Finnegans Wake

livery - a servant's uniform, clothes, distinctive clothes or badge; the lodging provided for a person, the quarters of a portion of an army.

monomark - combination of letters as an identification mark.

misser - a mass priest                                                                                                 missis

moony - stupidly dreamy; rel. to moon; many.

minikin* - tiny;         manikin - a model of the human body used for exhibiting the anatomical structure or for demonstrating surgical operations.

passe - no longer young, faded, no longer fashionable                                                   pass

taciturn - silent


to make a long story short* - to relate in few words

emptied;         dumpty - short and stout.


rubbage = rubbish

puddingstone* - a conglomerate rock; conglomerate

brook - rivulet

cell - a small apartment, room, or dwelling

Lord allmighty

with what* - at which time, when;         wid - width.


clomp - to tread clumsily and noisily, a thud                                                          Clontarf

snore - to make harsh or noisy sounds in sleep, to declare.

spumy - covered with spume (foam, froth)

woolsey* = linsey-woolsey - textile of wool and linen.

neck - a narrow stretch of land (isthmus, cape, mountain pass), a brick wall.

boiled oil

raw - uncooked, not prepared for use as food by the action of fire or heat               rawhide

forstand* - understand

sturk - a young bullock or heifer; a foolish person                                                  Turk; start

Finnic - Finnish, the finnic languages                                                                              finish

rotter - an unprincipaled, lazy or weak person

unheard* - not heard, new, strange


good afternoon* - salutation used at meeting or parting.

doom - to pronounce judgement or sentence against; esp. to condemn to some fate.

sec - second

take;    to take a walk - to take a short journey on foot (for exercise or pleasure).

dun - down; dark, dusky

blink - glance

roundward - in a circular direction

all but* - very nearly


olde - old

ye - the, you

wone = won - dwell, abide; one; past of win

whimbrel - a small curlew

peewee - dwarf, a lapwig; the thin wailing cry of this bird

salting - land flooded regularly by tides, the place where a stream joins the sea;              seas

will be

droit - right, law, justice

signory - lordship, a power of feudal lord

icefloe - a large sheet of floating ice

punct - point



mear - to mark out (land) by means of meres (landmarks) or boundaries.

swete = sweet                                                                                                                 white

brack - somewhat salt, briny                                                                                             black

morthering - to become foul, fetid, etc.;       morther - murther; mother; a young girl;        mother in law - the mother of one's spouse, stepmother.

rue - sorrow, distress; pity, compassion; a perennial evergreen shrub of the genus Ruta, esp. Ruta graveolens, having bitter, strong-scented leaves which were formerly much used for medicinal purposes.


surgent* - rising or swelling in waves;      insurgence - uprising, an act of rising up physically.

ebb - the reflux of the tide; the return of tide-water towards the sea.

requiesce - to rest, repose

nether - situated down or below

plage - the beach; plague; pledge; a net, snare, toil.

flick - a light blow

snow flake

litter - odds and ends, fragments and leavings lying about, rubbish.

waast = waste                                                                                                                      vast

wizzard = wizard

all of (P) - completely, quite (used to emphasize)

whirl - the action, or an act, of whirling; rotation;     whirlwind -a whirling or rotating wind.

tomb - to lay in the grave, bury, entomb

mound - a tumulus; esp. the earth heaped up upon a grave.

ashes to ashes

erde - do dwell, live, to inhabit                                                                                      earth

stench - a foul, disgusting, or noisome smell

herein - in this place

lye = lie

estrange - a stranger, foreigner


hotel - to lodge at an hotel

tit - dear, loved; a girl or young woman: often qualified as little; titmouse.

tittle - the smallest or a very small part of something;       titmouse -A bird of the genus Parus, comprising small active birds; a small, petty, or insignificant person or thing.

alp - a bullfinch (bird); a high rugged mountain, a mountain pasture.

earwig - an insect, Forficula auricularia, so called from the notion that it penetrates into the head through the ear.

ild - pple. of ill

like as - as, in the way or manner that

luv - love