lit. A leaf of paper (in OE. called bóc, book); a legal document or 'deed' written (usually) upon a single sheet of paper, parchment, or other material, by which grants, cessions, contracts, and other transactions are confirmed and ratified.

tinting - the action of tint, the result of this, colouring;     tint - a colour, usu. slight or delicate.

primer - one who lays the first color, coating or preparation upon; an elementary school-book for teaching children to read, a small introductory book on any subject.

once for always* - once as a final act, once and done with

rubric - a heading of a chapter, section, or other division of a book, written or printed in red; red ochre;        rubricked - marked by red letters, written or printed in red;     redd - cleared for a new occupant.

virtue - occult efficacy or power

alcohol;        Alcoran - the sacred book of Muslims, the Koran.

rapt - entranced, ravished, enraptured

papyr - papyrus

meed - to reward. In bad sense, to bribe.

hide - a hiding place, the action or an act of hiding, concealment.

misprint* - a mistake in printing

tope - an exclamation used in drinking; app. = I pledge you.

tiptop* - the very top, the highest point or part, the extreme summit.

to bind over - to oblige (a person) to undertake to do a particular act.

reading - material designed to be read, a particular selection of such material designed to be read at one time or as a unit.

thorouhout - everywhere

sunder - to divide into two or more parts; to split, break up

daleth - 4. letter of Jewish alphabet

thereof - of that, of it, from that cause

dor - trick, deception, mockery


candlelight* - the light given by a candle or by candles. Often, artificial light in general.

movables* - personal property, property that is capable of being moved, any species of property not fixed, as distinguished from real or fixed property; nine concentric revolving spheres of the heavens (in the Ptolemaic astronomy).

scrawl - to move with a scrambling and shuffling motion, to scribble, to write carelessly or awkwardly.

pitpat - a pattering sound

eerie - fearful, timid; fear-inspiring; gloomy, strange, weird

Whig - an adherent of one of the two great parliamentary and political parties in England, and (at length) in Great Britain. (Opposed to Tory).

thyme - a plant comprising shrubby herbs with fragrant aromatic leaves       once upon a time

lettice = lettuce; lattice

strubly* - untidy, unkempt;                                                                               strawberry

chick - chicken; a young woman

cuddy - ass, donkey; lout, blockhead                                                                         cuddle

wallop - gallop; a powerful blow                                                                 walls have ears

barnet - the hair, the head


to run high -  lit. said of the sea when there is a strong current with a high tide, or with high waves; hence fig. of feelings or conditions, manifesting themselves forcibly.

pomme - a potato                                                                                          homme (fr) - man

levity - lightness in movement; frivolity, freedom of conduct (said esp. of women).

mischief* - harm or evil considered as the work of an agent or due to a particular cause.

frisque = frisk - a brisk and lively movement in horsemanship or dancing, a caper.

pyrrhic - the war dance of the ancient Greeks                                                          peruke

snaky - snakelike, wavy, wriggly                                                                                  sexy


veil - an article of attire consisting of a piece of thin cloth, silk, or other light fabric, worn, especially by women, over the head or face either as a part of the ordinary head-dress, or in order to conceal or protect the face.

volante* - moving with light rapidity

valentine - one's beloved, sweetheart chosen on st. Valentines's day;         valent - power, capacity.