Finnegans Wake

punned - p. of pun (to beat, to pound, to make puns)                                                  pound

Peter's penny* - an annual tax or tribute of a penny from each householder having land of a certain value, paid before the Reformation to the papal see at Rome.

fake - an act of 'faking'; a contrivance, 'dodge', trick, invention.


outwash - material carried out from the glacier by melt water;    to wash out - to obliterate.

engravure - an egraving

blur - to make blurs in writing; to obscure or sully (what has been fair) by smearing with ink or other colouring liquid.

back wall;    blotch - a large irregular spot or blot of ink, colour, etc.

unkempt* - neglected, not cared for


shoveller* - one who walks lazily; one who intrudes

mujik* - a Russian peasant;          music box - a mechanical musical instrument consisting of a revolving toothed cylinder working upon a resonant comb-like metal plate, a barrlel organ.

miry - resembling a mire, boggy, stained with mire                                                                  merry

outworn - obliterated by the action of time

mure - a wall; mire (a mass of dirt); moor (uncultivated ground covered with heather).


dolmen* - a structure of prehistoric age consisting of a large flat or flattish unhewn stone resting horizontally on three or more stones set upright.

incubus* - a feigned evil spirit or demon (originating in personified representations of the nightmare) supposed to descend upon persons in their sleep, and especially to seek carnal intercourse with women.

pretendent - pretender, claimant, one who lays a claim at something, one who simulates.

stug - to stab, pierce

fiery - burning, blazing, red, full of spirit, emotion, etc.

lokk - to lock                                                                                                                          look

butte - an isolated hill with steep sides

mausoleum* - the magnificent tomb of Mausolus

funeral;         funfair - a fair which is devoted to amusements.

fumfum - expressing the sound of a stringed instrument; a thumping or beating.

optophone - an instrument by which light variations ane converted into sound variations so that blind person is enabled to locate and estimate varying degrees of light.

list - listen

Wheatstone - English scientist

magic eye* - a miniature cathode-ray tube used as a tuning indicator on a radio receiver, or to indicate the correct adjustment of other electrical equipment.

lyer - liar

tuggle - to struggle, labour, to drag about

lichen - to cover with or as if with lichens                                                            listening

discord* - disagreement or want of harmony between two or more musical notes sounded together; dissonance.

ollave - a learned man in ancient Ireland;                                                            always

Herodotus* - Greek historian of the fifth century b.c.                                            hereditary

mammon - wealth, money                                                          Mark, Mathew, Luke, John

best;        blue - depressing, unpromising.

baile - dance, a social gathering for dancing.

annals - historical records generally.

sall - shall

til - till

heather - native species of the genus Erica (bot.)

Eire - Ireland isle

ile - isle

pall - to cover with a pall (a rich cloth spread upon or over something; a coverlet); something, such as a cloud, that extends over a thing or region and produces an effect of gloom.

adar - the 6th month of civil and 12th month of ecclestiastical year in Jewish calendar.

unum (l) - one

boss - spec. A hump or hunch on the back (obs.)

surmount - to mount, rise, or ascend above (also fig.), also, to reach or extend above, surpass in height, be higher than, overtop, to mount upon, get on the top of.

alderman - a senior, signor, superior, ruler; a noble or person of high rank.

nizam (arab) - order;    nisan - 7th month of c. year and 1. of ecc. year (jew.)

puir - poor


tamuz - 10th and 4th month

auburn - of a golden-brown or ruddy-brown colour.



brine - the water of the sea; the sea

desart = desert - to abandon, forsake

marcheshvan* - 2th and 8th month

penn - pen (obs.)

succoth = sukkoth - a Jewish religious festival celebr. as an autumn harvest festival (thanksgiving for temporary shelters of jews during deir wanderings in the wilderness).

idler - one who is idle


...The Heathen Priests and Philosophers hailed him [Julian the Apostate] the divine Anaclete (the Recalled), the re-ascending Apollo.

popeye - a staring bulging eye

antipope* - one claiming to be pope in opposition to the pope chosen.

boke - vomit, belch                                                                                                book

fossil* - fosil

emmet - A synonym of ant (chiefly dial., but often used poet. or arch.)

groot - mud, soil, earth                                                                                             great

hwide - hide                                                                                                        white

whalefish* - a whale;         whall - wall;         fisk - any royal or estate treasury.

runnel - a small watercourse or channel, a gutter; a small stream of water, rivulet.

bloody;             blub - swollen, puffed.



Baal - The chief male deity of the Phoenician and Canaanitish nations; hence, transf. false god.

crone - a withered old woman.