Finnegans Wake

smrt (sr) - death


despond - depression or dejection of spirits through loss of resolution or hope.


ancestress* - a female ancestor.


save = safe - affording security or immunity, not exposing to danger.

brickdust - powdered brick

humus - the dark-brown or black substance which forms the soil in which plants grow.

rune - to compose or perform poetry or songs; to lament.

rede - interpret, explain, guess, surmise, predict

on all fours - on hands and knees;       to run on all fours - fairly, evenly, not to limp like a  lame dog.

crumble - to break down into small crumbs; to reduce to crumbs or small fragments.

sooth - truth

Dublin;        humble - submissive.

moulder - a worker who makes molds, one that exerts a determining influence on course of development.

whisht - hush, silence                                                                                                      wish

whysht - wish                                                                                                                 what

gyand* - giant

forficula* - a genus of earwigs

fay - fairy

waist - the portion of the trunk of the human body that is between the ribs and the hip-bones; waste                           west

howe - hollow, depression, valley; how.

viceking - viceroy                                                                                                     Viking

grab - seize, snatch;     Grab (d) - grave.


astonish;         stone age.

oye - grandchild                                                                                                                     I


stoop - to bow down, to descend.; a post, pillar; an act of stooping.

absentminded* -  paying no attention to, and receiving no impression from, present objects or events.

daybook* - a book in which the occurrences or transactions of the day are entered; a diary.



rede - read

have it out - to settle or clear up the matter by free discussion or a fight.

miscegenation - a mixture of races

forsin - ruined by sin, burdened with sin


the law of the Medes and Persians* - often used (with allusion to Dan. vi. 12) as the type of something unalterable.

meander - to wander deviously or aimlessly;     Neanderthal - middle Paleolithic fossil hominid Homo neanderthalensis.

Heidelberg man* - an early pleistocene man closely rel. to Neanderthal.

imply - uplesti, umešati, nagovestiti

knit - weave, to conjoin as by knotting or binding together; to bind, join, or connect firmly.

whet - hone, sharpen

convey - to transport, to transmit, be the medium of

sweeten - to add sugar, refine, purify

sensation - feeling, emotion

adhere - to stick fast, to become or remain firmly attached to.

attachment - liking, affection, love, devotion

dog - to follow insidiously, to act as a dog, to guard as a dog.

bitch - to spoil, botch

entail - make necessary, cause

ensuance - the fact of ensuing;    ensue - to follow, to result from.

reredos - a wall drapery back of an altar; brazier; the back or rear.

terricolous - living on the land

vively - in a lively or energetic manner; clearly, vividly

quaky - inclined to quake; of the nature of quaking

hatch - hatchet

celt - an implement with chisel-shaped edge, of bronze or stone (but sometimes of iron), found among the remains of prehistoric man. It appears to have served for a variety of purposes, as a hoe, chisel, or axe, and perhaps as a weapon of war.


crust - the upper or surface layer of the ground (obs.)

say - see

figurine - a small carved or molded figure

bellicose* - inclined to war or fighting; warlike.

arm - to embrace; to equip with weapons, to prepare for struggle.

mount - to rise, exhibit, to provide with scenery, costumes, etc.; to organize and equip (an attacking force).

futhorc - runic alphabet                                                                                              further

effinge* - to fashion, shape                                                                                          effigy

flint - a kind of hard stone

fay - to fit closely together, to agree, succeed; to clean                         see

fie - exp. of disgust or the affectation of being shocked; to trust                                       see

wap - to fold up, bind, wrap, to beat, strike

dump - to fall abruptly, to knock down